To President Donald Trump July 30, 2017.

Friday’s ABC 2020, border agents work for the drug Cartels and killed the only witness against them.

If I was president, we wouldn’t have a drug problem. Because I would create a business model based on giving jobs to drug addicts. Just like anyone can work for uber, given people a ride. I would set up a website, where anyone can be a undercover cop. Where anyone can wear a wire and one of these hidden body cameras, make a drug buy and sell the video footage to narcotics agents to make the bust. We have these undercover cops, who try to dress as drug addicts, to make undercover drug buys and bust drug dealers. But it never works. Because they are a cop, that looks like he dressed as a drug addict. They have the police regulation haircut. The police regulation shave. The police regulation underarm deodorant. The police regulation cologne. The police regulation clean clothes. And they can’t figure out why they can’t find any drug dealers.

The drug addicts have no problem finding drug dealers. I said to a drug addict, “isn’t it hard to find drugs around here?” He pointed to five different houses on the same street I lived on, that he could buy drugs at. I would’ve never known. I don’t do drugs. One drug dealer was a granny and no one even considered her a criminal, she was just trying to subsidize her Social Security check. Well granny can make some extra cash, buying drugs from dealers and selling the video footage to narcotics agents, for a bust. The website should be set up with all the instructions on how to do it. Drug dealers are going to get the message, that they are going to go out of business. Because every other drug buyer, will be a narcotics agent, trying to earn some extra cash. The cash they earn, should be based on the amount of drugs they can buy. For instance if they buy a gram, they should get paid $10, but if they can buy an ounce, they could be paid $100. If they buy a pound, they could earn $1000. Not only do these drug addicts know where they can buy drugs, they know which drug dealer to go to, to buy a gram, an ounce etc. Those petty drug dealers trying to make a few bucks selling a few joints, can now make the big money, busting drug dealers. They must know where hundreds of the drug dealers live.

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