Detroit Cops Responsible for Thousands of Rapes, August 14, 2016.

Recently Javan Norfleet was charged for a rape he committed in 1995. Detroit claimed they had no money to test these rape kits. So for 20 years this rape kit sat on the shelves untested. Detroit law enforcement let this man get away with rape for 20 years. But not only that, this man must have raped thousands of women during that time. And this wasnít no date rape where a woman had a few too many drinks and thinks she made a mistake last night. This was a young girl who was kidnapped and raped when she was drawing money out of an ATM. Unbelievable that a young woman can be kidnapped from an ATM, Robed and raped and Detroit and cops donít process the rape kit for 20 years. At first I thought these rape kits were untested because they were date rapes. Then I thought it must of been some kind of racist thing where black women were being raped and white cops didnít find any hurry to prosecute or test the rape kits. But then I realized it might very well be a black racist hate crime against whites. Where the victims were white and the rapist were black, like Detroit cops and the mayor of Detroit at the time of Kwame Kilpatrick.

Every woman who was raped by this man in the last 20 years as a legitimate multimillion dollar lawsuit against Detroit. Because they let that rape kit sit on the shelf for 20 years untested, letting thousands of other women be raped and maybe even murdered, because they claim they didnít have the 500 dollars to test it. I doubt if any of these women will come forward if they have been murdered. But if we can get this man to talk about the women he raped in the last 20 years, perhaps he can get a percentage of the lawsuit money against the city of Detroit for their gross negligence and possibly racist hate crime for not testing rape kits where white women were the victims of black men or vice a versa. But I donít believe itís vice versa. It might be in some of the white cities where they might not test the rape kit of a black woman raped by a white man. I just donít think it happens that much.

It just seems so crazy that the cops seem to be helping the criminals. The cops are helping rapist and are helping mafia thugs. I seen a drunk guy stagger out of the bar and could not believe the bar served this man that much alcohol. These people donít even care if this guy they serve too much alcohol to, gets in a accident and killed one of their own family members, let alone if he kills himself. All they care about is the extra dollar they earned by serving the man one too many. Or the 2 dollars they earned by serving him two too many. They really believe the cops will back them up, when they say they only served the man 2 or 3 beers. When a drunk driver gets in an accident and kills someone, they ask the man where he was coming from. Cops always do. The drunk says I was coming from this bar. The cops go to the bar and the bartender says we only served that guy two beers. The cops know the barkeeper is lying, because the alcohol test shows this guy must of had 8 or 9 beers and the bar security cameras can prove this. But the cops donít care, they work for the mafia and the serial rapist.

When Detroit starts paying out all these lawsuits, because they didnít want to test this rape kit for 20 years and they caused thousands of women to be raped, that money should come out of the pockets of police officers, not taxpayers. The cops must be held accountable and taxpayers should not pay for their mistakes. I will leave the link below to the story of the guy they let get away with rape for 20 years. If you were raped in the city of Detroit, you very well may have a lawsuit against the city. Michigan womanís foundation had raised 1.5 million dollars, to have the rape kits tested. Now they should raise a few more million for lawsuits, so the city of Detroit can pay each of the victims of rape, a few million dollars each. They seem to be rebuilding the city so they should have plenty of money to pay each rape victim 4 or 5 million dollars. When a cop is shot they sure have the money to do all the forensic testing to find the guy who did it. This is absolutely crazy. And to think back in 1995 I wrote to President Clinton, thinking more cops made a better world. Boy am I mad at myself for that email.

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