Tony Hayes Virginia NRA Registrant Sex Offender, October 17, 2015.

The NRA ILA gets all these crazy gun laws passed like it’s illegal to sue gun manufacturers if their product kills people. They make laws against bullet numbering to catch criminals. They are against gun safety locks to protect children from being shot. Every time there is a school shooting may have a gun rally and celebrate the death of children. This is the most evil organization on earth and begs me to ask the question, “are gunowners possessed by the devil?” That was going to be the title of this video until I got a tweet from someone who asked me if I was pro-life. I said yes I’m pro-life and I was going to send the person a link to the NRA ILA website to show him that the national rifle Association gets these pro-abortion judges elected in the Supreme Court a leave a link to the NRA ILA website site below. just for the hell of it I went to who is to find out who owned that domain name I’ll leave a link to WHOIS below also this evil National Rifle Association website is registered to a Tony Hayes of Virginia. So I googled Tony Hayes of Virginia to find out more about the NRA’s website registrant owner and I found a Tony Hayes of Virginia in the sex registry. A leave a link below to that below also.

This is the one missing piece of the puzzle that I’m trying to understand. The spirit of the antichrist or the devil. The Bible talks about people being possessed by the devil or the spirit of antichrist. I don’t believe in any devil. However the dip the Bible says he exists and lives inside men. This is the only way I can explain gunowners. They must be possessed by the devil. They must be filled with the spirit of antichrist. I’ve been arguing with these gunowners for 30 years. Whether these school shootings are a hoax or planned by the government doesn’t matter.

The other day a six-year-old child shot a three-year-old child and all gunowners care about is their guns. Last week a 15-year-old boy shot himself in the head and the police are still trying to figure out how a 15-year-old got a gun. It doesn’t matter how he got the gun, the gun manufacturers let the gun fall into a mentally insane persons hands and the gun manufacturers are 100% responsible. When I was 16 years old, my sister, a lifetime NRA member, bought me a gun without a gun safe or gun lock. If someone would have shot them self with my gun, it would not be my fault. I just got the gun for my birthday. I was only 16. It would be the gun manufacturer, who wanted to profit off of guns so badly, they didn’t care if children got a gun for the birthday, without a safe to put it in or a safety lock and that caused someone to be killed. That second-degree murder on the gun manufacturer’s side. If the gun manufacturers did not want to be charged with second-degree murder every time somebody was killed with a gun, they would recall all their guns.

The gun owners don’t even want to put Gun locks or guns in safes to protect children. Not even their own children. They are against bullet numbering to catch criminals, because the majority of gunowners are in fact criminals, gang members, drug dealers who would lose their business dealing drugs if guns were banned. I put up a gun safety video on CNN in 2009, a leave a link below.

If guns were banned drug dealers would have no way to protect their drug dealing business. The drug addicts would rob them out of business.

So I’m arguing with insane gunowners on twitter and this woman says I’m trying to take away her 200-year-old gun rights. This woman is completely insane and probably possessed by the devil. The devil in the spirit of antichrist must be fighting over the possession of her body. I should’ve picked up across and pointed it at her with some holy water or battery acid. Women were not even allowed to vote or smoke cigarettes until the 1920s. They were not allowed into the military until the late 1980s or early 1990s. There’s no way in hell that our founding fathers when they wrote the Constitution, that they meant women should be allowed to have guns. There’s even black people who think the Constitution says they have a right to bear arms. Black people were slaves when the Constitution was written. Anyone who thinks our founding fathers wanted black people to be armed are possessed by the devil, completely stupid and insane at the same time. Then some mentally retarded gun owner says that’s why we have the Second Amendment. This guy thought the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution after 1990 so that women can bear arms and be in the military. How do these ignorant people get guns?

The Bible says people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. The knowledge are lacking is that guns kill people and generally they kill the gunowners family members and friends. Johnny cash wrote a song, “the devil’s right-hand” Mama told me that a gun is the devil’s right-hand. The lyrics of the song talk about gunowners who shoot people in claim they didn’t do it, the devil did it. Prisons are full of gunowners, convicted of murder, who claim they didn’t mean to kill anyone, the gun simply went off when they were angry. Unfortunately most of the white people who kill get away with murder because they claim it was self-defense. Many times it was just an accident but there’s no such thing as a gun accident. This is why gunowners pay their dues to the NRA. Because the NRA will pay there legal fees if they accidentally shoot somebody. I know because I have many family members who own guns and are in the NRA. This is why don’t talk to them, they are crazy gun nuts. Some of this stuff that they say is so completely insane that I don’t repeat it and I repeat a lot of crazy stuff gunowners say.


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