Trump Election, Speed Limits, November 14, 2016.

First of all, the reason why I am reading from a script, is because I copyrighted it. You donít need to file a form at the copyright office, to copyright something. All you have to do is write it on paper. Once written on paper, itís published, itís copyrighted. You own it. Itís your words. Thatís what the C with two brackets around it means. It means itís copyrighted. It doesnít mean that itís classified information. Iím sorry for talking to people like you are idiots, but anyone who thinks a C surrounded by brackets mean something other than copyrighted, is a complete idiot. Nobodyís going to use a C to stand for ďclassifiedĒ, unless they are mentally retarded. A Copyright used to be good for twenty years. In nineteen ninety-five they change the laws so now a copyright will last thirty years. But under Godís laws, your words are always your words. Nobody else can claim ownership to them. And on judgment day, people are going to be judge by Godís laws, not by manís laws.

If you donít like the outcome of the election, donít take the law into your own hands, take them to court. Thatís how a democracy works. Or at least is supposed to work. Sometimes the courts are run by the mafia thugs, that wonít let you sue the criminals in power. Even if Donald Trump is in the mafia, that does not mean itís a bad thing. Mafia is organized crime and sometimes the biggest mafia is the government. Collecting taxes off of Godís land, is the greatest form of racketeering. When the government goes against Godís laws, that makes them the mafia. When people go against the governmentís laws, the government considers them, the mafia. But whose the real mafia? The real mafia is those who organize against Godís laws.

Trump losing a gambling casino is not a bad thing. It means heís not that big of a criminal as we think he is. You have to be a criminal to make a gambling casino profitable. You have to trick people into believing they are going to win money. The way the casinos trick people into gambling is, they use shills. Shills who claim they won money, to try to get you to gamble your money. You will see the shills in bars all the time, claiming they won money in the lottery to try to get you to play the lottery. But they are shills, they never won any money, they are being paid to claim they won money to get you to gamble. Whenever I meet one of the shills, I tell them, I canít play the lottery, because if I win three hundred million dollars, I will have to divided up between the nine hundred million people, who lost money playing the lottery. Because thatís the right thing to do when you win lottery money. You give it back to the people who were tricked into playing the lottery. If you donít it means you are pieces shit.

If you win money in a gambling casino, you give the money to people who lost, if you want to get into heaven. Thatís the right thing to do. Thatís Godís laws. These gambling casinos will set up slot machines by the doors, that pay off more money than they take in. This is to bring people in the doors. The casino owners will let their friends, family and even employees play those slot machines, that pay off more money than they take in. This brings people into the gambling casino, to play the slot machines in back of the casino, that hardly ever pay off. If you go into a bar and there are people in there claiming they won money playing the lottery, they are shills trying to get you to play the lottery. People who really win money in the lottery, give the money back to the losers, if they are not a total piece of shit. Because thatís the right thing to do. Actually the right thing to do, is to never gamble or play the lottery in the first place. But if somehow someone bought you a lottery ticket and you won, you give the money to the losers. For every dollar somebody wins in the lottery there is somebody who lost three dollars. For every dollar you win in a casino, there is some poor family who lost three dollars and can no longer feed their wife and kids. Because they were tricked, conned, manipulated, robbed, swindled and deceived, not because they were stupid. The people who own gambling casinos and run the lottery are stupid, because them and their children are going to spend the rest of eternity being burned and tortured in the lake of fire for thinking they could rob, trick, con, manipulate, swindled, and deceived people into gambling. This is why every person who lost money in the lottery or a gambling casino, has a legitimate lawsuit against the owner of the gambling casino. Every person who had lost money in the lottery, has legitimate lawsuits against the people who run the lottery. You donít take the law into your own hands, you take them to court.

Trumps casinos. Either Donald Trump is a complete idiot or he is a evil genius. There was a movie about the mafia, where this crime family sold expensive dinners to rich people. These rich people have no morals or ethics. The rich people will kill and eat exotic endangered animals and pay thousands of dollars to do it. So the mafia in this movie, sold the rich people a kimono Dragon dinner. This giant lizard is a endangered species, but the rich people will pay thousands of dollars to eat one. So the Mafia conned all these rich people into thinking they were eating a rare endangered species kimono dragon. But all they were really eating was spicy chicken. So Trump could have used the Taj Mahal gambling casino, to fleece the rich people out of their money. Like a Robin Hood who takes from the rich and gives to the poor. Convincing these rich people to invest in a gambling casino, that would take money from poor people, only to fleece the rich people of their money. Trump didnít lose a billion dollars in nineteen ninety-five, he lost a trillion dollars. Because when you open a gambling casino, you only have to put ten percent down and he used ninety percent of bankers and investors money. So Trump lost a billion dollars of his own money and he lost a trillion dollars of the bankers and investors money. And thereís no way you can do that, by owning a gambling casino. Because all the gambling casino does, is say give me a hundred dollars and I will give you ninety dollars back. Give me ninety dollars and Iíll give you eighty dollars back. And you keep on playing the game until you give me the last ten dollars and I say thank you come to my gambling casino again and you leave happily. But what Trump Taj Mahal gambling casino seems to have done was take a hundred dollars from poor people and give them back a hundred and fifty dollars. Because thatís the only way his gambling casino could go belly up, taking millions of dollars from the rich people who invested in it. But it wasnít rich people who invested in Taj Mahal gambling casino, it was the religious nuts, who belong to Donald Trumpís church. If you lost money in a gambling casino or the lottery, sue them. If youíre upset that Donald Trump was elected president, donít go out in the streets and riot, take him to court. Millions of people out in the streets, spending all their time protesting, when they should be going down to the courthouse to file lawsuits. You can only file a lawsuit, if youíre losing or lost money. So if Donald Trump didnít cost you any money, you canít really sue him. If you were forced to pay for Obama care, you can sue to get the money back. Itís unconstitutional to force people to pay for Obama care. If you paid eight thousand dollars to have a baby at a hospital, you can sue the hospital, to get your money back. The hospital manipulated you, robbed you, deceived you, conned you into paying eight thousand dollars to have a baby, by claiming it was unsafe to have the baby at home. Now sue them to get your money back. It was more dangerous to have the baby at the hospital, where all the people have disease, that the baby couldíve gotten. If you had a c- section, sue them, you are more likely to die during the C-section. They will claim C-sections save lives, but that is on paper. Many women who have c sections are given pain medication, that leads to heroin addiction and eventually death. If a woman had a C-section, took pain medication, that led to heroin addiction and then died five years later, she didnít die from heroin addiction, she died from the C- section. If you shoot someone and they are in a coma for five years before they die, itís still murder. They canít force you to pay eight thousand dollars to have a baby and if they tricked you into having a baby at the hospital, sue to get the money back. When youíre born they want eight thousand dollars, when you die they want another seven thousand dollars to bury you. It should be free.

Unfortunately you canít sue them when youíre dead. But you can sue for your dead relatives. Archaeologists found the remains of a ten thousand-year-old Indian. Most of us pay seven thousand dollars to be buried. But it costs nothing for this Indian to be buried ten thousand years ago. They were going to move this Indianís body so they can build some construction. The people paid millions of dollars in court, so that the Indian can keep his resting place, even though he never paid for a burial plot. Thatís because people knew the right thing to do. It was right to let the Indian rest in peace where God had laid his body.

My Reply to Detroit Channel 7 news on the 80 mile-per-hour speed limits, November 10, 2016. When Reagan lowered the speed limit to 55 to save gasoline, it also saved 10,000 American lives a year. That is a fact. Itís estimated that lowering the speed limit to 45 miles per hour, it could save a another 15 thousand American lives a year, not counting billions saved in oil, injuries, disability payments to those injured, hospital bills etc. At 35 miles per hour, most people would not feel the need to purchase car insurance. In fact many people donít purchase car insurance and thatís why they want to raise the speed limit, to make people fear for their lives so much, that they purchase car insurance. At 15 miles per hour, we will not even need drunk driving laws, because nobody would be killed in a car accident. The only reason why they want to raise speed limits, is to sell people car insurance, make money on funerals and on trauma center visits at hospitals. Hospitals were losing money when Reagan lowered the speed limit. Scientists told the automobile companies, that if they made cars go faster than 10 miles per hour, people would be injured and killed by them and they made them go faster anyways. But no one knows why the automobile companies are still making a profit, after people are injured and killed by their product. They simply blame the drivers. Like swimming pool manufacturers blame parents, when their children drown in swimming pools. The fact is the more swimming pools they sell, the more children drown in them. It doesnít mean thereís more neglecting parents. There is no statute of limitations on murder. The automobile companies should be charged with one account of murder, for every person who dies in a car accident, because they made them go faster than ten miles per hour. Swimming pool manufacturers should not only be sued for every child that drowns, they should be charged with premeditated first-degree murder for every child who drowns. They knew children would drown from statistics. From history. They know whatís all the children drown is when the polls every year but they sell them anyway. All they care about is profit. They are murderers.

Perhaps you can make a car safe at thirty miles per hour, but we know theyíre not safe at fifty-five miles per hour even though ten thousand lives were saved. Many died at fifty-five miles per hour. Using the criminally insane rationalization, that people are going to speed anyway, itís like saying letís legalize bombing abortion clinics, because religious nuts are going to bomb them anyways. Itís criminally insane rationalization, to raise speed limits because people are going to drive faster.

If they manufactured every car with a one cylinder engine, no car would be able to go faster than thirty miles per hour. We would save billions in oil, billions in healthcare and families would not be dysfunctional because their parents were killed in a car accident. The first speeding ticket was given in New York City for a man going 6 miles per hour. The judge said at that time that 6 miles per hour was too fast and someone could get injured. Traffic is so busy in New York city today, that the average speed is seven miles per hour. Instead of praying that Trump becomes enlightened, why not just write to him and enlighten him. The part of Obama care that Trump is keeping, is the part Hillary and Bill Clinton put in. The part where people cannot be cut off healthcare after they are sick. All the bad parts about Obama care, were put in by George W. Bush and pasted by Barack Obama. The part where people who canít afford to pay for healthcare are punished by fines, thatís the part that has to go. It makes no sense if they canít afford to pay for healthcare, they certainly canít afford the fines. That part of fining people was put in by Mafia thug idiots, like Giuliani. Hillary lost, because Donald Trump doesnít believe in the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution of the United States says, that people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and Donald Trump was calling Hillary a criminal on national TV before she was tried by a jury. That makes him eligible for billions in lawsuits. Furthermore, Hillary is a diplomat. There is such a thing as diplomatic immunity, where diplomats cannot be charged with petty crimes, as that could be a threat to national security. If you could simply charge presidents with crimes, you could plant porno on a presidents computer and take him out of power and we wouldnít have to fight wars. I posted on Channel 7 news website before, about the state being responsible for people killed in a car crashes because speed limits are over ten miles per hour. Some people on Channel 7 agreed with me. But the people who run the news station, not only disagreed but they no longer allow people to comment on Channel 7 news website. And they got these two state troopers to claim traffic brutalities are caused by people who drive to slow. The exact opposite of what I was saying. I speak the truth, and they speak lies to cause more deaths and charge people for car insurance. These two state troopers Michael Shaw and Thad Peterson need to be sued. And I need some volunteers to help me file lawsuits. They claim raising the speed limit to eighty miles per hour will make the highway safer. They were already proved wrong when Reagan lowered the speed limit to fifty-five miles per hour and save ten thousand lives. The only reason why people want the speed limit raised, is to sell more car insurance and make more money at hospital trauma centers. Nobody would need car insurance if speed limits were under thirty miles per hour. Nobody would die in a car crash, if speeds were under fifteen miles per hour not even if we abolished all drunk driving laws.

You could literally drive drunk at ten miles per hour and not kill anyone. Anyone who purchases car insurance, can sue these two state troopers to get the money back they paid in car insurance, plus interest. If they die before you win the lawsuit, you can get your money back from their children or their grandchildren, up to ten thousand generations later. If they didnít want to be sued, they would never supported an eighty miles an hour speed limit. In fact they would have done everything in their power to lower speed limits to a safe level.

The insurance companies know what a safe level is. They know how many people die at fifty-five miles per hour, how many die at forty-five miles per hour, how many die at thirty-five miles per hour. They know what the cut off speed limit is, where nobody dies. Itís probably around thirty miles per hour. But if speed limits were maxed out at thirty miles per hour, cars would become lighter and more fuel-efficient. Cars would actually be safer, because the lighter the car is, the less likely youíll be injured if it runs into you. So cars and SUVís that way over a ton, might have to go less than ten miles an hour to keep from killing people, but cars that way under five hundred pounds, might be able to go thirty miles per hour, without killing anyone.

If speed limits were maxed out at thirty miles per hour, we could drive electric golf carts down the freewayís. These golf carts weigh less than five hundred pounds. I donít think anyone was ever killed in a golf cart. People donít have to buy golf cart insurance when they ride in a golf cart, because I doubt anyone was ever killed in a golf cart. They simply do not weigh or drive fast enough for anyone to be killed. I may be wrong, there might be one or two people, but there certainly isnít forty thousand people dying in electric golf cart accidents. Trump was right, the election was rigged, Russia hacked all of the voting machines and that's why Trump won. All of you gun nuts agreed with trump that the voting machines were rigged. Or all of you go nuts are hypocrites. You could tell the election was rigged by the way Trump was winning, then Hillary was winning, then Trump won. The whole thing was a joke for morons.

If you believe in the Constitution, Hillary was not a criminal. To be a criminal you have to be found guilty in a court of law. This is why not only can Hillary sue Donald Trump for losing, everyone who voted for Hillary can sue Donald Trump for Hillaryís loss. Because Hillaryís loss is your loss, if you voted for Hillary.

The true people of God donít vote for anyone. Some religious nuts are claiming God makes people president. Not according to the book of Samuel. God is your King and always has been. When you elect someone else, itís not God making that person president. God didnít vote for Hillary or Donald Trump. Anyone who says he did, commits blasphemy.

I didnít vote for any candidate, but wisdom says when in Rome do as Romans. So take them to court. If you canít win in court, find out who voted for Trump, and donít go to that business. Why give the business money that voted for a candidate you donít like. Thereís plenty of restaurants around, plenty of bars around. Hillary is the popular candidate. So if you put a sign on the window of your business saying, ďI voted for HillaryĒ youíre going to get more business. If you put a sign on your business window that says, ďI voted for TrumpĒ youíll get all the gun nuts, perverts and racist to eat at your restaurant. So thereís many ways to fight back at rigged elections. Stop watching Alex Jones. He only steals all my information anyways. He supported Trump. Thereís things you can do without rioting. I found out the owner of the bar I go, to voted for Trump. So depending on what Trump does, I may no longer go to that bar.

Trump seems to be malleable. He didnít know to smile in front of the camera, but after I tweeted that he should, the next thing I know, I see him smiling in front of the camera. Now all we gotta do is convince him to lower speed limits to save billions of dollars on health care. And so that nobody has to purchase car insurance. Because the biggest cost of healthcare, is the millions of people who are injured in car accidents, because speed limits are over ten miles per hour. Maybe we can make a car safe at thirty miles per hour. But if people are injured in car accidents, it doesnít mean people are stupid drivers, it means cars are unsafe at that speed. People accuse me of talking down to people, calling everybody stupid. But thatís exactly what these people are doing to keep speed limits so high that people are injured in car crashes. Not one person should be injured in a car crash. Car crashes are not caused by stupid drivers. Traffic fatalities are caused by stupid state troopers, who support speed limits higher than ten miles per hour. Itís the scientist that told them people would be injured and killed in car crashes if they went over ten miles per hour. The scientists are right. The state troopers are not only wrong, they seem to be getting kick backs from insurance companies and hospital trauma rooms. This seems to be a police state. Where the cops are making the laws, to benefit the rich insurance companies and hospitals. It shouldnít cost one penny to have a baby and speed limits shouldnít be so fast that you need car insurance. When they are, you need to sue them. Thatís a democracy. If Donald Trump didnít want to be sued, he shouldnít have called Hillary Clinton a criminal on national TV. I donít believe Donald Trump is a gun owner. He just said he supported gun ownership to get votes. Did you see him duck when someone yelled ďgunĒ . He ducked like a chicken. He shouldíve got out his gun like John Wayne and said, ďwhoís got a gunĒ and protected the people. I donít believe Donald Trump is a gun owner by the way he held the gun in the picture someone sent me. You donít hold a gun like that.

If the state troopers didnít want to be sued, they should not have said speed limits are safe at eighty miles per hour. The state troopers do not know more than scientist. Anybody who was injured in a car accident, has a legitimate lawsuit against the state troopers and everybody else, who is against lowering speed limits to the point where no one needs car insurance and no one is injured in a car crash. Stop blaming traffic fatalities on stupid people or drunk drivers. If you are for raising speed limits over ten miles per hour, you are responsible for traffic fatalities. You are also liable for people who have to pay for car insurance, when they donít need it. In nineteen ten no one needed car insurance. The cars didnít go fast enough. The cars werenít heavy enough. Nobody was injured. Two cars crashed head-on and nobody was injured. They barely even came out of their seats. There is video footage proof of this. There is statistical proof of this. The insurance companies have proof of this. The insurance companies are not releasing the proof, because they know if speed limits were under thirty miles per hour, nobody would purchase car insurance. Nobody would be injured or killed in a car crash so they would not need it. So if you want to help me file some lawsuits let me know.

Not only should no one need car insurance, car insurance keeps bad drivers on the road. Bad drivers get in an accident and the insurance companies, buy them another car. All workers compensation insurance does, is keep irresponsible businesses in business, so they can injure other people and create hazardous work environments. When a business injures somebody, they should be sued out of business, not protected by Mafia inspired insurance companies. Thatís all car insurance and workers compensation insurance is, is Mafia tribute money. Youíre paying money to the mafia, so you can stay in business. So if youíre injured on the job, the Mafia used to break your arms to get you to drop the lawsuit, now they torture you with stellate ganglion blocks to the neck, to protect business profits. These businesses need to be sued out of business, so that no one is injured again.

Donald Trump should have learned by his gambling casino going bankrupt, that itís not Godís will to have gambling casinos. When he is sued out of business for injuries, then he will learn itís not Godís will to start a business. Food grows on trees, jobs are slavery. But no one is learning, because insurance companies is protecting businesses and bad drivers.

As far as what Trump said in the locker room, people in bars talk a lot worse. So at least itís out in the open, so that we know what people are talking about, so we can try to change it. As far as trump being a racist, I think everybody is a racist. Itís not Godís will to mix the races. Itís the will of religious nuts to mix the races. God made the birds for the air, the fish for the sea, kangaroos for Australia, polar bears for the North Pole, Penguins for the South Pole etc. Iím a German. My parents came from Germany and Iím thinking of moving back to Germany. Actually I am German, Irish and French. But French from my motherís side.

Your forefathers lived in that part of the country for tens of thousands of years. Their bodies are conditioned for the soil, the vegetation. Their immune systems have been designed to fight off the mold, bacteria and germs of that area. This is why I believe Iím always sick. My immune system is not designed to fight off the species of mold, germs and bacteria that live in Michigan. There is over a hundred thousand different species of mold. Only a thousand species are native to Michigan. My forefathers immune system has learned to fight off the mold and bacteria that live in Germany and not the microorganisms native to Michigan.


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