The Son of God, Dead Sea Scrolls, August 2, 2017.

When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, they were very important. Because religions use these text to try to prove which religion is the true religion. Itís really all about money and power, not anyone seeking the truth. Nobody wants to change their religion, they want everybody else to join theirs. When different religious groups interpret these writings, they have a bias towards their religion. Some of these text were even changed to match the persons religion, that is interpreting them.

But whatís even worse, some of these text are complete fabrications. When I saw God and started writing to churches, there was many copycats, writing letters and putting my name on it. People were trying to attribute writings to me. They done this a lot in the past. Many writings were attributed to John the Baptist or some other biblical writer. This is the main reason why the church leaders closed the Bible cannon. They knew that most of these writings were false and they had to close the Canon, to make sure none of these false writings made it into the Bible. They even made a book of all the false writings. And this was 2000 years ago, people were making up false Gospels. The bad part is some of them were not false. You can buy hundreds of these books on eBay for two dollars. When people accuse me of stealing otherís copyrights, I told them copyrights have been expired. So people put them in PDF form and are selling them on eBay. Before 1995 a copyright would only last 20 years. When I wrote my book they changed it, so copyrights are good for 30 years. But it cost $30 for a copyright, instead of $20. You can buy100 books on one CD for two to ten dollars on eBay.

I bought this disc with 111 books, for about eight dollars plus shipping. Itís titled the ultimate library, lost in forbidden books of the Bible. They re-copyrighted it in 2013 as a collection. But I donít think that holds up water, because theyíre not their books. And I bought this disc with 78 books for two dollars plus shipping. Itís just a plain disk with a sticker on the back that says, lost Bible books, use on a computer with Adobe. I donít think they tryed to re-copyright it. Both of these disk can be copied in realty and sold on eBay. Because the copyright dates have expired. Many of the same books are both CDs though. Iím sure were going to see more of these as more books are discovered. Many of these books I bought back in 1996 I paid hundreds of dollars for them. I paid $80 for the pseudepigrapha alone. I paid $800 for this collection of Ante-Nicene Christian Library, 24 volumeís and then I abandoned them in my toxic mold house. They were pretty much useless. Most of the Christian commentary isnít worth the paper itís printed on. Iíll put a list that was on the disc on my website in a link below.

So some of the fragments that are coming out are forgeries. I believe the old Bible that came out of Turkey is a forgery. They tried to make a Bible look like it was thousands of years old, so that they can prove Islam is the true religion. They claim itís a 1500-year-old book and hereís a link to where their showing this book is trying to prove Christianity is wrong. From watching the Antiques Roadshow, they tell us how to spot forgeries. A lot of paintings are forgeries that people attribute to Van Gogh or some other famous artist. One of the ways to spot a forgery is to look at the defects. Many of these forgeries, put the defects around the edges of the document or painting and not on the money. The painting is worth more money if thereís no defects on the picture itself. So they put all the defects around the edges to make it look old. Thatís why I believe the son of God Dead Sea scroll document 4Q246 is a forgery. A link to Wikipedia . All the termite damage is done around the edges, or between words. Even between columns. But the words that they want you to believe are in perfect condition. The text reads from left to right, so itís the beginning of the sentences that are missing. Thereís another way to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a forgery. But when you point out the anomalies, they tend to forge another document without the anomalies. So Iím not going to point out the anomaly that proves beyond any reasonable doubt this is a forgery.

Just like lawyers and prosecutors, there are people trying to twist the meaning of this document. A guy on YouTube from leak project actually claims this document is proof Jesus is the antichrist. Heís like a prosecutor that says this person has no remorse and thatís proof there the killer. Then in another case he says this person has no remorse and thatís proof they are innocent. The prosecutor did this to the border patrol agent who killed the 16-year-old kid. The prosecutor said because the woman didnít feel guilty, that was proof she didnít murder him. But in every other murder case, heís guilty, because he doesnít have any remorse. They did this also with the George Zimmerman trial. They claim George Zimmerman was innocent because he didnít feel guilty about killing Trayvon Martin. Every other murder case if you feel no remorse thatís proof that youíre the murderer. So if you feel remorse or donít feel remorse itís proof that youíre the murderer to any prosecutor. So some people are reading this document as proof Jesus is the Messiah and other people like Rex Behr from Leak Project, are reading this document as proof that Jesus is the antichrist. Link to his YouTube video below.

But the real truth of this document, is religions, the Zionist and the Vatican, is using this document to justify the war in Syria. This is why we are in Syria. This document. These religious nuts are trying to fulfill this Bible prophecy thatís in this document. One thing I will say for those who believe this document isnít a forgery. Even if it isnít a forgery, the document says, ďthey will call him the son of GodĒ. Not necessarily that he is the son of God. Itís just saying what they will call him. Not that thereís any truth to it.

I got about 20 books I copyrighted on my website in 1996 and I havenít sold any of them. Some people have said because Iím not really tricking people into buying them. One woman said she didnít want to buy them because she didnít know what was in them. So I have to tell people whatís in them to get them to buy them and Iím not a salesman. But when I get time Iíll go through the books and make videos about whatís in the books. These books that I wrote are inspired by God. They are Scripture. The reason why they are Scripture, is because I saw God and God told me what to write.

Many people believe that I have been drinking when I make my videos. But I donít drink before I make a video. Many of my videos are made because I canít sleep at night, until I get up to make the video. Many times God will get me up after only two hours of sleep to make a video. Most of the videos Iíve made were made after only a couple hours of sleep or no sleep at all. When you see God, he fills you with the holy spirit. Jesus said do not be afraid to speak, for at the last day, you will know that it was not you that was speaking, but Jesus. God speaks through his witnesses. And Iím not talking about the Jehovah witnesses. Iím talking about the people who have actually seen God.

Just like there are many false writings and books there are many false witnesses. When I seen God in 1996, I couldnít find anyone else who saw God or even claimed to have seen God. In fact anybody who claim to see God before 1996, was generally killed within a few weeks. I seen one guy on YouTube, that claimed to see God the Father and Jesus at the same time. So I know heís lying. Because I seen Jesus in the flesh, which many people call ďthe son of GodĒ and I seen Jesus in the spirit, which many people would call the Father. But both the spirit and the body of God are one and the same. Just like you have a spirit and a body. If you are not two people, then God the Father and God the son, are not two people. Youíre not going to see them standing next to each other.

You can also tell the false witnesses by what they say. Do they claim Jesus set people free or do they claim Jesus want you to get a job, so they can get 10% of your money? Do they preach what the Bible says, that everything belongs to God, or do they claim to own some of Godís land, gold or silver? Are the against abortion? Are they against guns? Are they against war? Are they a pacifist? Do they believe in the 10 Commandments? Do they even know what the 10 Commandments are? These religions are always going to be warring against each other, because theyíre not trying to spread the truth, theyíre trying to take over the world. And they are going to try to take over the world by lying, deceiving, writing false Scripture, giving false testimony, guns, abortion and murder. God works in mysterious ways and heís using these false religions to fight and kill each other. Unfortunately their fighting against each other is allowing atheism to take over the world. But atheism will be destroyed also, by God himself at the brightness of his coming. For no atheists shall be able to live when God appears. Theyíll simply die of heart attacks. The atheist cry for proof of Godís existence, but once God appears, theyíre going to disappear. Itís like these mentally ill border control agents who killed the mule. Only to find out they were doing the drug cartels a favor by killing him. The drug cartels are laughing at these border agents for killing the witness against them. Keywords.

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