“The Stranger You Know” 48 Hours episode February 22, 2014.

http//www.cbsnews.com/videos/the-stranger-you-know-2/ Prairie Village Kansas September 8, 2008.

They want to know why Brian Pennington attacked Marti. They want to know why Brian was so cooperative when he did the attempted murder? Because he didn’t do it. We live in a police state. The ideology of the police, is if they don’t know whodunit they frame someone so that someone will pay and they don’t care who. They want to act like they solve the crime and they don’t want to show society that they are practically useless. It’s like the schoolteacher, who has their erasure stolen and they know someone in the class did it and if the person who did it, doesn’t confess, then the whole class has to pay for the crime. We know from the O.J. Simpson trial that police see nothing wrong with planting bloody gloves or blood on pants. There was a lot of blood in Marti’s house and it would be very easy for police to save some of that blood to plant on someone. As soon as police found out Brian Pennington’s name and ran it through the computer to see he had several prior offenses, they seen nothing wrong with framing him for attempted murder.

Bill Baldwin Prairie Village Police Department, didn’t do a very good job investigating. It’s more likely Marti’s daughter is the one who attacked her. MacKenzie Hill, Marti’s daughter said, “she would never be mean to her mother ever again” almost an admittance of guilt for the things that she did as a teenager. She is the most likely suspect. You turn on the news and these young girls 15 years old who have relationships with men their mothers don’t like, and they have been killed by their daughters. Marti’s coworker Jan Schul, Stephanie Schreiber, Tom Mai Marti’s Boss, this is a sweatshop. Slave labor camp. This is a clothing manufacturer worse than the ones in Third World countries where they forced children into slavery labor. Shirley Roth Marti’s mother said she was a workaholic, but it sounds like she was a slave who couldn’t get out of work if she wanted to. If she was late for work her boss was knocking on her door wondering why she wasn’t at work. Because her boss treated her like a slave, she probably treated Brian Pennington like a slave and that might be a motive. She must’ve kept calling him to come over and do more work for slave wages. Detectives Jason Wakefield and Luke Roth sounded like they wanted to set Brian up from day one, going right to the forensic lab after they got a pair of pants and put blood on them. The whole case sounds too easy, like it was set up by the police. Steve Hill was Marti’s husband and he should be looking for the truth. Brian Pennington’s wife Jessica also said the dog cause the scratches on Brian’s face. It’s not like they had time to make up a cover story. If the police done their investigation right, they should have interviewed the couple separately and the odds that they both said the scratches on his face were from the dog would have been 1 million to one.

The way the police work, they intimidate Jessica into lying by threatening to charge her with a crime. If 48 hours investigators went and interviewed Jessica they would find out she was telling the truth in the first-place, until she was intimidated by police. There’s no way she could have said the dog did the scratches, if the dog did not do the scratches and if police did their investigation right. If there were really the bloody pants in the hamper, Brian would not have made a cover story with his wife about dog scratches, before the police interviewed him and he would not let them search his house.

Marti had suffered brain damage and there is no doubt cops who wanted to set up Brian so that they can look like they were doing their job by catching the criminal, that they fed her information and made her believe he did it. She probably doesn’t want to believe her daughter did it. This is why she is still having a hard time dealing with emotional issues. If 48 hours interviewed Marti, I’m sure she would say she don’t remember anything from that day or even that month, she had too much brain damage and the only thing she remembers is what information cops fed to her. Even her own daughter said she had to learn to write and talk all over again. If her brain was so damage she didn’t even remember how to write and she had to learn everything again, there’s no way she remembered what happened that day.

People better wake up to the fact that cops are better at planting and fabricating evidence than they are at finding it. Cops were trying to say Brian was desperate for money, but then they said whoever did it did not try to rob the house or even take money out of her purse. To me it seems like the cops did it.

Will 48 hours go back and interviewed Jessica, to see if cops intimidated her into lying so they can put Brian in prison by threatening her? Will 48 hours go back and interview Marti, to see if cops fed her information? Will 48 hours interview the daughter to see if she did it? Brian cooperated, but they set him up for a crime he did not commit and now were wondering why he refuses to say anything, when everything he says is used against him by the corrupt police department? Will Marti’s husband seek for the truth or would he not handle it if his daughter did it? Where was the daughter when her mother was being beat and lay dying on the floor for several hours?

I feel sorry for the world, it can’t be saved, when people believe every word that comes out of a cops mouth, even when everyone knows that all cops do, is intimidate people, to get what they want. Brian never admitted to this crime he plea-bargained because he was set up by the cops and he had no other choice.

Did anyone even ask if Detective Luke Roth is related to Shirley Roth Marti Hill’s mother? This seems like a conspiracy. The mother is the one who named Brian Pennington as a suspect and the mother looks like she was beat half to death a few times by the way her right eye seems to be drooping out of place.

Marti’s daughter seemed to smile and giggle too much on 48 hours when her mother was nearly beaten to death. I don’t think this is normal. She is the only one who did not show some concern for someone who had almost been beaten to death. Even Brian Pennington showed more empathy. She is the only one who did not seem to want to cooperate with police and even said she was hostile towards police questioning. The cops try to make it look like they were not feeding Marti information about Brian Pennington, but the fact is they interviewed him two days after the beating and seen his police record, they were already building a case against him feeding Marti information as she lay in a coma. After five days they arrested Brian, but Marti says on her website that she didn’t remember anything until 10 days later and the first thing she remembered was her father in the hospital room. When she remembered Bryan taken her to the basement, that could have happened three months earlier when he was over there to work on the house. Now that could be a motive, when he was working on the house and only making $500 and knew she was going to sell the house and make tens of thousands in profit. But he did not rob her at the time so money was not a motive even though he had none. I certainly hope Marti is able to question her daughter for the truth, forgive her if she done it and set Brian free. This beating was a temporary insanity act of rage that could’ve only been done by a family member or someone who has felt that justice has not been done to them. All people are good even murderers. They kill because they believe in their own mind, they are doing justice.


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