Tom Cruise Crew Plane Crash Conspiracy Update, September 29, 2015.

I thought I would update this conspiracy with a little more information. CNN reported that the pilot Alan Perwin sent out his last tweet and I look for his and the pilot Carlos Buri’s twitter accounts. I couldn’t find Alan Pearlman’s twitter account but I found some links to a blog by Carlos Buri’s. Carlos had blogged a lot about the Zionists Jews and the bankers and he did not show the bankers or the Jews in a favorable light. The weblog is in Spanish I will leave a link below if it’s still up but you’ll have to translate it into English.

He blogged a lot about Monsanto, GMO’s, pesticides etc. Alan Perwin made spy equipment for the FBI to spy on Americans, criminals, drug dealers etc. Most Americans don’t care if they’re being videotaped because they’re not doing anything illegal and God is recording everything anyways. But all the criminals, Mafia, gunowners and gangs are against the FBI videotaping everybody from helicopters. So it looks like this plane crash is no accident. There is plenty of people who would want to kill these two pilots.

Although the Mafia is very powerful and we will never come up with any proof of who did it, the fact that Tom Cruise and his movie company, is willing to capitalize on this tragedy, makes it worse than if Tom Cruise just came on TV and admitted he murdered these two pilots, to get about $100 million in free advertisements, for his new movie. In my last two videos I discussed how all the news channels were telling more about Tom cruises new movie than the actual plane crash tragedy. The spokeswomen for Tom Cruise have no comment on the tragedy told me either she was in on it or that her life was being threatened by the Mafia who killed the two pilots. “If you say anything about this double homicide, you will be killed in a plane accident”. You know a double homicide requires the death penalty in most states.

This crash can still be investigated. The FBI could promise Tom cruises spokeswomen, protection in the eye witness protection program, if she’s willing to speak up about the plane crash. Her comment of, “no comment” was proof she knew something, but was either afraid to talk or afraid to incriminate herself. They can send investigators to Columbia to investigate the plane wreckage and speak to hospital officials. There was one survivor of the plane crash, but it’s not likely he will talk to police, if he knows anything, because he knows he can be killed in a plane crash and the FBI would be too stupid to figure it out. But if he knew something he probably told doctors at the hospital when he thought he was going to die anyway. These people would rather use fear and intimidation to shut someone up and they only resort to murder as a last resort. The injured copilot is probably disabled and will have to rely on family to survive. If they threaten his family, he’s going to lie to FBI. When the FBI has to have 6000 cops to protect the Pope who knows nothing, how many cops will be need to protect the guy who knows how the Mafia killed two pilots in cold blood to get $100 million with TV news advertisement to sell their $80 million movie about a drug dealer?

This movie Tom Cruise is making is more about the drug dealer trying to immortalize himself in movies. You have to ask yourself who is funding and $80 million movie about a drug dealer? What kind of narcissistic ego, does a person have, that he’s willing to pay $80 million to make a movie of himself, and immortalize himself forever and he demands Tom Cruise play the role?

Whether these two pilots were murdered for $100 million in free advertisement for the $80 million movie or not, doesn’t matter. The fact is everyone knows that Tom Cruise and the movie industry, used the tragic deaths of two pilots to promote their movie and anyone who pays money to go see that movie Mena expected to be released in January, 2017, is just as guilty of murdering those pilots, as if they pulled the trigger themselves or cut the fuel lines on the airplane. Most of us are not murderers. But if someone paid us $80 million to make a movie, maybe we would kill two people to get some free advertisement. Even if you would not kill someone for a $80 million movie contract, would you kill to keep from losing the $80 million you invested in a movie? Someone is paying someone $80 million to make a movie. If they think they might lose their 80 million, because no one wants to see a movie about a drug dealer and to keep from losing that 80 million you might have to pay out another hundred million dollars in advertisements get people to see it, they might be inclined to kill two pilots, who think they deserve higher pay for transportation, because Tom Cruise is making $20 million. You pay me $100 to fly Tom Cruise on an airplane when you’re paying him $20 million? That’s how people think. If $100 if the going rate for a short flight, that’s all they’re going to pay. But a pilot looks at it differently. He’s not flying the average Joe 50 miles on an airplane like a taxi driver, he’s flying the $20 million Tom Cruise. If I give a taxi driver a two dollar tip, he is happy with the tip, if Tom Cruise gives a taxi driver a $20 tip, the taxi drivers going to think, “what a cheap ass scape”

Tom Cruise would have admitted he murdered both pilots because they thought they should be paid more money because of who he is, and because he wanted the hundred million dollars worth of free advertisement for his movie, I might have some respect for him. However, when he claims this plane crash was just an tragic accident and Alan Perwin was his friend and he decided to capitalize on the death of his friends, it makes them worse than a serial killer. It makes him the lowest scum of the earth. Furthermore, it makes anyone who buys a movie ticket look like the sickest bottom feeding scum that Satan ever created. When you buy a movie ticket to see this movie, it is like crowdfunding a double homicide. When Jesus returns he will ask, “who seen the movie Mena?” And everyone who says, “I did” will be cast into the lake of fire where they will be burned and tortured forever and forever. These people not only go to movies because of the blood and gore, they like to go to movies that they know people were killed during it’s making. They enjoy watching the human sacrifice. This is why the death of Jesus on the cross is so popular to Satanic Christians and Jews.

When I was young and dumb, I used to smoke cigarettes until my mother died of cancer and my father had a lung removed from smoking. Heart disease from smoking later killed my father but I had quit smoking after my mother died. People asked me how I quit smoking. I said my mother died and I don’t want to give the tobacco companies a penny of my money after they murdered my mother. Later I would teach people how my mother died from smoking and how they should quit before they get cancer. I was teaching them out of love and concern. But it seemed as if they didn’t care if the tobacco companies murdered my parents. They didn’t even care if their own parents died from smoking, the brainwashing from the tobacco companies of their right to own a gun to protect the right to smoke and to protect the tobacco companies right to murder millions of Americans was more important than their own parents lives. They would literally blow smoke in my face as I told them my mother died from smoking. I started to resent the smokers and I realized that every time the smokers purchased a pack of cigarettes, they were funding the tobacco companies that murdered my parents. This would be like funding IsIs or Al Qaeda after they bombed and killed the smokers relatives. This is exactly what people are doing when they paid to see movies. They are funding murder and double homicides. This is exactly what people are doing when they purchase a gallon of gasoline. They are funding the wars for oil. They might as well send Isis or Al Qaeda or even Hitler money and claim it’s their right to do so. The other day a high school football star died from a head injury from playing football. It’s not just that the people don’t care that tackle football killed this young football player, it’s as if these people went to the football game to see some blood, to see some death, to hope somebody would die so that they could say they were at that football game when that dude died. Bragging rights.

I’m not completely against sports. Waste the play football when we were kids. But we played touch football and nobody got hurt. Football is fun to play when nobody gets hurt. But the football they play today seems to be no fun unless someone gets hurt or killed. The people who paid to watch sports are murderers. They’re not stupid. They know people are dying and they are paying to see them die. The movie industry and the sports industry has created a society addicted to seeing people suffer. American people are like a bear in the woods that got a taste of human flesh and will not stop eating humans. There is no cure for that kind of addiction. This is why the most high God, would not allow his holy one to see violence. These people who claim touch football is for sissies, should be forced into a bullpen, to fight a bull. With their words they should be judged. I think the Pope should have announced America’s destruction. I don’t see any possibility of it being saved. I used to tell people to go down to South America to escape God’s judgment, but these people who were fleeing America, were just as corrupt and they went to South America to corrupt the indigenous people by teaching them there’s nothing wrong with tackle football, smoking cigarettes, driving cars, or watching movies. I really don’t think anyone who watches movies, watches sports, plays video games, smoke cigarettes, or drives cars can be saved. They are like a bear that got a taste of human flesh and can’t be satisfied. They knew if cars went faster than 10 mph, that people would be killed and injured by them, but no one cared, not even the Pope. Unbelievable. The Pope should’ve visited the Amish, they are the only ones who have possibility of being saved. If they only stop cutting down God’s trees, stop enslaving God’s horses to till the soil and they admit wearing clothing is serving the devil.


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