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Happy Thanksgiving, November 24, 2011.

Today’s the day we celebrate the killing of the Indians and the taking of their lands. Today’s the day the Indians thank us for giving their women and children blankets contaminated with viruses like small pox, so that it would kill them. The Indians thank us for killing all the buffalo and causing them to starve to death. The Indians also thank us for giving them a bottle of whiskey for land that was filled with gold. They also thank us for forcing them to live on reservations.

Ah who in the hell are we kidding, we are celebrating Thanksgiving because we murdered the Indians and stole their land and it is a war victory. At the end of World War II we celebrated winning the war in the streets of New York. Good thing we did not turn this into a holiday. Because on the day we are celebrating, the Japanese are mourning thousands of deaths caused by two nuclear weapons.

Can you imagine an American married to a Japanese woman and trying to have a holiday where the man celebrates the winning of the war, while the Japanese woman mourns the death of all her relatives who suffered from a nuclear blast. The rich are trying to convince us that Thanksgiving is a holiday that the white man and Indians celebrated together. We never had any Indians over for Thanksgiving. I never even heard of people having Indians over for Thanksgiving. I never seen on the news, charities giving turkeys away to the Indians on reservations.

I don’t know what the Indians are doing this Thanksgiving, but I hope they are having a war dance. We are celebrating Thanksgiving, as if we were Casey Anthony going to a bar to celebrate the death of her child. Let’s party, I am free at last, I killed my child. Let’s have some turkey, we killed the Indians took their land and now they have to live on reservations.

It’s a evil holiday. To make things worse they canceled karaoke. I went to the bar last night to sing karaoke and they canceled it because of Thanksgiving. The bars were packed full of people, but I didn’t see any Indians. You would think the bars would be giving out free drinks to the Indians as a thanks for them letting us kill them and steal their land.

Canceling karaoke and having a DJ. I could see it if they canceled karaoke and had some Indian music playing and people dancing a rain dance or better yet a war dance. I just don’t see how to turn this evil holiday into a good one. We might as well go out celebrate the death of Casey Anthony’s child.

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