Trump Three Strikes You’re Out, November 17, 2016.

Well they said to give Trump a chance. We gave him a chance and before he even became president he selected a racist. Then he selected some moron to claim global warming doesn’t exist. That was two strikes against him. Then to show the world he was a complete idiot he asked for top-secret security clearance for his brother-in-law. What kind of insane idiot is this guy? We knew he was stupid, we didn’t know he was insane. This is the idiot that thinks a C with parentheses around it means, “classified” rather than “copyrighted”. This is the guy that had to be tricked into smiling in front of a camera. I knew he was a mafia thug just by the way he never smiled in front of the camera. They all have that attitude that when someone says, “smile” they say, “Fuck you I don’t have to smile, my daddy was rich, and I’m rich, I don’t do anything anyone tells me to do”. I had to trick this guy with tweeting comments of, “do you want your poles to go up?” And “Do you want to be president of the United States?” Yes you do? That smile in front of the camera fucking moron. This guy wants top security clearance for members of his family. He must be completely crazy. President Clinton and President Bush were not even allowed to go into Fort Knox to see the gold that America doesn’t have. I couldn’t prove to president Obama that 9/11 was an inside job, because he’s not allowed into area 51 to see the three commercial size jet airplane hangers or the mile-long landing strips, big enough to land commercial jets. Obama doesn’t have the security clearance. He is just a puppet president, just like Donald Trump. I’d like to see Donald Trump and his sons even try to get in to see the Gold in Fort Knox or take a tour of Area 51 in Nevada. He would be shot if he even tried to get in area 51. That’ll be a humbling experience for him.

While looks like I got the wrong Internet access provider. I am with WOW cable Internet whose CEO supports Trump and Comcast cable CEO supports Hillary. So I will have to change my Internet provider. Romanos bar owner, supports Donald Trump, so I will have to go find another bar to go to on Saturday nights. I haven’t found a bicycle shop that will admit they didn’t vote for Donald Trump. But it gives me the capitalist idea of opening a bicycle shop titled, “I Didn’t Vote for Trump Bicycles” I’m sure it will do a lot of business. Fact now that I thought of the idea you can franchise the title, “I didn’t vote for Trump” for only two percent of the profits your company makes. Just send the money to the address on my webpage at Just use the phrase, “I didn’t vote for Trump” at the beginning of any of your business names. Example, “I didn’t vote for Trump hamburgers” or “I didn’t vote for Trump laundromat” or even “I didn’t vote for Trump used cars” I’m sure your business will be very successful. There is no bicycle shop near me titled “I didn’t vote for Trump bicycles” so if you want to start a new small business there’s plenty of opportunity in my area including, “I didn’t vote for Trump liquor store” and “I didn’t fall for Trump groceries” Joe the plumber can use the title, “I didn’t vote for Trump plumbing” on the side of his plumbing truck. You’ll have so much business you really won’t care who is president. If you really want to make money you in your business title it, “I didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary, I voted for Jesus”. Oh yeah someone did the dollar Trump challenge and they crossed out the word God on the dollar bill and they wrote in the word “Trump” on it. So now it says, “in Trump we trust”. Bringing us closer to the end of the world. Or at least the United States.


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