$7500 to Have a Baby, Should Be Free, November 3, 2016.

On the news a woman went to the hospital and had the baby in her car. The hospital still charged the woman $7,500 for having a baby in the hospital bed, along with thousands of dollars of other charges. She never even use the hospital bed, she had the baby in the car, in the parking lot. People are outraged that the hospital is charging her for the bed, but Iím outraged that they are even charging women to have children. It shouldnít cost one penny to have a baby. If a woman is outside having a baby and anyone doesnít help for absolute free, they should be beheaded because they are a sick piece of shit, if they charge money. You donít get any more evil than someone who charges a woman for having a baby. When I preached the gospel, these atheists say I should teach the word of God for free. For thirty years Iíve been preaching for free not charging a penny. But these people are charging women to have children and those who cannot afford to have a baby, are forced to get abortions. You donít get any more evil than creating that kind of system. Itís not about going to war with Iraq or Russia. The evil people are right here in the United States, charging women to have children and forcing them to get abortions if they canít afford it.

My sister was right, the rich chose death for themselves when they made a conscious decision to set up this kind of system. They knew there were going to be beheaded if they force people to get jobs. They knew jobs were slavery and a crime against humanity. The Bible predicted that there would be a revolutionary war, where all the people would say to the physicians, ďheal thyselfĒ, Luke 4:23. We live in a justice system, that says if there is some psychopath, who tries to charge women money, for having children, that you can use your constitutional right to bear arms, to put a bullet through their head, and it is the twelve jurors, that decide if the killing was justifiable. And if the twelve jurors donít find it justifiable, to kill someone whoís tries to charge women for having a baby, then itís better to spend the rest of your life in prison, so you will can get your reward, when Jesus returns. Furthermore, if they give you the death penalty, you will be going straight to heaven with Jesus for killing the most evil peace a shit on the planet, that thinks they can charge a woman Money for having a baby. Itís not just about getting read of Obama care is about getting read of the entire evil health care system, that makes its money by raising speed limits so high that people become injured in car accidents and creating a Secretary of State Department of Motor Vehicles office that spreads disease so that hospitals can make money. They knew that if they made speed limits go faster than ten miles per hour, people would be injured and killed and they made them go faster anyways. At ten miles per hour, you donít need drunk driving laws. Nobody would be injured in a car accident and nobody would need automobile insurance. Nobody would need healthcare insurance either if the speed of cars was limited to ten miles per hour. Furthermore there would be any wars for oil. We would save billions and billions of barrels of oil by lowering the speed limit to ten miles per hour. Cars would not have to weigh more than five hundred pounds and they would only need a one cylinder engine. If people want to go faster than ten miles per hour than they should pay for everybody elseís automobile insurance and medical bills. Iím never in a hurry to get anywhere. It didnít matter if it wouldíve took me an hour to get to the Secretary of State at ten miles per hour, I had to sit in line for two hours to get my picture taken.

I had to go to the Secretary of State today to renew my driverís license. It was a two-hour wait even though everything was on computer. The computer was a joke. They wanted you to type in your phone number and they show the phone number on the screen so everybody sees your personal information and can call you. Yeah they will say itís the last four digits of your phone number but everybody knows the first three is your area code that the Secretary of State is located at and the first three numbers are easy to guess for that area. Someone should sit in the Secretary of State and copy down all those numbers and call those people and say, ďvote for Trump he will fire these ass holesĒ. The two-hour wait people were passed and I felt like yelling out ďvote for Trump and you wonít have to wait two hours at the Secretary of StateĒ The computer wanted my phone number and I didnít give it. Then the stupid machine simply spits out your ticket on the floor. The first time Iíve been there and eight years. I lost the ticket because whoever invented this machine, wasnít smart enough to put a tray underneath where the ticket comes out. That computer mustíve been invented by a complete idiot. There was at least fifty people waiting to get to get their drivers license and renewed and out of those fifty, five people were coughing. One person was sniffing sneezing and blown his nose. Itís all a conspiracy to make money for the healthcare industry.

Iím still angry at The ABC twenty twenty report on Genesis 2, the religious group that wants to bring healing to the world without doctors or hospitals. The medical profession is against them because they are not making the money on their pharmaceutical drugs, when people can be cured with one tenth of a cent of chlorine. This is the cure that I was looking for. I know I got my cold from the guy at the bar, because I live alone and I havenít went out of the house for a week. As soon as I went out of the house and talk to this guy, within twelve hours, I had started to get cold symptoms. I went out Sunday night and by Monday morning my throat started to itch. Monday afternoon I knew I was coming down with a cold so I went to CVS, to buy all the snake oil I could find. I bought the night Quill snake oil, I bought the Robitussin cough snake oil, I bought the sore throat snake oil, the Mucinex snake oil pills and all I really needed was MMS chlorinated water. I knew the virus was in my throat and I needed to drink something to kill the virus. MMS would have been perfect. And itís almost as if God was showing me the way. Because I knew I needed something in my throat to kill the virus.

So my miracle solution that I invented is similar to MMS. You take a glass of water, and you pour in about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. This is the same solution I used to disinfect my floors with my irobot scuba floor scrubber. You only put about an ounce of white vinegar to a full tank of water to disinfect the kitchen floors. Thatís about to this line here on this cup. It says right there white vinegar line. I use the Apple cider vinegar because it tastes a little better to a glass of water and sip on it when I have a sore throat from a cold. The vinegar has acid in it so if your throat is sore from talking, itís probably going to make it worse. This is purely for killing a cold virus.

ABC twenty twenty really tried to make these people look bad for telling people they can put a couple drops of chlorine in Mexican water to make it drinkable. I see these people in third world countries they are drinking water right out of the river. All this guy was doing was telling them they can use a couple drops of bleach to make the river water safe to drink and ABC was making these people look like evil snake oil salesman. The evil snake oil salesman are at your local drugstore and everything on the shelf is snake oil. The Canadian fifth estate, also investigated the same guy who was selling bleach as a miracle cure. But the fifth estate was kinder and even made you believe the miracle cure of bleach and water would work. People were saying if you drank bleach it could cause women to miscarriage their baby. And so some guy gave his pregnant girlfriend bleach in water to drink. But this guy would not have done that if it didnít cost eight thousand dollars to have a baby. This is what causes the world to be corrupt when doctors charge people to have children and people are forced to murder their children or murder their wives. In the revolution it will be the doctors who are justifiably killed for charging people to have babies and forcing women to have an abortion because they canít afford to have a baby. Jesus will return from heaven with ten thousand of his saints and theyíre not going to be rewarding the Christians, theyíre going to be beheading those who charge people to have babies and those who force people to work in slave jobs. God doesnít do anything until he declares it to his prophetís first. Anyone who charges a woman to have a baby will be killed in the war between good and evil. Anyone who even thinks, a woman should be charged money, for having a baby will be killed in the war between good and evil. The practice of medicine is a evil system that is guilty of murdering over fifty-four million babies by abortion and everyone who works for the medical profession is just as guilty of fifty-four million accounts of premeditated first-degree baby murder.

The people are voting for Trump, because they donít like Obama care. Because they think Obama care is free medical for the poor. Obama care is not free medical for the poor, Obama care is forcing the poor to pay for healthcare or get fined. There is nothing more evil than that. Donald Trump quoted me and didnít give me credit. Then President Obama quoted me and Donald Trump and didnít give me credit. I am the guy who said president Obama will go down in history as the worst president ever. Obama quoted Donald Trump that stole that quote from me. Because I said Obama will go down in history as the worst president ever, because of Obama care. We are three years into Obama care and all the poor people, not only donít have insurance, they all owe fines because they couldnít afford healthcare. Anybody who thinks you can force poor people to pay for healthcare, by giving them a fine if they donít pay, has got to be completely insane, mentally retarded or purely evil. You donít get any more evil than charging women to have a baby. Every hospital that charged a woman to have a baby should repay them with interest or be beheaded. Their severed head should be put on a pole outside the hospital to show the good people what happens to evil people who try to charge women to have babies. I believe the rich people knew they would be beheaded if they tried to charge women for having a baby. Theyíre not stupid. They knew jobs were slavery and they knew if they force people into slavery called jobs they would be beheaded in the Revolutionary war. My sister agrees that the rich knew there was going to be blowback.

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