Thanks anyway Frank,If you have any questions I would happily answer them in e-mail.

However, do note that e-mail might have been hacked, like the telephones and I post all e-mail to my website that I reply to. I was on the phone with my sister and I told her I got cheap Internet and HBO from Comcast. After the phone call, a representative from Comcast called me on the number I did not give them, wanting to raise my rates. How did they get that number, it’s a magic jack phone and I have several of them. Of course sometimes they do that just to let you know they’re watching or to try to make you paranoid. A motorcycle gang hacked in to my old phone line when I lived at the trailer park. I seen them do it and I could hear them breathing on the phone when I made phone calls. The government uses motorcycle gangs to spy and control people, like Putin uses the KGB. There is no one who can fight against them. I even think the psychology teacher, I talked about in my last e-mail, believed the girl was being raped by those in authority, doctors police etc. in some kind of sex ring and having her teeth pulled out, but she couldn’t help her, because she was afraid they might do the same to her. Many politicians are the same way, they know people are being murdered and tortured but they are afraid to talk, least they be the next victim. So much for free speech.

The CIA papers came out about torture, but the things the CIA is doing is nothing compared to the torture gangs, Mafia and the extremely rich do. I lived in a neighborhood where a good percent of the people were missing fingers, not from job injuries. I hung out at a bar that had a dozen attractive woman, but every one of them were widows, somebody had shot their husbands to keep them single. It’s the same story at strip clubs, they don’t want the pretty ones getting married, they are making the club too much money. That CIA agent claiming torture is okay to preserve his way of life, is just what President Obama said “were going to do what we have to do to preserve our way of life” when we were using drones to kill people in Libya, Iraq and Syria. We have to kill women and children so we can drive our gas guzzling SUVs, otherwise we would have to drive them small cars like those Europeans. If that’s normal, I’d rather be crazy.

I tell my followers to tell people I’m crazy, to keep them safe. When I say I knew Brittany Murphy from a club in Ypsilanti Michigan, they kill Brittany Murphy, because everyone who talks to me, is like the “Enemy of The State” a threat to national security.

I saw God and there is only one other person that claims to have saw God and they killed him by blowing up a commercial jetliner, killing everyone on the jet, just to kill that one man. It’s more bizarre than the biblical Nero, that killed all children under two years old, because he heard the Messiah was born to free the slaves and he wanted to keep his position of power.

An ATF agent told me in a AOL chat room in 1996, that they killed David Koresh, not because he claimed to be the Messiah, but because people were believing him. That’s the day I became the Messiah.

I knew Bill Cosby from a politically incorrect website run by Bill Maher and when they found out, they started accusing Bill Cosby of rape, to break his glass house. They haven’t killed him so they’re getting more afraid of being caught.

It’s almost like if I wanted Alex Jones killed, all I would have to do is tell people he’s going to give me an interview on his radio show. They would kill him to stop the interview. The story goes the CIA spent 2 million to kill me in 1986, and then they spent 6 million to have Me protected, because they didn’t want to steal what I said in stone. But I believe that God protects me, not the CIA. If you believe in Christ, even if they kill you, he can raise you from the dead.

As far as the book of Daniel in the Bible, it’s a sealed book, that is not to be understood until the last days. Same with the book of Revelation. So the key is, anyone who thought they knew what the book said 100 years ago, is wrong. These books are not to be understood by the heathen or explained to those who are to be destroyed. But anything else in the Bible I will answer questions to. A Skype chat will only put me on the spot. I have to get the answers I don’t know, from God and that may take several days. They can’t be answered on the spot.

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