The Perfect Murder Blame Darlie Routier, July 27, 2017.

This looks like someone found out the perfect murder. Not just by blaming Darlie Routier or the victim, but a murder by a cop. When the question is asked, “why would a cop murder someone?” The answer is, “because they thought they can get away with it”. Just about every crook, thief, mugger, rapist or bank robber in prison, has this answer to the question, why they did it. Because they thought they can get away with it. They didn’t think they would get caught. If they thought they were going to get caught they wouldn’t have did it. A cop who murders someone and then is called to the crime scene, to investigate the murder they did, is not likely to get caught. They always make the prime suspect, as they are the people who believe, they will never get caught.

Even if investigators find a hair on a screen, that was cut to let a intruder enter the house, the cop can say, “that hair must of got there when I went to investigate the crime”. Even if they find a bloody fingerprint at the crime scene that belongs to the cop, the cop can say, “Gee maybe I must to get some blood on my hand during the initial call and touched the wall”. Even if witnesses said they seen the cop at the crime scene, the cop can say, “of course I was at the crime scene, I was called to it, they must be mistaken about the time”. There is no way to prove a cop did it, even if they did it. All evidence can be explained away as the cop was called to the crime scene. So any evidence that proves the cop was at the crime scene is simply explained away, of course they were at the crime scene, they were doing their job. Of course their DNA was found at the crime scene, of course their hair was found at the crime scene, of course there bloody fingerprint was found at the crime scene, of course the witnesses seen them at the crime scene. But to top it all off they can point their finger and blame someone else. Once they charge someone else with the murder, they got away with murder. That’s the perfect murder. When you think about it, there is actually no way you can catch the murderer, if the murder was called out to the crime scene, to help with the investigation. A lot of movies have been made about cops being hitmen and corrupt cops. There’s probably a lot of truth in that seeing how if you wanted to commit the perfect crime, you would become a cop to do it.


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