Message To ALL 9/11 Truth Seekers, January 13, 2011.

I watched a few videos where former president Clinton gave a speech and someone in the crowd yelled out, “9/11 was an inside job”. This happened several times to the point where Clinton just shuts his mind and does not listen to another word. This makes me think that the guy who yelled out, “9/11 was an inside job” was a CIA operative, trying to control Clinton’s thought with a mind control tactic. We need to ask the important questions, that we all want the answers to. They ask a mind control question, that blocks Clinton’s thought. And they have done this with other politicians.

If you go to a political speech or write to your congressman, asked them the important questions. When you yell out an important question, it not only gets Clinton to think, it gets the people in the crowd to think about who done 9/11. It is very important to only ask the question one time. Then ask another question. These are the important questions to ask.

1. What happened to the four airport security camera tapes of the 19 hijackers getting on the four plane’s?

2. What happened to the four voice recorders from the four 9/11 jets?

3. Why are there no background screams or jet engine sounds on the 9/11 phone calls, that they claim were made from the Jets.

4. Why did the hijackers let people make personal calls from the plane?

5. If the buildings collapsed like the commission said they did, why are we not dismantling the Sears Tower and other skyscrapers that could fall when hit by a plane or catch fire?

6. Where did they bury the debris from 9/11? We want to recover the bone fragments from the victims and return them to their family for proper burial. We can DNA test those fragments to find out which hijacker hit which building. We have archaeologists and volunteers that want to sift through the debris looking for evidence and we don’t care if it takes 50 or 100 years to find it. Those voice recorders are in there somewhere. So are the bone fragments of the hijackers. If not there was no hijacking.

7. If an airplane accidentally crashes into the Sears Tower and the skyscraper collapses, like the World Trade Center, killing 50,000 Americans, who will be charge with their murders? You can shorten the question if you like to, “If a plane accidentally crashes into a sky scraper, who will be charged with murder?”

When they answer the seven questions, I will have another seven questions for them. But please get these questions answered first. They will form a commission to come up with some bulshit answers. We want to use those answers to come up with more questions. Don’t ask the same question more than once to the same politician. We will keep track of all their answers. Don’t yell out, “9/11 was an inside job” or any other stupid saying at a political speech.

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