The Flat Earth People, June 5, 2017.

I used to debate atheist in Yahoo and on AOL chats. Just like my argument in my Macomb County community College paper, I argued that the witnesses who have seen God, are proof of Godís existence. And just like as I wrote before, the atheist argued, that the people who see God are crazy. So then I started being sarcastic and spreading disinformation. Claiming that if millions of believers in God and thousands of people who seen God, is not proof of Godís existence, then millions of people who believe the earth is round and the thousands of people who claim to have flown around the earth in an airplane, are all crazy, the earth is flat. So I started the flat Earth movement on AOL and Yahoo, as a sarcastic argument, to these idiot atheist, who refused to believe evidence of witnesses.

Because when you say the evidence of God, is thousands of people have seen him and the atheist say those thousands of people are crazy, then you can say the earth is flat, because the thousands of people who claim they flew around it, are all crazy having hallucinations. Theyíre all paranoid schizophrenics, because the earth is flat. Ho ho ho. Thereís more people who believe in God, then there are people who actually flew around the earth. So itís more possible that the earth is flat, then God doesnít exist. If the atheists are going to make the argument, that the testimony of tens of thousands of people, is not credible evidence. The earth is flat and Elvis is alive.

So the atheist took off on my sarcastic disinformation argument and started the flat Earth movement. And my brother who is an atheist, bought into it. So at the family reunion I seen how the skeptic atheist, built on the flat Earth argument, when I tried to explain to my brother, that we know the earth is round, because you can use drones with cameras to go up high enough to see that itís round. I was surprised when my brother said thatís a fisheye lens. So clearly the flat earth people, built on the argument by adding stuff to make people believe the earth is flat, regardless of the millions of people, who flew around the earth, that must be just as crazy as the people who saw God. I just want to clear up the fact that the earth is round. The proof of that is, the shadow on the moon is round. And even if you were to say the earth is flat like a quarter, and thatís why it leaves a round shadow, you still have to take into consideration, the fact that the earth revolves on its axis. And if it was flat, it would leave parallel lines on the moon, at one point in its rotation. So if you were to believe the earth was flat, you would also have to believe that it doesnít rotate on its axis. The atheist used my sarcastic argument about a flat earth, to deceive the people who were seeking the truth. So many people were being deceived into believing the earth is flat. But these are the same ignorant people, who do not believe in God, because they believed the testimony of witnesses, isnít proof of anything. This means all drugs are useless also, because the testimony of the witness who say they are cures, are only hallucinating, that they are cures. And all the people put in prison because of the testimony of witnesses, have to be let out. They all couldíve been having hallucinations. The testimony of witnesses, is not credible according to atheist.

I donít think I will stop the atheist flat Earth movement, because theyíll claim the round shadow on the moon, is just a hallucination. I made the argument, that the proof of the earth is round, is that when I lived in California and I called you in Michigan, it was still dark in California, as there is a three hour time difference. And what about when you call someone in China and they are sleeping because itís midnight and your having a picnic at the park, at the same time? I guess the skeptic atheist flat earther, would have to say that they werenít really talking to their relative on the telephone, it was a CIA agent pretending to be their relative and lying that it was midnight and dark, when you were at the park at noon on a bright sunny day having a picnic. Thereís no way that can happen on a flat earth. If you want proof the earth is round, call someone in China and ask them if itís light or dark and what time it is. If you donít believe their a CIA agent trying to fool you, then you will believe the earth is round. My brother-in-law still argued that 9/11 was not an inside job, because thousands of people would had to be in on it. Well, thousands of people were in on it. Itís a lousy argument to say 9/11 wasnít an inside job, because thereís so many people that had to be in on it, that it wouldnít be possible. Because we know for a fact, that the Stealth bomber was made in secret, even though it took tens of thousands of people to build it. The nuclear bomb was made in secret, even though it took tens of thousands of people to build it. This is because the government is all departmentalized. Every man only knows of his job. He doesnít know what the other people at his company are doing. One guy only knew that his job was to protect this top-secret yellow device. He didnít even know that it was a 9/11 flight recorder. That information was classified. All he knew was he had to guard it with his life. Many weapons manufacturers only make parts. The parts are sent somewhere else to be assembled into the secret weapon they are working on. Some of the most top-secret projects were assembled in area 51. I used to make those parts. They would never tell us what we were making and when we were persistent to know, they usually lied and said it was a part for a toilet. And we knew it was a lie, because of the tight specs. Sometimes they would even spread disinformation, making people believe they were making top-secret parts, when in reality they were only making parts for toilets, just in case somebody stole those parts.

If you still believe the earth is flat, leave your comments below. If you still believe the millions of people who seen God is not proof that God exists, donít bother commenting, you canít be saved. Youíre no different from the flat Earth people.

Donít worry when everyone believes Iím the Messiah, then everybody will see God. However, if you donít believe that Iím the Messiah, then you will simply die in your sins like your fatherís before you. If you believe youíre going to go to heaven when your dead, you might as well believe the earth is flat. You only have a short time, to join the Timothean religion. As all the atheist, all the Christians, all the Muslims, all the Jews, all the Hindus are about to be destroyed by the Messiahís judgment. Have a nice day.


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