Timothean Stolen Prophecies Islam Christianity, December 29, 2015.

The Christians and the Zionists are stealing Jewish prophecies from the Old Testament. To make their religions look official and the Jews are getting angry about it. All these religions are trying to bring their prophets predictions to pass. To prove that their religion is the true religion. They are literally bombing countries and killing people, to try to prove to the world, that they have the true religion. These are ideology wars, that are being fought in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and Damascus. When the Bible says Babylon will be destroyed, they bomb Babylon. When the Bible says Damascus will be destroyed, they bomb Damascus. Just to prove their religion right. When I studied with the Jehovah witnesses and the Baptist 25 years ago, they said things like, “be careful what you say” and “you say things and Jesus has to bring them to past”. I thought to myself, “Jesus don’t have to do anything, he don’t want to do, he is God”. It’s not Jesus that’s bringing these things to pass, it’s the Christians bringing these things to past.

In 1985 I predicted the space shuttle blowing up, before it blew up. I predicted a forest fire and 25,000 would be sent to battle the blaze and then snows from the north would put out the fire. I predicted an earthquake and 50,000 dead. The earthquake hit, with estimated 35,000 dead and the scribes and Pharisees started to call me a false prophet. When God brought an aftershock that killed another 10,000. Then news reports were reporting 50,000 dead. Even though it was only 45,000. Because they knew God would bring another aftershock, to kill another 5000, if they didn’t. I predicted a January 17, earthquake and when a earthquake hit Kobe Japan on January 16 in the United States. The scribes and Pharisees started to call me a false prophet. Because it was only January 16. Until they seen the Japanese newspaper headlines that said, “January 17, Earthquake”. It was January 16 in the United States, but it was January 17, in Japan, where the earthquake hit. I predicted many tornadoes in my letters. Back then I didn’t have a computer. I used to type letters on a word processor and mail them out to churches. I would only mail out two letters at a time. I did not have a copy machine.

Then I decided to send letters to the president of the United States. I made a prediction that would prove God exists and I wanted the government to go public with it. Instead of the government going public with my prediction, they decided to get someone from the CIA to use some mind control propaganda, to prove God doesn’t exist. They had a CIA agent go on all the talk shows, claiming astrology is true and we can prove it, by this prediction and they said my prediction. Needless to say I had to repent of the prediction and not bring it to pass, otherwise it would prove astrology is true.

In December 1995, I got my first computer and Internet access. I posted ads in biblical archaeology review pointing to my AOL website. I also used to teach in a AOL chat room under the category of life. I created a chat room called, “I saw God in person”. I tried to teach Christians and Muslims and Jews but found it was easier to just create a new religion called Timothean, rather than argue with them. I made many predictions of tornadoes and even posted a prediction of a bridge collapse on my MySpace page. But Christianity and Islam, was stealing my predictions, to claim their religions were right. For those of you who have been following me since 1995 on the Internet, I have told you that I would put out disinformation and false prophecies, because of these thieves. The true prophecies went out to members of the Timothean religion. The false ones when out over the Internet to the prophecy thieves, who stole the prophecies, that would never come to pass. But there was never any members of the Timothean religion as the FBI, Christianity and Islam had intimidated and threatened any possible followers. They have also stolen my inventions and my ideas of the electric bicycle, the electric car, the Segway, the highbred gas electric car, the drones and even these 1 W LED lightbulbs. I don’t follow man’s laws, I follow God’s laws and he knows who the thieves are.

Islam is divided into two major groups Shia and Sunni. One group believes Mohammed’s father-in-law is the caliphate, the other group believes the son in law is the caliphate. Both groups are wrong. Because these family members had made themselves a caliphate, when only God can choose the caliphate. Like the Christians chose to serve Paul, rather than God. Like the Jews chose to serve Moses rather than God. The Muslims chose to serve a relative of Mohammed, rather than God himself.

So if Mohammed was a prophet, I wanted to look up to see what he prophesied. I know the Quran is an Arabic and there’s probably many translations to English. But I will leave a link below to the page I found. https://plainenglishquran.com/Prophecy.html None of the prophecies that Mohammed predicted are supernatural events. Predicting a bridge collapse, when you didn’t blow it up, predicting an earthquake and 50,000 dead or one on January 17, when you didn’t use a nuclear bomb to cause it. Predicting a massive fire and a snow storm to put it out, are all supernatural, God inspired predictions. Predicting a war in Iraq and then starting the war by bombing it, is not a supernatural event. Predicting Jews would kill people and create the state of Israel, is not a supernatural event. Anymore than me predicting this piece of paper will tear in two and then me, tearing it into two, to prove my prediction was right. Prophecy fulfilled.

Let’s look at some of Mohammed’s predictions from this webpage. Number one, is there will be many false prophets. It looks like Mohammed stole the prophecy from Jesus. Mohammed didn’t predict that, Jesus did, Matthew 24:11. Or perhaps he just knew he was a false prophet and could claim that, as one of his predictions. Prophecies two, three and four are very ambiguous or more like common sense, anyone could predict that. The guy who wrote the book 1984 was a better prophet than Mohammed.

Look at prophecy five, before the Mahadi appears, an army of black flags will come. On the surface, it looks like this is the true religion. Because it’s happening now. However, when you got a big religion, you can convince a bunch of people to start a militia group, with black flags. I could’ve easily predicted that there would be an army of people carrying yellow flags and make the yellow flag, the flag of the Timothean religion. That’s not a, “God inspired”, supernatural event. It’s people, trying to make their false religion, look true. Number six predicts Moslems will take over the state of Israel. But it doesn’t even say the state of Israel, it simply says the land where Israel is sitting. As all these religions are predicting, their religion, will take over the land. Which actually means, they are all right. Because they are all the children of God. They just don’t know it.

A severe plague, sounds like they are going to use chemical or biological warfare and not trusting God, to bring fire down from heaven, like he did to Sodom and Gomorrah. Again Mohammed steals from the prophecies of Jesus Matthew 24:22 when Jesus says, “if the days are not shortened, not one man would survive”. Mohammed basically says the same thing by explaining it, “an hour will seem like a few minutes, a day will seem like a few hours, a week will seem like a day, etc”. This makes Mohammed actually look like a true prophet. Because he stole so many prophecies from Jesus.

What amazes me is people’s lack of belief. What is belief? Belief is simply something that you were taught. Once someone teaches you something and you accept it, it’s very hard to change what you were taught. The people were taught that the earth was flat in school. They were shown drawings of a flat earth. The children believed the earth was flat, because their parents and friends believed it was flat. When Columbus said the earth was round, it was very difficult to teach that truth. Most people died, believing the earth was flat. Even after Columbus sailed to America.

What the Muslims and Jews believe is almost crazy. They don’t believe in the Trinity. They don’t even know who they are. They are certainly not greater than God. That they both have a body, spirit and soul and they don’t think God can have a body, spirit and soul? Your body and your soul are one. Just like God’s body and spirit is one. How can you think that you are both body and spirit and yet paradoxically one and God can’t be the same or similar? What you really need to define, is what you are and what God is. Define yourself and then you realize God is a Trinity, that is one and paradoxically body, soul and spirit. Some people say the spirit and the soul are one. But I believe they are two. We all have a soul. But some of us are either field with the spirit of God, or the spirit of the antichrist. So we are body, soul and have the spirit of God or the spirit of antichrist, in us. We are a Trinity and I don’t expect that we are greater than God.

With even crazier about the Muslims, is they believe that Jesus will return to Earth along with the Mahadi and the caliphate. But they don’t believe Jesus is God. Because they don’t believe God can have body, sole and a spirit and be one, like they are. Even though they believe Jesus will not only walk on water when he returns, they believe Jesus will resurrect the dead when he returns. Can you believe Jesus returning to Earth, walking on water, resurrecting your dead relatives and you not believing he is God? The Mahadi and the caliphate will not be walking on water and resurrecting the dead and yet they have body and a spirit that are one. How can you not see a difference between Jesus and the Mahadi, when you clearly see a difference between an ordinary person and a caliphate? These people are disbelievers like my brother-in-law. He doesn’t believe the government can fly remote-controlled planes into the World Trade Center. But he believes the government flew a spaceship to Mars by remote control. When there is no GPS system in outer space and any ordinary person can buy a drone for $100 and by remote control, fly it into a building. Unbelievable, that anyone has that level of disbelief.

When I preached on the Internet, I said I was the son of Joseph, the Messiah and the proof of that was, that I had all the answers and I am very intelligent. The antichrist teaches the opposite and said, “if anyone has all the answers, don’t follow him, he is the antichrist, the true Messiah will be someone who doesn’t have any of the answers and is a complete idiot”. The Muslims have made a similar evil statement about God. The true prophet predicted that God would return, have control of the weather and resurrect the dead. Islam turned this around, to say that God would be the antichrist. As if the antichrist is going to raise the dead and have the ability to control whether. You can’t get any more insane than that. You really believe the antichrist, is going to bring all your dead loved ones back to life? Christianity was created because of the hatred of Judaism. Islam was created because of the hatred of Judaism and Christianity. These haters of God and haters of the people of God, have taken all the prophets of God and twisted their prophecies. So that they can make God look like the antichrist and the antichrist look like God. It’s in verse 45 from that webpage. Believe me, the antichrist has no supernatural abilities. The antichrist cannot walk on water, he cannot raise the dead, he cannot supernaturally control the weather. He might seed the clouds with chemicals to cause a rainstorm. But if there is no airplanes in the air spraying chemicals, to create the rainstorm, then it is a supernatural act of God.

It’s the testimony of seeing God, that makes one a prophet. It’s not the testimony of seeing a prophet, that makes one a prophet. If Mohammed did not see God, he cannot possibly be a prophet. There are three kinds of prophets. True prophets, false prophets and repentant prophets. Jonas was not a false prophet, even though his prediction of Nineveh being destroyed, did not come to pass. God can repent and change his mind. The people repented and God did not destroy Nineveh. Even though he was going to.

In the Bible Samuel was established to be a prophet. Whatever Samuel said, God brought it to pass. It wasn’t God, that told Samuel what was going to happen in the future. Samuel was a man of God and God made his word good. A few weeks ago I had a dream and God came to me in the dream. I was happy to see him and I waited patiently for what he had to say to me. I waited patiently to see what wisdom he had for me. I waited patiently for him to tell me what he wanted me to do. After about 10 seconds, God disappeared in the dream. Then I realized how arrogant I was, that God needed me. That there was something God wanted me to do. That there was something God, had to tell me. God does not need us, we need him. When I realized this, I started to feel low. I could’ve asked God anything, but I waited for him to tell me something. I could’ve asked him for his new name? I could’ve asked him what I had to do to get immortality? I could’ve asked him for health or riches. But I just stood there waiting for him to speak to me. What awkward moment and a great loss. If I would’ve asked God for an earthquake and 10 million dead, I believe, he would’ve done it. But I didn’t ask.


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