Their Keeping the Gospel of Timothy off of Google, August 12, 2017.

I was playing with my new phone and decided to Google ďThe Gospel of TimothyĒ and canít find it. Then I tried to search for it on Yahoo and itís not there either. Iíve been preaching the Gospel of Timothy since 1985 and on the Internet since 1995, about my story of seeing God. It used to be on there, because my book was on Amazon. Iím on the computer 14 to 18 hrs. a day posting messages about the Gospel of Timothy on web sites, chat rooms, MySpace, Facebook, twitter, YouTube and the Gospel Timothy, is nowhere to be found. All I found was this fake story on the Huffington Post about a fake copy of the Gospel of Timothy that was supposedly found in a cave somewhere in 2012. A while back I purchased the domain name ďGospel of TimothyĒ and today I decided to buy the other domain name ďThe Gospel of TimothyĒ. So I go to search for The Gospel of Timothy on namescheap and itís not there either. It wonít even let me buy the domain name.

So I had to load Google Chrome to be able to search for and purchase ďThe Gospel of TimothyĒ domain name. I was finally able to purchase it. All the domain names are in all small letters with no spaces, so you really canít tell that itís the Gospel of Timothy anymore.

I can find traces of the gospel of Timothy on my home computer, but itís nowhere to be found on my cell phone. And just about everybody nowadays is using the cell phones to search the Internet. Nobodyís using computers anymore. I donít know if Google is keeping it off. If Microsoft Internet Explorer is keeping it off or if itís the android system. I noticed going to bars and logging on the Internet, that they now filter material through bars. So youíre really not going on the Internet when youíre connecting at a bar or restaurant, youíre going through their filters. If I use Google voice to search for the Gospel of Timothy, it starts to read me the Gospel of Thomas. I canít see my book anywhere on my cell phone and a Google search. I even tried the web browser with Yahoo and the Gospel of Timothy, canít be found.

My book, the gospel of Timothy has more credibility, then any of these Gospels written 2000 years ago, because I saw Jesus. We donít know if those people 2000 years ago saw Jesus or not, theyíre not alive to testify. Theyíre not here to answer any questions. Everything they say is hearsay, because theyíre not here to tell the story. Iím here today to answer questions and that makes my book, the Gospel of Timothy, more inspired Scripture then the Quran, the Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita or any of these other religious books. God is not invisible. If they havenít seen Jesus, they donít know Jesus. Thatís why Christianity is the most evil religion on earth.

I believe nuclear weapons were created to destroy Christianity. Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth. These Christians have been keeping my book off the Internet, out of bookstores, out of libraries and out of TV and radio stations. Iíve sent these books to TV and radio stations all over the United States. Iíve donated books to libraries, so that people can read it, and these Christians who never saw Jesus, have no clue to who Jesus is, have thrown my book in the trash, so that you canít read it.

About 15 years ago I taught in a chat room titled ďI saw God in personĒ with the screen name GoTimothy. Recently a friend asked why I no longer go on AOL. I was outnumbered by Christians and as soon as someone heard the story that I saw God, they would join Christianity before they listened to what I had to say. Christians were using me to recruit members into their delusional religion. Even now if you search for the gospel of Timothy on your home computer, it takes you to a Christian web site and not my website. Back then hackers would boot people out of chat rooms, so you had no free speech and you would have to reboot your computer. A friend told me they still had AOL chat rooms. I thought that with the passage of time, perhaps the hackers no longer had control of AOL. So I installed the latest addition of AOL and created a new screen name GoTimothydotcom. I created a chat room titled, ďI am the MessiahĒ. This was on Friday August 11, 2017 at about 9 PM. I wasnít online for more than a minute, when AOL user Jaiyonexz came into the room. It was a very short conversation. I said I saw Jesus, Jesus is God and I am the Messiah. He replied no your not. Then the AOL user hacked my computer. The chat room locked up, my computer froze up, I couldnít even shut it down. I had to pull the battery and the power cord. I had to completely uninstall AOL software, do a system restore and reinstall it. Hacking is a federal offense. Iím surprised AOL is still letting hackers control peopleís free speech in AOL chat rooms. If they expect me or anyone else to go on AOL, they need to find out who these hackers are and prosecute them. I know it wasnít AOL software that was at fault and I know it wasnít my computer. My computer hasnít crashed in 10 years, since Iíve been off AOL. Itís no coincidence that it crashed after user Jaiyonexz came into the room and didnít like what I said.

If you guys donít believe me, that theyíre keeping my story off the Internet and off of AOL, even if you donít believe me, go ahead and create a chat room on AOL titled, ďI am the MessiahĒ and start telling people about my book ďthe gospel of TimothyĒ how I saw Jesus, Jesus is God and no Messiah. Watch how fast you get booted off of AOL.

I donít care if you donít believe me. In the United States youíre supposed to have free speech. If there is no free speech in the United States, then there is no United States, there is no Constitution. The people who are trying to stop free speech are the terrorist.

Now I could be wrong, go ahead and prove Iím not the Messiah using the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad-Gita or any other religious books. But your opinion that Iím not the Messiah, is not a good argument. You have to go by the books. If you donít believe in these books, the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the book of Mormon, then throw them in the trash. Because all these books point to Jesus as being God and no Messiah and Timothy the son of Joseph as be in the Messiah. Maybe thereís another Timothy son of Joseph, whoís going to claim to have seen God and write another gospel of Timothy thatís going to come along in the later days. However, just because you donít believe that I saw God, just because you donít believe that I am Timothy the son of Joseph, just because you donít believe these are the later days, just because you donít believe I am the man that saw God, the Messiah , doesnít mean other people should NOT be able to make their own decision. People are going to believe what they want to believe. But you stopping my free speech, isnít going to make your delusional religions, the right religions.

The gospel is very simple. You only need to ask two questions, 1. Ask to see God. Then ask question number 2, why you havenít seen God. And let God give you the answers. My opinion is that you havenít seen God because you belong to these false religions or been indoctrinated with atheist thought. If you havenít seen God itís because youíre an atheist. The Bible doesnít give opinions of why people havenít seen God. The Bible is very clear that God does not appear to the faithless. Itís the complete opposite of what Christians preach. If you had faith, you would see God. The Bible is also very clear that God does not appear to sinners. If you are a sinner, youíre not going to see God. Matthew 5:8 says that God only appears to the pure in heart. If youíre not pure in heart, youíre not going to see God. But that doesnít mean that the people who are full of faith, who shun sin, who shun false religious beliefs, who are pure and in heart, doesnít mean they have not seen God. God appears to the righteous. God is not going to appear to a murdering gun owner. Some things are my opinion, but this is directly right out of your Bible. If you own a gun, thereís a pretty good chance, youíre not going to see God. If you belong to a religion that had killed the prophets, youíre probably not going to see God. Youíre probably going to see the lake of fire. That part is my opinion. That these Christians are going to see hellfire for stopping the Timothean religion and keeping people from hearing the Gospel of Timothy.

The Constitution of the United States also gives us freedom of religion. If you donít like the idea that I have the right to start the Timothean religion, then pack your bags and move out of the United States. You donít like the Timothean religion, go start your own religion. I donít know what you would base your beliefs on, but I saw God. Jesus is God. Jesus is not the Messiah. God is not invisible. Other people will see God, when they start losing their false delusional Christian, Muslim and Jewish beliefs that God is invisible. Or that God gave you a right to bear arms, a right to murder your children by abortion or right to have a job as a slave. For those people who think that people who see God are crazy, you better throw out the Quran, the Bible, the book of Mormon and the Bhagavad-Gita. Because itís more likely they were crazy. Who are you to say I didnít see Jesus? The antichrist? Who are you to say that Iím not the Messiah? Maybe Iím not your Messiah, but I am other peopleís Messiah. You want to make Donald Trump your Messiah, will good luck with that. Looks like thereís going to be nuclear war. Have a nice day.


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