The Truth about Jim Jones, Jonestown, May 7, 2016.

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When the FBI started coming after the Black Panthers militia group, many of them fled to South America and joined Jonestown. Many of them were criminals fleeing drug charges. This was the time when the Black Panthers was broken up by the FBI and they needed a place to flee to. If you listen to the FBI tape, Jim Jones said that the Red Army killed the senator and that the GDF would be coming after them, to torture and kill them. Jim Jones had radio contact with Russia. His organization was a socialist organization that might have been backed by Russia and thatís why the CIA had them all killed. He wasnít doing anything any different that the CIA would have done if captured by the KGB. They all have cyanide tablets. You donít go to the store and buy cyanide, you get it from the military or the CIA. The CIA man Richard Dwyer was implanted in Jonestown along with other CIA agents. Just like they were planted at the David Koresh compound. This idea that Jim Jones had more power than the CIA, is absolutely crazy. You canít do anything without them ass holes infiltrating your religion. Especially in another country like South America. Those people were killed because the CIA wanted them dead.

This is South America, there is no civil rights down there. The GDF is a energy mafia with their own army. I looked it up, the GDF, I will leave a link below to the Jim Jones death tape and he talks about the red Army and the GDF. Jim Jones created his own little Amish community in South America where people didnít need electricity, natural gas or automobiles like the Amish. The GDF was against people living this way, because they want to sell everyone electricity, telephones, natural gas, automobiles and the gasoline for them and they want them to have slave jobs so they can pay taxes and rents on Godís land. So thereís a lot more to this story than you read on the news.

Many of the Jonestown members were armed militia gun nuts that Jim Jones had no control over. This is why I am against guns. I started out believe in and guns years ago and was going to organize a militia but I had all these Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members and crazy psychopath people who wanted to join. Youíre just not going to find good people with guns. Guns are not going to help fight against the evil people in power. They are psychopaths. They are serial killers. They kill millions of people without hesitation. Jim Jones was down there with his armed militia and when the red Army came after them, his militia dropped their AK-47s and ran into the forest like the trained Iraqi soldiers ran for their lives, when Isis came to town. If youíre not a psychopathic serial killer, you not going to be able to fight against these people with guns. They are really using this Jim Jones massacre to slander God. Thatís why make in this video to defend him. Claiming Jim Jones took all these peopleís money and had money in Swiss banks. These people didnít have any money. Most of them were senior citizens. Most of them were poor black people. This wasnít Scientology that attracted rich people. This was a religious group that believed all people should be equal. When the senator came to see who wanted to leave Jonestown all of the white people left. Listen to the death tape video. To the black people Jonestown was a step up from the way they were living, but to the white people, when people are created equal it is two steps down. And for people like Donald Trump or Doctor Phil, treating everyone equal, would mean they would have to give up their private jets and take a couple dozen steps down.

Even the FBI seems to be telling lies about Jonestown. They are saying Jim Jones claimed he was God or the Messiah. I didnít see any videotapes or audiotapes of Jim Jones claiming to be God or the Messiah. They did the same thing to David Koresh when they murdered him and all of his followers, they claimed he said he was the Messiah. So I claim to be the Messiah, because they are going to claim that I claim to be the Messiah after they kill me in my followers. They want a good reason to kill people who donít pay taxes and rents on Godís land.

Jonestown was a good idea, even better than an Amish community. They werenít slaves to the phone companies, the energy companies, the automobile factories but they did use tractors which gave them an advantage over the Amish. The main problem was they were farming instead of planting the Garden of Eden. They should of been planting banana trees, coconut trees, apple trees, cherry trees, and other fruit trees that didnít need the soil to be tilled, fertilized and watered. I have strawberries growing in my backyard and they go back every year. Almost no maintenance except pulling a few weeds. No watering necessary, no fertilizing, no tilling the soil no pesticides. We used to have mulberry bushes growing by our house and it subsidized our diet. There was no maintenance on these trees. Weíve couldíve made them grow better by pruning them, but they never needed water, fertilizer or tilling and we never spray pesticides on them. We also had grapes growing on the vine that grew back every year without any maintenance. No watering, no fertilizing, no tilling the soil. We couldíve made them better if we knew how to maintain them, prune them and use natural insect repellents, but we didnít. All that information on how to do that stuff was lost, when my family lost the farm and my dad had to work at the auto plant. The vacant lots in the city of Detroit should be planted with the kind of trees and plants that produce fruit without needing to be watered, fertilized or the soil tilled. Grapes, mulberries and many kind of fruit and nut trees can be planted to subsidize the diets of the city dwellers. Without needing a bunch of people to go in farm the land every season, till the soil, fertilize it, water it and spread pesticides on it. Which only pollutes the groundwater and turns the land into a desert. We didnít use any pesticides on our mulberries or grapes and I donít use them on my strawberries. Yes some get eaten by spiders but I just try to kill them manually.

The only way to fight these psychopaths in power is to demonize wealth. Stop making this rap music that glorifies wealth and donít purchase that kind of music. Stop putting people down because they have holes in their clothing. Start putting people down who wear expensive shoes, coats etc. Start asking people like Donald Trump and Doctor Phil how many children starve to death from hunger, the day he purchased his private jet. You see someone with a pair of expensive shoes, tell them they couldíve saved ten childrenís lives with the money they spent on those shoes. Let them know they are piece of shit. Because they bought them shoes rather than feed the poor.

There was an episode of cops were a homeless man was getting change out of a fountain in Las Vegas. These rich people who donít want to give money to the homeless, are throwing money in a fountain, hoping God will give them good luck. The homeless man goes in the fountain to dig up the change and the cops catch him. The cops make him put the money back and they act like theyíre doing a good deed by letting him go. The guys homeless with no money and what do you expect him to do? Heís going to go back to the fountain and do it again. So the homeless man goes back to the fountain to get some more change because he needs the money and the same cops catch him again and this time they arrest him and claim they gave him a chance. When they seen he was homeless and broke they should have showed him where the welfare office was. They should it showed him where there was a church that was charitable. They should have showed him where he could get immediate employment or disability if he couldnít work. But they just wanted act like ass holes on national TV to show people how fucked up they are.

I want to create a community like Jonestown. But not with farming. That doesnít work. With a natural ecosystem of fruit and nut trees, strawberry plants, grape vines, mulberry bushes, banana and avocado trees. Even some citrus fruits. There is a Bible verse that the Garden of Eden was never destroyed. Adam and Eve were simply kicked out of the garden and not allowed in. The Garden of Eden doesnít emit a sinner. It doesnít let sinners in. This is the paradise the book of Revelation talks about. Theyíll be twelve manner of fruit trees. A river of Crystal clear water will run through it. It doesnít sound like Flint Michigan, but it should be Flint Michigan. Because Flint Michiganís River comes from a natural spring. It should be the cleanest water in the world, but industry has polluted it. Now that this is the poorest community, it is probably the easiest to convert to the Garden of Eden. Now that all industry has left it. Itís not about creating more jobs in Flint, itís about getting rid of the last few industries who are polluting it. Getting rid of the farms. They claim they cannot use the Flint River for drinking water, because farming is polluting it. The fertilizers and chemicals that they are using in farming is polluting the Flint river. When planting organic vineyards of grapes or fruit trees, you donít need the fertilizer or pesticides that pollutes the river. People just donít think outside the box. Thereís not that many people left in Flint. Itís not worth redoing the water system for billions of dollars. To put new water pipes on streets with only one or two residents. They polluted the groundwater so that no one can use Wells, but you can still filter the well water. And when you stop hunting, you will stop polluting the groundwater with lead bullets. Using anti-corrosive agents might keep the lead and copper from contaminating the water inside the pipes, but nothing keeps the outside of the pipes from contaminating the groundwater. The only solution, is to not install the pipes in the first place. And to rip out the ones that have been installed.

I donít think weíll have much truth come out about Jonestown. The only survivors were armed militiamen and anyone with any truth was killed. One survivor was giving his story on YouTube and you could tell he was not a real Jim Jones follower, as he was chain-smoking cigarettes. I doubt if any of the people in Jonestown smoked cigarettes, to support the tobacco companies. They were too religious. Itís like the people at Heavenís Gate, who the FBI claimed drank a vodka cocktail. Those people were to religious to drink alcohol, so we know the FBIís story is bogus. Keywords. .

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