Stick to the Truth, Donít Be Distracted by Disinformation, June 9, 2017.

The antichrist knows that he only has a short time left to live. And he is spreading disinformation, to keep you from learning the truth. When people woke up to the fact that a rocket hit the Pentagon, they started spreading disinformation, that it was a UFO that hit the Pentagon, to make the truth tellers look insane. My brother was one of the first to accept my truth of the 9/11 conspiracy. But when he started digging for information on 9/11, the disinformation agents were planting lies about UFOs, Giants, reptilianís and the flat Earth. Even Alex Jones and David Icke, got caught up in it. Instead of sticking to the facts about 9/11, they started talking about aliens, reptilianís, Giants and UFOs. It made them appear crazy, along with anyone who watched their channels. It makes me wonder if Alex Jones and David Icke are really disinformation agents, to deter people from the truth the 9/11 or if Alex Jones and David Icke really caught up in the lies. Itís better to just stick to the facts. Stick to the truth that actually matters. It doesnít matter if thereís UFOs, reptilianís, Giants, Bigfoot or a flat Earth. None of these false flags matter either. It doesnít matter if the earth is flat.

I donít care if the earth is square. It doesnít matter. What matters is the absolute truth. Jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. We are being lied to and have been for thousands of years. Itís beginning to be near impossible to discern the truth with all the lies being spread in mass media. Even the alternative media is spreading the lies of mass media. Everything on mass media is a lie so why is alternative media even reporting on it. The beginning of every news report should start out with the headline, ďAnother 3500 American Babies Were Murdered by Psychopaths Who Claimed They Werenít HumanĒ. That should be alternative news headline every day of the week until abortion is made illegal and those who supported abortion are put on FEMA trains to concentration tramps, for the 60 million babies they murdered and used criminally insane rationalization to justify killing those babies by claiming they werenít human beings. The same thing the Ku Klux Klan did to enslave the Blacks and the same thing Adolf Hitler did to kill the Jews. They dehumanize them to justify it.

Stick to these truths. Jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. Abortion is premeditated first-degree baby murder. Everything belongs to God and anyone who claims to own anything, is a thief who committed a sin punishable by death. Jesus is God. Jesus is not the Messiah. The Messiah is a man. Jesus is not a man. The Messiah is the son of Joseph. Jesus is not the son of Joseph. I Timothy, am the son of Joseph. I Timothy, am the Messiah. Thatís the only truth anyone needs.

Everything else is disinformation put out by people who donít want you to hear the truth. You shall die in your sins just like your fathers before you. Those who have not seen Jesus, do not know Jesus. I saw Jesus, I know Jesus. The only true religion is the Timothean religion. All other religions are distractions. Science is a distraction from the truth. There is no truth in science. I expose the lies of science when they claimed airplanes flew by lift and I said, "airplanes fly upside down". Proving the lie that airplanes fly by lift, of a curved wing. Many YouTube users are dis-info agents.

Donít be distracted by disinformation put out by religion, the government, an insane person, a dis-info agent or the illuminati. Every day 3500 children are murdered by abortion. That makes everyone who puts out dis information, guilty of 3500 accounts of premeditated first-degree baby murder, every single day of the week. The 29 people killed at a concert or 11 people killed by a terrorist, doesnít even matter, when over 60 million babies were murdered by abortion. By insane people who use criminally insane rationalization to Justify it.

The same way they use criminally insane rationalization in all the colleges and universities, to justify nuclear energy is safe. Nuclear energy is not safe. I donít care how much money the nuclear power industry pays to colleges and universities, to scientists, to write papers claiming it is safe and then claiming people like me only believe itís not safe, because I didnít read their delusional writing. Truth comes from God only, not from any college or university. So if God didnít tell you the earth is flat, then the earth is not flat. If God didnít tell you of the reptilianís, then there are no reptilianís. If God didnít tell you about UFOs, then you are no UFOs. They can teach any bull shit at a college or Trump university. Iím surprised Trump university isnít teaching people that Donald Trump is God. But seeing how he has been stealing all my ideas, I wouldnít doubt his universities will be teaching that he is God next semester. Donald Trump promised to abolish legalized abortion and hasnít done so. While heís been in office over a half 1 million American babies were murdered. Trump did nothing while those babies were murdered because he was distracted by fake Media News of 11 people killed here and 29 people killed there. The only thing Trump should be concerned about is the 3500 American babies being murdered every day right here in the United States by complete psychopaths who use criminally insane rationalization to justify it. We donít even know who these babies are that are being aborted. Are they white babies? Are they black babies? Are they Muslim babies? Or are they Christian babies? I got a feeling that because the United States is run by atheist that thereís probably not many atheists being aborted. We wonít know until these abortion records are made public. So there is another conspiracy why WikiLeaks is not making these abortion papers public. Yes those abortion papers should be made public because itís a very good chance that you got a girl pregnant and she murdered your baby if your man. Very well possible that a woman has murdered your grandchild without your knowledge. With even sicker, is they sell these aborted fetuses and someone is purchasing your DNA sperm. You have a right to know if some woman is aborting your DNA sperm or selling your sperm that developed into a fetus to laboratories for research. Iím glad DNA information has never destroyed and we will know who aborted our children.


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