Is Donald Trump in the Mafia?, February 2, 2016.

I was fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood with a Mafia thug, that taught us how the Mafia worked. The Mafia ran most of the bars and the cigarette industry. The only way you could put a cigarette machine in a bar or bowling alley, was if you were in the Mafia. If a bar owner or bowling alley owner, tried to put in his own cigarette machine, the bar would burn down mysteriously. Or perhaps the cigarette machine would be broken into every week or so. The Mafia would paint the quarters red, so they knew if anyone was tampering with their machines. They would paint 10 quarter red and if any was missing, they knew the bowling alley was stealing. Not only couldn’t you own a cigarette vending machine, unless you were in the Mafia, there was no way in hell you can open up a gambling casino, unless you are in the Mafia. Donald Trump owns a gambling casino. How did he get it? How come his hotel wasn’t burned down? How come he wasn’t killed for infringing on Mafia territory?

This is supposed to be a free country, where anyone who wants to open a hamburger stand or hotdog stand can do so. But it’s not a free country. Not everybody can open up a gambling casino. There’s only room for one or two gambling casinos in a city, unless your in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. But even in these cities there’s only room for so many gambling casinos. You can’t just go to Las Vegas and open up a gambling casino, you need to purchase a license from the Mafia. The Mafia is business. People want to elect Donald Trump, because they want the United States to run like a Mafia business. Business is Mafia. Sin is in the middle of the word business.

Two little girls tried to open up a lemonade stand, but they were shut down by the Mafia, who said they didn’t have a license, to open up a lemonade stand. Even strippers in strip clubs, have to have a license to be a stripper. It used to be any poor woman could be a stripper, now you have to be a member of the Mafia to be a stripper. You have to pay off your bribe tribute, with a license to be a stripper.

So how does Donald Trump open up a gambling casino unless he is in the Mafia or he paid off the Mafia?

Doesn’t it seem unfair that a coal miner works in a coal mine, because he doesn’t have a good voice to be a singer and his children will never go to college and will probably have to work in a coal mine? Or worse yet the coal miner will have to abort their children because they can’t afford to raise them. And because David Bowie had a good voice and made a deal with the devil his children inherit $100 million? David Bowie didn’t think he was the greatest singer in the world, he knew there was thousands of other people just as good or better than him. He knew the only way to make it to the top, was to stomp on everybody else that was trying to make it in the music industry. Yes they form alliances with other people who are at the top, but anybody at the bottom stayed at the bottom. They use their money to make sure the coal miners children never become singers, because they want to be the singers at the top. And so usually the children of rock stars will become rock stars themselves or movie stars, because they know the rich and the coal miners children will never be rock stars, because they can’t even afford some singing lessons, guitar lessons or even if they did, they are like Eminem who didn’t have the money to go to the recording studio. Once they do make it to the top, they kind of respect people who were on the top, but if they can knock you down so they can stay on top they will do so. I’ve seen professional singers at the karaoke bars, not as talent scouts, but trying to sabotage other singers.

The rich people did not become rich by hard work in a factory. They became rich by making deals with the devil. Tom Cruise doesn’t make $20 million a movie because he’s a good actor. He’s making the money because he’s good-looking and he’s selling sex to women. The same with Julie Roberts and all the other good-looking female actors, who are making $20 million a movie. The movie industry is exploiting them for their good looks and they know it. They don’t hire them for their talent, they hire them for their looks and they usually train them to sing, dance or whatever skills they need, to make the movie.

I’m sure David Bowie knew he was making a deal with the devil when he signed the record contracts and he knew he was choosing death for his children. How many of the 7 billion people on earth, do you believe think it’s fair that David Bowie’s children, should get $100 million, because their father signed a deal with the devil?

A rich man gave a homeless man $100 bill and the homeless man threw the hundred dollar bill in the trash, then God granted the homeless man immortality while the rich man burned in hell. Prepare to meet your God. Because these rich people are the reason why people don’t believe in God. The world seems so unfair, there cannot possibly be a just God, is the way the atheist rationalize. The only place for a just person in a unjust world is in prison. The people in prison are not criminals, they are victims of the rich. When you grow up in the ghetto, robbing and stealing is not a crime, it’s a way of survival. Joining gangs is not criminal in many it of these poor neighborhoods, it’s the only way to survive. Many of these children that are born in these poor neighborhoods, are actually born disabled. They develop posttraumatic stress as children. Gunfire, domestic violence, toxic houses, toxic water, get beat up by bullies for your lunch money, these people are disabled before they turn 18.

These rock stars and singers know that there’s only room at the top for the top 40. There’s probably 1 million people that sing just as good as David Bowie but they just don’t get the chance, because their parents are not rich or at least middle-class. If you have a good voice, you should be thanking God and not selling your voice to the devil. If you have good looks, you should be thanking God for your good looks and not selling your good looks to be exploited by the movie industry or to sell products for big corporations. Everybody knows a model or movie star is no different than a prostitute.

I was almost robbed and killed by two gunmen. Obviously they thought I had more money than them, so they did see me as rich. That’s a good question of what is rich, but let’s just start at the top and work our way down from the billionaires, to the multimillionaires, to the millionaires. Then if there are still poor people starving, will go down to six figures, 5 figures, 4 figures, ETC.

People are protesting black lives matter, their protesting against the poison water in Flint, their protesting against abortion, their protesting for higher wages for teachers. People also need to protest against violence. They should be protesting against boxing, protesting against wrestling and even protesting against violent sports like hockey. Even in my middle-class neighborhood you could be kicked out of school for boxing or wrestling. Me and my friend got beat with a paddle in seventh grade because we were arm wrestling and the teacher didn’t know the difference between arm wrestling and fighting.

Jesus said the time will come when they will learn war no more. It’s time to stop teaching people violence. In seventh grade I was beat with a paddle by the school principal and in 10th grade they tried to teach me how to wrestle in gym class. I failed gym, because I refused to learn how to wrestle by these Hypocrites. There’s no difference between a murderer and someone who likes to watch boxing. At my local bar a boxer punched a guy in the face and he died. The boxer was charged with murder. Well he really wasn’t a boxer, but he seen nothing wrong with punching someone in the face because there was a boxing match on TV and everyone was cheering the guy on to punch the other guy in the face. Not only should boxing, wrestling and hockey be illegal, but anybody who doesn’t want to make them illegal, is just as violent of a person as a murderer. They teach people how to fight with boxing and wrestling matches and then they wonder why people are violent. FEMA trains for those who like boxing, wrestling and hockey. Put them next to the gunowners and the rich people. The only reason why boxing, wrestling and hockey is legal, is because of money. Football with all they head injuries should be the next sport to go, along with hunting animals.

President Obama is just announced that he’s going to try to pass laws to make equal pay for equal work. That sounds fair doesn’t it? Shouldn’t people be paid equally for equal work? That’s really good news, because I’m going to now take a picture of a potato and sell it for $1 million. An artist took a picture of a potato and sold it to the rich for 1 million bucks. If that rich person doesn’t purchase my picture of my potato, for $1 million, then I’m going to sue him in court for equal pay for equal work. There was a girl who practiced singing for a week, before she went on American Idol and Simon Cowell said she was the worst singer in the world, but now she can sue Simon Cowell for not giving her a multi-million-dollar record contract like Simon Cowell gave to Adell. Equal pay for equal work. Adell didn’t even practice for a week before she got her million dollar record contract.

God did not give people a good voice so they could become millionaires. The record industry exploits people with good voices like the movie and porn industries exploit people for their good looks.

I don’t have any tattoos. I don’t believe in them. I thought about using tattoos so that people can find other like-minded people easier. People who believe jobs are slavery should get one kind of tattoo. People who believe everything belongs to God, should have another tattoo. People who believe that all the rich should be killed, should get a certain tattoo to attract like-minded people. But some people were getting tattoos of Saints. Tattoo of St. Paul, tattoo of Mother Teresa etc. And I heard some people were getting tattoos of me and I was horrified. The Bible predicts that someone would come along and start tattooing their image on people’s bodies. The Mark of the beast, the mark of his image, the Mark of the devil. But then I realized the devil tries to copy God. And Donald Trump was paying a tattoo artist to give away free tattoos of himself. So there is this tattoo artists who is giving away free tattoos of Donald Trump. He’s not working for free, Donald Trump is paying him. But this is a sign, a mark of the beast and Donald Trump mayvery well be the devil the Bible was talking about. And all those who received the mark of the beast, the mark of his name, or his image on their arm or fourhead will be cast into the lake of fire, Revelation 13:16. When I seen that on the news that’s all they had to do to elect Trump was write the word Trump on a piece of paper, it showed me how close we are to the end.

Carl Levin was on the news the other day and he was for signing a new law that would require businesses to use their real names. Right now Bin Laden, Isis, Al Qaeda or even Russia could be the owners of the Marathon oil refinery in Romulus that wants to increase air pollution. Nobody knows who the owner is of these military industrial complexes are. Nobody knows who the owner is of the Detroit water system, that sells water to Flint for $12 million and then poisons their water if they don’t purchase it. Even if they are not the people responsible for poisoning Flints water, they certainly are using the news media to force Flint into purchasing the water for $12 million a year. This is not Flint trying to save residents money, this is Detroit using Mafia thug tactics to sell $12 million a year overpriced privatized water. They are trying to privatize the water companies so the rich can become richer. Water should be free and anyone who charges for it should be killed for committing crimes against humanity. We need to find out who owns the Detroit water department. Who is getting that $12 million from Flint and $100 a month from every resident in the suburbs of Michigan when they haven’t put a dime into replacing the hundred year old toxic lead water pipes. Oh they claim they don’t need to replace those toxic lead pipes they are using $100 worth of anti-corrosive agents. If it only cost $100 for anti-corrosive agents why are they charging over 1 million people $100 a month each? Everyone even the middle class are donating water to Flint for this tragedy. Detroit Mafia thug Mayor Mike Duggan, should donate free Detroit water to Flint, until Flint finishes building their own water system. That would be the right thing to do Mike Duggan. This is a tragedy, stopped charging Flint for water until they build their own water pipeline from Lake Huron. Prove to us that you’re not a Mafia thug that poisoned the river to sell your water.

The Oregon standoff was a scam, because the Mafia thugs in power know people are about to overthrow their Mafia thug, gang run government. Government isn’t bad if it’s run by good people. But the government hasn’t been run by good people, in over 100 years. It is run by Mafia thugs and gangs. Businessmen who take the best water in the world and turn it into a toxic sewer. The Flint River comes from a bubbling spring. It should be bubbling spring water that sells for a dollar a bottle. But businesses, people like Trump and his buddies, turned the Flint Springwater River, into a toxic sewer, so they could sell Flint residents expense Detroit water. Over 100 years ago people would of drove 1000 miles to get a drink of Springwater, from the Flint River.

The militia members should of looked at what they were getting into. They went to fight for a rich cattle rancher, that already on 10,000 acres of Americans land and wanted more. Don’t join any militia who claims you can own God’s land. Because if you do, God is not on your side. Don’t join any militia who does not believe jobs are slavery. Furthermore don’t let anyone join your militia in less they believe jobs are slavery and nobody can own God’s land. Alex Jones makes himself the antichrist by claiming you can own God’s land. He also makes himself the antichrist by supporting hunters who kill God’s animals. If you think hunting is a sport then you should hunt without a gun, a knife or a bow and arrow and make the fight fair.


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