Transgender is a Mental Illness, #HB2, May 15, 2016.

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YouTube will probably take this video down as they are not open to the truth. But I will also uploaded on CNN, Amazon and it will be on my website. If a computer thinks it is a human being, it is a software problem not a hardware problem. The solution is not to give the computer arms legs and a penis, it is a thinking problem. When the brain does not match the penis, it is not a hardware problem. It is a thinking problem. There may not be any psychologist today that can fix the thinking problem, but that does not mean that a genius might come along and be able to fix it in the future. Yes, some people are born with out genitalia, but that is a medical condition deformity, not a different species of human. Yes, some people are born with both male and female genitalia, but that is a medical condition deformity, not a new species of human. Yes, some people are born with a brain that does not match their sex organ, but that is a medical condition deformity, not a new species of animal. Some people are born with no arms, but that is a medical condition deformity, not a species of serpent.

Transgendered people are medically deformed because their brain does not match their sexual genitalia. Some people donít like to be called obese, theyíd rather be called a plus size, but in fact they are obese. Some people do not want to be called mentally ill, they would rather be called mentally challenged, but in fact mentally challenged is a mental illness and so is a transgender. I will go further to say that anyone who believes a transgender is not a mentally illness, has a medical mental condition deformity called retardation. Their brains are not capable of accepting the facts. People who have a female brain and a male penis should wear a medical alert bracelet alerting people of their medical condition and for the purpose of identifying them from perverts, rapist and pedophiles that may be lurking in womanís bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms and showers. Calling this discrimination, that people with penises canít use the restroom, goes a lot further than just bathrooms. Itís going to spread to the showers at beaches, campgrounds, schools and health clubs. Furthermore if it is discrimination, than I should be able to have sex with your wife or your committing an act of discrimination.

Freud was called the father of psychology and he said transgendered people have penis envy. Of course he did not have many male patients, but he would have said they have vagina envy. The term transgendered was not coined in Freudís time. But the genius of his, ďpenis envyĒ is showing true today. Freud was misunderstood by people believing he thought all women had penis envy, but he was talking about his mental patients he seen at the psychiatry office. And I donít believe he was talking about all of his patients, but the ones that thought themselves to be transgendered. Thereís no sex thing as transgendered. That is a word made up to describe someone with a medical condition, that the brain does not match the body. That medical condition, is not a hardware problem, itís not a physical problem, itís a thinking problem, it is a mental problem. In short, it is a mental illness. Furthermore those who donít think so have a medical condition called retardation. Their brains are not able to think properly. They are not able to use logic and reason to arrive at the common sense that when a brain does not match a sex organ it is a mental problem. Freud and his supporters of #HB2 have a lot of people against them. But the names of most of those people can be found on the sex registry. Many people who oppose this #HB2 can be found on the sex registry as they are sex offenders. Just like all murderers support gun ownership. All sex offenders, rapist, pedophiles, perverts oppose #HB2. There is not that many transgendered people out there. But there are many rapist, perverts and pedophiles and the sex registry proves they outnumber the transgendered people. Someone should crosscheck the names on the sex registries with the names of the people who are opposing North Carolinaís HB2.

HB2 is a law that is trying to stop people with penises from going into ladies rooms not because they want to discriminate but because they want to keep women safe. The law was drawn up because a woman called the cops on a man in the ladies room that was showing his penis. The cops came out and there was no law against men hanging out in ladies rooms showing off their penis. It is a restroom so they cannot arrest them for indecent exposure or you would have to arrest everybody because that would be discrimination if you only arrested men for exposing themselves in the ladies room.

Iíve been tweeting for the last two days under the #HB2 against all these transgendered people who think they are not exposing themselves in the restrooms and showers. They act like they take a shit with their pants up and shower with their close on. Furthermore, how do you not expose yourself if youíre changing your clothes? This is why I donít want Christians watching my videos and reading my material. They are twisting things and interpreting the word of God with their own carnal minds. Jesus said in the gospel of Thomas, ďMary will be saved when she is made maleĒ. The Christians have twisted this into meaning that she should have a sex change operation. They are too ignorant to interpret the word of God.

There is absolutely no reason why someone with a penis should use the ladies room. There are no urinals in the ladies room. The ladies donít appreciate someone peeing all over the seat. Likewise men donít like people with vaginas clogging their toilets with tampons. The transsexuals are not only mentally ill, I think some of them have brain damage. I tweeted that women canít use urinals and someone tweeted back a device for sale on Amazon that would allow women to use urinals. I really doubt thereís any woman thatís going to strap on this device, so she can use a urinal in the menís room and then wash the piss off this device, in the same sink where we wash our hands. If she does, there should be a law against it as it is unsanitary. Pedophiles in the church have been creating a transgendered machine. Their spitting out homosexuals, bisexuals and perverts. Sex is an addiction. Once a person has become sexually active they cannot be sexually deactivated into a virgin. Pavlovís dog salivated at the ring of a bell because it was conditioned to do so. Every time Pavlov fed the dog he rang the bell. Sex feels good. Even sex with animals feels good. If you have sex with an animal you will develop a condition similar to Pavlovís dog. It becomes a fetish. People who have sex with corpses develop a fetish for dead people to the point that they can only have sex with dead people. Homosexuality is a form of this conditioning. People are not born with necrophilia.

Bruce Caitlin Jenner has a mental illness. You are not a woman because you wear a dress. You are not a woman because you wear makeup. You are not a woman because you wear your hair long. You are not a woman because you wear high heels. Some women have short hair, donít wear makeup, dresses or high heels. It doesnít mean that they are a man. So why is Caitlin Jenner wearing a dress, makeup and high heels? Just because you do not like sports, guns, or violence doesnít mean you are a woman. You are only a woman if you have a vagina and you want something inside your vagina. The only reason why anyone man or woman wants to wear dresses, makeup or high heels is because they were sold and brainwashed into buying those items with advertisement. Women in other countries donít wear that crap. And as far as guns and sports goes you can thank the advertising of the NRA and the NBA for brainwashing men.

Bottom line. If the brain does not match the penis, then it is a brain malfunction. I don't know what Doctor you have been going to, but maybe he is mentally ill. Fat people do not want to be called fat and mentally ill people did not want to be called mentally ill. But it's okay to call them mentally challenged and plus size people. Transgendered is a medical condition and it's not physical because the malfunction is in the brain. The thinking can be changed. Maybe not by a ignorant psychologist but it can be changed by a genius yet to come. If the computer thinks that itís human, itís a software problem. You donít give the computer arms and legs to match its thinking or programming. The homosexual community of pedophile Catholic priest has been behind the LGBT programming of false information, brainwashing and defective computer code. You can teach anyone anything, but that does not make it truth.

There was a woman on Doctor Phil who copied a picture of twins and put it on her Facebook page and claimed they were her own twins. This was a mental illness. No matter how you argued with this woman, she always had something to say to make people believe they were her twins. But in the end Doctor Phil exposed the truth. In the end the truth will be exposed that homosexuality, transgendered, gay, lesbian is in fact a mental disorder, a mental illness. If you want to call it a brain disorder or deformity, I will accept it. But these people are not another species of animal. You are either male or female no matter what your brain or thought tells you. When they find human bones, they can identify them as male or female. The skull of a male is more rounded. The pelvis of a woman is wider. There are other attributes like the size of the bones. Throughout history they have not found any transgendered, gay, lesbian bones and they examined millions of bones.

If you are transgendered, transvestite, gay or lesbian, please do not comment I do not want to argue with people that have a medical mental disorder. Keywords. .

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