The Absolute Law of God, Godís Message from the Messiah, October 20, 2016.

People who serve God need no permit. Thereís no laws but the absolute law of God. If cops didnít want to be targeted, they should have used their guns to kill the tyrants in power. Thereís no king but God. The cops are doing nothing but protecting the rich people in power. The rich people are making the laws that are not Godís laws. Jobs are slavery and itís better to revolt then be a slave. Itís time the kings of the earth understand the laws of God before they are killed by the people they enslave. I suffered $450,000,000,000 from my job injury and any king or president that doesnít want to pay it has made a conscious decision to have his head chopped off and stuck on a pike. The same goes for the cops and the military protecting the tyrant in power. A hurricane hit Haiti and the people are suffering because big corporations sold them houses made of wood, concrete, brick and steel. So when the hurricane hit the people were crushed and five years later they still have not rebuilt. For thousands of years those people made houses of mud and straw and when the hurricanes hit, they gathered the mud and straw and rebuilt their houses within two days. Now itís illegal for them to build those houses of mud and straw because big corporations say you got to purchase our brick, our concrete and our steel to build your houses, so we can shove billions in profits up our ass holes. When the people wake up, they will kill their kings, their lawmakers, the construction companies that sold them product and the cops that protect them. I am the Messiah. You have received a message from God do with it as you will.

I have read the Bible, I have read the holy Quran, I have read the Hindu Bhagavad-Gita, Iíve read the Jewish Kabbalah, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hamaddi library, the Gospel of Philip, the gospel of Thomas and I wrote the gospel of Timothy. They are all books. The government will not allow the gospel of Timothy to be spread because it has the truth and the only thing the church has been good at for the last five thousand years is hiding the truth and killing Godís prophets. If you have not seen Jesus, you do not know Jesus. I have seen Jesus, he is God and I am the Messiah.

Hurricane Matthew hit because Americans are not learning that jobs are slavery and that the only thing they are accomplishing by working is destroying Godís kingdom. The hurricane wiped out everything man-made. People are suffering because big business wants people to live in houses made out of wood, concrete, brick and steel. When these hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes hit, people suffer because of the works of menís hands. The logging industry wants to cut down Godís trees and sell the wood to people so they can build houses. When the Indians lived on the land, they lived in tents. When a hurricane hit, it knocked their tent down, but they simply put it back up the next day. When construction companies sell would, bricks, concrete and steel to people to build their houses, the people get crushed to death when the earthquake hurricane or tornado hits and then they have to spend millions removing the broken concrete, splintered wood, bricks and twisted steel away to the trash dump. If people live how God wanted them to live they would not suffer from tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes because they could simply put their tents back up the next day after the natural disaster.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and even wars are to destroy the works of manís hands. The Bible tells us how we should build our houses out of clay and stones that have no tool that touched them. For the Bible says, ďif you have lifted your tool upon it, you have polluted itĒ Exodus 20:25. The faster you rebuild the Tower of Babel the quicker God will destroy it.

Russia has cut off all of their military servers from the Internet preparing for the delete virus. In 1998 I revealed a computer code that would shut down peopleís computers. Once people found out how to write this simple code, peopleís computers were shutting down. No harm was done to the computers it was simply a shutdown code. It didnít take too long before the fad got old. But there is a simple computer code that will delete all the files on a computer. The code can be written so that not only it deletes all files on a computer but if the % is used it can delete all files on all drives. There is another simple code that will simply delete everything on the computer, not only their hard drives, but the memory, the bios and the EEPROM. Which will not only completely destroy a computer and all information on it, if the virus gets on a cell phone, camera, TV or any other device that uses RAM, ROM, EEPROM, hard drive or any other kind of flash memory, it will render all devices completely useless. Similar to what a powerful solar flare or EMP, electromagnetic pulse would do. Automobiles will not run. Phones will not work. Cameras will be useless. Drones and airplanes will fall out of the sky. Nuclear power plants will meltdown like dominoes and no one will know about it until the radiation starts burning them, because there will be no TV or electricity. This is the kind of system technology is building. It is a house of cards waiting to collapse. Computer code is in 0ís and 1's. The delete virus simply turns all digits into zeros. All the digits on your hard drive. All the digits in your memory. All the digits on your boot ROM. All the digits in your bios . All the digits in your electrical devices. I got one of those viruses on my hard drive and all the hard drive does is write zeros over and over and over again. Canít even access the drive to stop it from writing zeros. It will write zeros across it without even a computer. As soon as the hard drive is attached to electricity it starts writing zeros across it. Thatís the delete virus and thereís nothing to stop it because it is spread wirelessly through Wi-Fi of your electric meters on your house. Through Bluetooth. Through infrared. Through the Internet. Through text messages. Through phone calls and TV signals. Everything is digital today and itís getting worse. There doesnít seem to be any way to disconnect from the wireless grid.

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