False Flag & Staged Events, August 26, 2015.

When I was a kid I live by 16 mile in Ryan Road in Sterling Heights Michigan. That was a very dangerous intersection with no traffic light. Then there was a serious accident where two people were killed at that intersection. Then they put up a traffic light because the people were killed. There was no traffic light at 17 mile and Ryan and everyone knew it was an accident waiting to happen. But the city wasn’t going to put up a traffic light until someone got killed at that intersection. This is how the law works. If no one gets killed at that intersection, then there is no proof in a court of law, that it’s a dangerous enough intersection to grant tax dollars for a traffic light. They call this, “tombstone technology” and everything works like this from automobiles to airplanes and even trains. The aircraft engineer, the aircraft mechanics can spot a safety issue but until the plane crashes and people die the lawyers for the aircraft industry are not going to spend money trying to fix the problem. Tombstone technology. All over the country we are having a similar problem with railroad crossings. Until a car gets struck by a train, the people who own the railroad industry are not going to spend the $50,000 for a railroad crossing until people are killed and they are sued to the point where they find it cheaper to put up a railroad crossing then be sued. So this is when the false flags and staged events come into play. People are frustrated the railroad industry will not put up a railroad crossing until the train hits a car. So everyone knows it’s an accident waiting to happen. Think tanks get together, neighborhood watch groups, churches, concerned citizens and they come up with the idea of parking and old truck on the railroad tracks to get the railroad industry to put up red warning lights and a gate. That is a neighborhood sponsored false flag staged event. It’s politics. Problem solution. It’s how you get things done. If the train does not hit a car the lawyers for the railroad industry will claim there’s no proof the crossing is dangerous and they don’t have to put up a railroad crossing. Sometimes they might have to fake a plane crash to get the airline industry to make airplane safer, before somebody really dies.

It’s the lawyers that are making things so unsafe. Car companies are realizing the automatic starters are causing people to die when the automobile starts in someone’s garage and the carbon dioxide kills the homeowners. At least 13 people have died this way already and Chrysler has installed an auto shut off to prevent this. Other car companies are not installing auto shut off because their lawyers advise that if they do they are admitting the cars are dangerous. So they know the cars are dangerous but if they install an auto shut off they are admitting to it and will have to pay out millions in lawsuits.

There are many people now that do these false flag staged events. Religions, militias, Mafia crime families, neighborhood groups, think tanks and sometimes even the CIA. It used to be the right hand of government did not know what the left hand of government was doing and so the FBI would stage a false flag event in the police would investigate the FBI. I wrote the president Clinton about this years ago and now the CIA, the FBI and the local police are working more together to prevent this from happening. But now we have religions doing the same thing. One hand of Christianity is trying to ban guns in the other hand is trying to promote guns. It wasn’t the government that attacked Waco and the Branch Davidians it was a branch of militia Ku Klux Klan brainwashed Christianity and then it was a another branch of Christianity militia that blew up the Oklahoma building in retaliation for what the other Christian group did. These religious groups do everything in secret and they don’t even know that it’s another branch of misled Christianity that they are fighting against. Because they are working in secret we don’t even know what their agenda is. But it seems like the world is getting more and more evil than it is becoming civilized as Christianity gets more involved in trying to make it a just world.

The gun nuts are claiming Bryce Williams shooting is a staged event to ban guns. But the fact is it’s a staged event to sell rednecks in races white people more guns and NRA memberships. All you have to do is look at the stock market after one of the shooting or visit your local gun store and you could see a line of white people buying guns when a black man shoots two white people. You see a white person George Zimmerman shooting a black kid and you’ll see a line of black people at the gun store buying guns up to two weeks after the shooting. This is why they have to have another shooting every week because the line goes down at the gun store.

This Bryce Williams is definitely a false flag event. They didn’t show the actual shooting on the news but you can find it on the Internet. The news is reporting that the autopsy was done on the reporters and both of them were shot in the head. The of the actual shooting shows no sign of the woman reporter being shot in the head. While some people are saying that nobody was killed and that nobody is killed in these false flag events. But the people who are states in these false flag events are completely insane more insane than the supposed shooter. People are saying that Sandy Hook was a staged event hoax and no one was killed but the fact of the matter is that people who try to investigate this false flag staged event are being killed. More people will probably be killed looking into the false flag of Bryce Williams than just these two reporters that were killed. They’ll probably be a dozen reporters killed trying to investigate this false flag event because it was perpetrated by Mafia thugs in the police department and the FBI. The police have to be in on this. When the police found this shooter and chased him down, reporters from the BBC were on the scene and in the Chase, the police threatened the reporters and made them delete all video evidence. The police claimed the video footage was evidence and demanded the reporters delete the evidence. Not only is this a crime to delete evidence is against the Constitution of the United States for police to destroy evidence. This is why I knew this Bryce Williams shooting was a false flag when they deleted the evidence on Facebook and twitter. It’s illegal to delete that evidence. What those reporters should have known, was when the police make you delete a video off your memory card, that there is software you where you can recover those deleted videos as long as you don’t record more video over it.

I was amazed a few months back when they deleted the evidence of a 12-year-old girl who committed suicide because she was bullied on social media. That 12-year-old girls social media accounts were evidence in a crime and it was illegal to delete them. The 12-year-old’s mother should have sued those social media sites, those social media sites deleted the 12-year-old girls accounts to keep from being sued but that was illegal and I’m surprised the cops didn’t charge those social media sites with the crime of destroying evidence.

I watched an episode of 48 hours where a man was killed in his shower of his own home and the only people in the house at the time was his wife and his son. His son owned a gun store and sold weapons for living. The police found over 50 weapons in the house. The wife was hysterical when police arrived but the Son was calm and collect like a mafia hitman. The son owned a gun store and he knew all the laws of what a legal kill was and he knew what evidence the police needed to convict someone of murder. The first thing the son asked the police was for them to do a gunpowder residue test on his hands. He wore gloves so he knew there would be no gunpowder residue on his hands. The police never tested the wife’s hands for gunpowder residue they just assumed she was the killer because she was hysterical and the son said he didn’t do it. The son claims he heard the gunshots and hid in his bedroom until the shooting was over. They guy owns a gun store and has 50 guns in the house and he hears shooting and he doesn’t bother coming out of the bedroom to save his mother or father? This guy had AK-47s, hand guns sniper weapons every different kind of gun you can think of in his house and he claims he hid under the bed until the shooting was over. This is an organized crime hit where the police were in on it. The police, the FBI, the judges and lawyers all purchase guns from this son who owns a gun store. It’s after I posted this message that this false flag Mafia hit on reporters came out. Because I said that the police should also be charged with murder for not testing the wife’s hands for gunpowder residue because when they only tested the son it made the wife look guilty by default. They knew what they were doing. They were framing the wife so that the son could inherit a $2 million life insurance policy and the multi-million dollar home they were living in. I’ll leave a link to that 48 hours Love Hate Obsession episode in my comment below if I can find it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO52lzGCIZ8

This Bryce Williams shooting happened after I posted that the police and the reporters should also be charged with murder because they did not investigate the fact that the son did it and framed his mother and the police were in on it. Then I can tell from all the twitter tweets, that the people who were tweeting knew about my post on 48 hours because what of what I said. Because the people and twitter are claiming the family of Bryce Williams should be charged with a crime. For some reason. But the fact is when the police hide evidence like in the George Zimmerman case, they are just as responsible for murdering Trayvon Martin at the guy who pulled the trigger.

But the conspiracy even gets deeper in the Bryce Williams case. I go to a bar that’s not very popular in the manager asked me why the other bars are so popular. I know it’s because the bar I go to doesn’t discriminate. They hire men and women as waiters and waitresses and they don’t care how they look or how old they are. The other bars only hire young pretty women and that’s why they are popular. This works the same with news agencies and that’s why they are replacing older black reporters with young pretty women to get more people to watch the news. Because if you want to watch the news why not watch the news where there’s a young pretty reporter? When I go to the other bars with the young pretty waitresses I feel like I’m in a whorehouse or a strip club. I know that the only reason why that bars popular is because they have young pretty women working there. And you could even tell by the conversation the people have in the bar, “boy look at all the pretty girls working here”. Yeah it must be some kind of coincidence that the only people who apply for the job they are young pretty women and they don’t discriminate, its is that older ugly people don’t apply for the job. I can imagine how women feel when their husbands leave them for younger attractive women. But can you imagine having a job and being replaced by a younger prettier woman? It’s not because Bryce Williams job performance wasn’t up to par, it’s because more people are going to view the news if there’s a young pretty woman delivering it. So Bryce Williams has a justified anger. This is why they are not showing us his Facebook post or his twitter tweets or even the 24 page manifesto. Pretty women sell. That’s why they are used in ads and it even works on YouTube. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the smartest guy in the world gets less than 30 hits on his video and some young dumb blonde bimbo gets 2 million hits on her video. Money is the mark of the beast and the root of all evil. When money is abolished women will not be used for profit. God is the provider food grows on trees and jobs are slavery.

I’m almost tempted to get a pretty girl to make my YouTube videos for me so I can get more views. But people need to wake up and realize the only reason why they are going to a bar is because pretty girls are working there and the only reason why there watching the news is because there’s a young pretty girl delivering it. And women are used in the same way when they hire attractive looking bartenders and attractive looking news reporters to get more people to watch the news. This is why that Anderson Cooper has become so famous not because he’s a good reporter because he’s a young good looking man. When it turned out he was gay he lost a lot of women viewers but he gained the gay audience which turns out there are more gay people looking for a partner than single women. The book of Mormon calls this the root of evil to use sexual attraction for business the Lord calls it, “secret combinations”.

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the hitman theory where the cop says "who would plan a murder hoping the victim would have a gun in the house" that's one stupid prosecutor at 32: 10 in the video. Everyone knew this guy was a gun dealer and had hundreds of guns in the home. These gun nuts put signs under Windows that say, "don't beware of the dog, beware of the owner" with a picture of a gun on it. Not one person in that neighborhood, not one person in that family or knew that family didn't know there was hundreds of guns in the home. How can this woman be a prosecutor? she should be charged with murder she's just as guilty as the shooter.

#BryceWilliams was angry that he was fired so he could be replaced by a young beautiful blonde hair blue-eyed Aryan race Nazi. #VesterFlanagan #VirginiaShooting

#VesterFlanagan was angry that he was fired so he could be replaced by a young beautiful blonde hair blue-eyed Aryan race Nazi. #VirginiaShooting

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