The Truth about World War II, July 20, 2017.

Before the war started there was only 500,000 Jews in Germany. That means that thereís no way in hell Hitler killed 6 million of them. In fact when the Jews were being persecuted, many of those 500,000 Jews fled Germany. I guess it will go down in history that Donald Trump killed 66 million Muslims in America. Because the Muslims are going to take over the world and theyíre going to write history. And history doesnít demand that there is 66 million Muslims in America for Donald Trump to kill. If your government says it, you have to believe it or risk persecution.

If you want to know the truth, watch cartoons. Because most of the cartoons are put out by the CIA to brainwash and manipulate children. The real reason for World War II was Hitler banned smoking and was against the tobacco companies. The CIA actually made cartoons about it. They made cartoons about Hitler being against asbestos and painting him like a dictator, because he wouldnít allow asbestos to be sold in his country. He wouldnít allow the tobacco companies to sell tobacco, because tobacco killed people. Hitler also knew that asbestos was a toxic fiber that killed people. So Hitler banned asbestos. The big corporations and mining companies that made asbestos were against Hitler. So was Henry Ford, because Hitler made better automobiles than Henry Ford could ever make. The Germans were very advanced in technology. They made better cars. The engineers at Ford couldnít compete with Hitlerís automobiles. If Hitler was able to sell his cars in America, Ford, Chrysler and GM wouldíve went out of business and we would all be driving cars, that would last 50 years before they broke down. Many of the German-made Beatles are still running. I used to run a grinding machine in California called a Studer. That grinding machine made by Germany in the 1940s, was more advanced than the grinding machines they make today. It had all automatic feeds it actually measured the parts as it ground them. It Was called the Cadillac of grinders. All the Germans were very intelligent and thatís where we got all of our scientists from. Hitler did not use fluoride in the water to make everybody stupid, like all the other dictators that ran their countries. This meant that everyone in Germany was almost a genius, just because they didnít put fluoride in the water.

World War II was about technology. The movie industry knew that Hitler could take over the world by Germanyís invention of color talking film. Thatís right Germany invented color talking film. We were all watching movies in black and white while Hitlerís Germany, were making color films. They wouldíve took over the movie industry if we didnít bomb them. If we didnít start World War II Hitler wouldíve ran the world because of technology, that the smart Germans invented. And it really wasnít because they were smart, it was because they werenít dumbed down by fluoridated water. In America all the big companies like IBM would not even listen to poor Peopleís ideas or opinions, because the rich people thought that poor people didnít matter. This is why people who had inventions and ideas at IBM had to start their own business, to get their ideas off the ground. Because the higher-ups at IBM looked down upon people as if they were nothing but peasants. But the real reason for World War II was not because Hitler killed 6 million Jews, there wasnít 6 million Jews to kill. It is because his country invented color talking film and we didnít have that technology. That technology was necessary to control propaganda. If Hitler made all the films, he would have been able to control the world, just like the movie industry is controlling the world today. We wouldíve all been geniuses if Hitler wouldíve won the war. He would have stopped dumbing us all down by fluoridated water. He wouldíve treated us all as if we were like children of God, rather than peasants and technology would be 200 years ahead of its time.

What nobody seems to be telling you about World War II, is that Russia lost 17 million people and you donít hear the Russians crying about how many of their people died like you hear the crybaby Jews. However, before you feel sorry for the Russians. Most of the Russians werenít even killed by Hitler, they were killed by Russians. Wars are not about Germans fighting Russians, they are about their leaders. It is Hitler trying to take out the leader of Russia. This means the Russian leader, will have all of his people die, before he gives up power. Many Russians were killed by their fellow Russians, because they refuse to defend Moscow. They refused to defend their dictator leader and so they were killed by fellow Russians. They were killed by Russians KBG, the elite army. This may happen in the United States. The government has an elite army, that is just there to defend the dictator Donald Trump. Even if they have to kill Americans, they will do it. They are nothing but brainwashed zombies. Manchurian candidates like this brainwashed Larry Mattera troll, that keeps commenting on my channel. So mentally challenged, he actually blames God, for the thousand children who drown in swimming pools every year. So brainwashed he believes ďwell-regulatedĒ mean something other than ďgun-controlĒ. So mentally ill, he served drunks at the bar one too many and he doesnít feel responsible for the people the drunk killed in a car accident, after he was the one who served them too many drinks.

The Vietnam War was a war against Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola was a multibillion dollar company that wanted to get Vietnam addicted to their toxic product. The Vietnamese government did not want their people to be addicted to this toxic product, so they fought against it. The difference between communist and capitalist is the capitalist wants to profit off of the suffering of people. We donít really know what a communist is because of all the propaganda the capitalist are pumping out. All our soldiers knew was that it was their job to kill communist, whatever a communist is. You canít tell people what a communist is, otherwise people might want to go join it. This is why they wonít tell us what ISIS stands for. All we know is that it stands for an Islamic state, but we donít know what that means. We do know that we are living in a Zionist state and any state is better than the Zionist state were living in, where we are brainwashed into believing Hitler killed 6 million Jews when there werenít even a half million Jews in Germany for Hitler to kill. I guess when I write the Timothean history book, Iíll have to claim 6 million Timotheanís died fighting against Christianity, just to get people to feel sorry for us.

Whatís even more bizarre about World War II, was that Hitler made documentaries about the Jews killing their own people in the ghettos. Hitler made videos about rich Jews wearing mink coats, walking past poor Jews that were begging for money and starving to death and the rich Jews would not give them a penny or even let them go through their trash bags to find food. Itís all on video. Iíd seen the videos. The videos were on PBS until the Jews discovered PBS was spewing out truth and stopped it. Hitler didnít build those ghettos, the rich Jews did. When I went to the antiwar demonstration in Washington DC, I ended up on the wrong side of the street with the rich people wearing mink coats supporting the president. I was supposed to be on the protesters side but I got lost. They reminded me of this Hitler documentary film I saw. Rich people wearing mink coats, with their noses up, at the poor people that were speaking the truth. Of course all of Hitlerís documentary films were labeled, ďpropaganda filmsĒ. When in reality they were only showing the truth.


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