The Lesser of the Two Evils, Islam, Zionist, February 14, 2017.

People voted for Trump because they believe he was the lesser of the two evils. They believed Hillary was more evil than Trump. Thereís no question that Islam is far less evil than the Zionist. I donít believe that Islam is the true religion or anything close to it. But the Zionist, the Christians and the Jews and even the Hindus have been blocking my religion for the last thirty years. The Timothean religion is the only true religion, because you cannot know God, unless you see God. God becomes visible so that he can be seen and known. Jesus is God made visible. You cannot know Jesus unless you see Jesus. Jesus is not a spirit. Jesus is not a Christian. And for the Jews who thinks heís Jewish, he tried to overthrow that evil religion and some say he died trying. So donít you dare think for one second that Jesus was Jewish. God is a spirit but Jesus is God made visible in the flesh. Jesus said all that heard of the father goes to the visible incarnate son. None of the Christians do this. All they do is twist the Bible and kill the prophets of God. They go even further to steal my words to promote their evil religion. A Hindu said it best when he said, ďdonít tell us how to run our religionĒ. He was right, it was their religion and it had nothing to do with God. Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism is these peopleís religion and it has absolutely nothing to do with God or the Messiah. Or nothing to do with truth, for all that matters. These religions have become experts at either killing the people of God or labeling them as insane, so no one will hear them. At least Islam takes the time to listen to what I have to say.

I know that the Zionist, the Jews and the Christians, blew up the World Trade Center and blamed it on Muslims, because it was my idea. But it wasnít my idea that I sent to a caveman in Afghanistan. The only person who got a copy of that book was the copyright office. The idea came out of my book the Gospel of Timothy, the first version that I had copyrighted. In that book, I tell how the Jews in the Old Testament, cut up a twelve-year-old girl and spread her body parts around the city and then they blamed the person they wanted to go to war with. This is how they think, this is how they work. Then I went onto the story of the movie area 51, where the government crashed a plane into hangar 51, that had the UFO in it, to destroy all the evidence. This is exactly what they did on 9/11. Then they claim, who wouldíve thought of crashing a plane into a building? They must not of watched the movie. America was built on the great idea of the all volunteer army. This was to show the world that we are not evil, only people who volunteer fight to kill in a war for the cause of justice. But when nobody volunteered, they had to crash planes into buildings and blame it on the enemy, to get people to fight in war. This is what the Zionists are doing now with the, ďdeath to AmericaĒ propaganda on twitter. Islam doesnít pull off these false flag events. Islam doesnít kill its own people and blame the enemy, so they can get people to join the military. The Timothean religion is not going to take root untill all the Christians and Jews and maybe even Hindus, are beheaded by the Muslims. The idea that this is a free country is total bull shit. Your only free to join Christianity or Zionist. Thatís why the United States has to be destroyed and everyone knows it.

This never was a Christian country. No Christian country legalizes abortion or gun ownership. This is a nation of premeditated murderers and baby killers. Over sixty million babies were aborted in the United States. That alone is justification for a just war. If youíre not fighting to kill the baby killers, you shouldnít fight in any other war. Not even Hitler murdered sixty million babies. They got these idiots to fight because five babies were killed in incubators, that was only propaganda to begin with. But youíre going to fight because five babies were killed in incubators and you definitely should fight because sixty million babies were aborted by the Zionist, Christian, Jews right here in America.

God is bringing all kinds of natural disaster curses on America. Just watch the news. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, dams breaking. I know God is on my side. Jesus is God and Christians and Jews will be killed for demoting him down to a Messiah or prophet. I make a video on how education is indoctrination into atheism and right after I make it, the only phone call I get on the back of my video is someone representing Donald Trump offering me a free college education. These mentally ill people, think that Iím going to go get a job after I suffered four hundred and fifty billion dollars worth of pain form my job injury. Iíd rather spend the rest of my life in prison for chopping the head of a Christian than settling for one fucking penny less than the four hundred fifty billion dollars worth of pain I suffered. Jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. Before Jesus returns to earth, every man with a job will have to be killed. They will not learn by losing an arm on the job, they will claim they can get another job with the other arm. They will not learn from a $450 billion dollars lawsuit, they will claim itís frivolous. They will only learn by watching their children be beheaded in front of them. Only then will they claim, ďGee jobs must be some sort of slaveryĒ. Theyíre not going to learn by watching this video, because the just going to claim that Iím crazy. But they are the ones that are crazy because they need to have their head chopped off and their severed heads stuck on a pole, to believe that I suffered 450 billion dollars with the pain from my job injury. The Jews, Christians, Hindus and atheist didnít want to be beheaded, they would call 248-906-4634 and leave the message that theyíre going to pay me the 450 billion dollars for my last job injury. The industrial nations should have been sued out of business when the first man was injured on the job.

I saw God in 1985, he looked like the paintings of Jesus, but I donít think Jesus is Godís name. We have been brainwashed by Christianity so that when we see God, we think we are seeing Jesus. But the Bible said not to make any images of God and the penalty for making images of Godís death. Christianity made images of God to deceive people. So when people see God they think that they are Christian because of the paintings in the Christian church. If they knew the ten Commandments they wouldíve known that the painting of Jesus in the church, was a sin punishable by death. There was a gargoyle outside the church that look like Donald Trump. Gargoyles were put outside the church because of the belief that the people of God were in the church and Demons were on the outside. But the man with common sense, the true man of God, would look at the gargoyles on the church, as a sign from God, that the Devils and Demons were inside the church. And no man of God would step one foot in any church. Jesus said, ďif they say I am in the church, do not goĒ. Jesus is not in the Christian or Jewish church. These people had all the writings of the prophets and they twisted them before publishing the books. Now theyíre taken all my writings and twisting them for their own benefit. But it will only bring about their own destruction. I am a martyr for God, Iím also soldier for Christ. These religions are not run by people of God they are run by atheist who never seen and furthermore will even label someone insane if they do see God. So itís almost like bizarro world. Itís a hundred percent backwards. If you find someone who they label crazy, wearing a tinfoil hat or schizophrenic, listen to everything they say, they must have the truth or they would not be labeling them crazy.

After I saw God, I was injured on the job and suffered four hundred fifty billion dollars worth of pain. Because they didnít want to pay me for my job injury, they tortured me with Stella ganglion blocks to the neck. Now theyíre going to have to pay the trillion dollars for the torture they put me through. And I know my God, they will pay it or they will suffer it. Thereís no free rides for workers compensation, not in this world, nor in the world to come. The book of Revelation talks about Godís new name and I think Christians, Jews and Hindus are going to be very disappointed if they find out Godís new name is Allah. The Christians and Jews didnít give a fuck when I suffered 450 billion dollars worth of pain from my job injury, they just claimed that Jesus was supposed to heal me, so the industrial nations can make billions in profits. Iím not going to shed a tear when they are beheaded by the Muslims. These dumb asses really believe that the floods, snowstorms, earthquakes and tornadoes are from the devil or harp. Thereís no way to save these fucking idiots. Thank you Lord for the earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and snowstorms, please bring more suffering and death on these brainwashed masses who twist your words for their own benefit and cause the suffering of others by enslaving them with jobs.


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