Did Medical Mafia, kill Steve Jobs? October 22, 2011.

Our medical system is so evil, they force people to sign papers to say the medical system is not responsible, if they kill you. The Medical system only concern, is how much profit they can make. Steve Jobs wanted to seek alternative medicine. A decision that could cost the medical system billions of dollars, if other people decided to follow his example. If you don’t buy fire insurance, they will burn down your house. If you don’t purchase medical insurance, they will give you disease. This is how the mafia works. We tip our waitresses and waiters, not because we are generous but because if we don’t, they will spit in our food. We give children candy on Holloween, not because we are generous, carrying or loving, but because we don’t want the children to firebomb our house. Why should we suppose doctors and insurance companies should be any different?


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