Lacey Speers Proves Practice of Medicine Is a Scam, April 11, 2016.

We are made to believe by media propaganda, that doctors and hospitals can actually help people. Itís like they make us believe we can win the lottery because all they show is a lottery winners. All they show on the news is the people who claim to have been helped by doctors. All the people who been screwed over by doctors, donít get on the news. Iím still upset about this Lacey Speers forty-eight hours episode. I had a job injury and I went to hundreds of doctors looking for a cure, actually thinking they were there to help you. Practice of medicine is there to protect business. Itís there to make everyone who has a job injury look like they are fake and it to get big businesses money. The practice of medicine is there to make everyone who had a automobile injury look like they are faking it. I actually heard one doctor speak truth, when he changed jobs and became a preacher. He switched occupations because he found out he couldnít save anyone he could only prescribed pain medication to make them feel comfortable until they die. Pain medication does nothing but makes peopleís injuries worse. It makes them feel like they can actually do more than they can do and they end up injuring themselves worse. If you have back pain and take pain medication so you can lift refrigerators, when that pain medication wears off your back pain is going to be worse. Pain medication like legalized marijuana, is an allusion that makes you believe your pain is cured by temporarily making you not feel it. But sooner or later youíre going to feel the pain, that pain medication has suspended.

I donít care if Lacey Speers went to a million doctors with her healthy child. If one of those doctors operated on that healthy child, that proves the practice of medicine is a criminal enterprise. No doctor should ever operate on a perfectly healthy child. They have FBI stings where they tried to purchase drugs or sell drugs to people to bust them for a crime. I was thinking the FBI should send perfectly healthy children to doctors and if one of the doctors tries to operate on the child they should sue that hospital out of business and throw that Doctor in prison. The police should do a sting operation where they send healthy people to doctors and if the doctor diagnoses a disease they should throw that doctor in prison for life. They had that doctor telling healthy people they had cancer so he could make money off of selling cancer treatments. And how do we know that not every doctor is a fraud selling us medications and operations for diseases we donít have? This Lacey Speers wasnít crazy, she is the average mom who thinks her child doesnít eat enough. When I was young I was extremely skinny. Nobody thought I ate enough. Doctors never tried to put a tube in my stomach. People mentioned I was skinny and should eat more when I was a fussy eater. All children are fussy eaters. They donít like to eat their peas, carrots, spinach or broccoli. But my mom was the opposite of Lacey Speers. When I was a fussy eater and would not eat my mom would say, ďdonít worry, when heís hungry enough, he will eatĒ. My dad made me sit at the table until I cleaned my plate. I sat at the table until bedtime and I wouldíve stayed up all night before I cleaned my plate. I was even thinking I can get out of school the next day, because Iím not going to eat whatís on that plate. I didnít eat it when itís hot and Iím sure as hell ainít going to eat it when itís cold. You have these fat women who eat five chickens a day and are worried because their children only eat two drumsticks, thatís the normal American woman.

Now that we have absolute proof that the practice of medicine is a sham, it needs to be outlawed. I smoked three packs of cigarettes a day and had a terrible cough. My doctor said I had bronchitis and I believed him. When I quit smoking my bronchitis was cured but I wasnít able to sue the doctor. That doctor knew my cough was from smoking but he lied to protect the tobacco companies. Doctors in Japan are forced by the government to lie to project the nuclear power industry. Children are being poisoned by Fukushima radiation and it is against the law for doctors to tell them that itís from Fukushima radiation.

I believe Lacey Speers child might have been sick from living in a moldy house, but doctors lie to protect the logging industry, real estate companies and banks about wooden houses and mold or that this child was actually sick from Fukushima radiation. This whole thing was on the news and on 48hours as a false flag propaganda stunt, to close down people from talking about their sick children on Facebook. Lacey Speers was not only going to doctors looking for the answer to her sick child, she was going on Facebook, looking for answers from other people who had sick children with the same symptoms. Websites that were talking about toxic mold were being closed down by banks, the logging industry and real estate companies and even the government. Because the government is trying to sell these toxic mold HUD homes to first-time home buyers too ignorant to know a house could kill you or give you disease. The practice of medicine is another branch of the military that is there to support the military-industrial complex. To convince soldiers itís normal to blowup villages of women and children. To convince people jobs are not slavery. To convince women, they should murder their own children and we can call it abortion so it doesnít look like baby murder. Women are being forced to murder their children because they cannot afford children. God is the provider. Food grows on trees. You donít need a job to have a baby.

No matter whatís way you look at it doctors and hospitals are responsible for Lacey Speers childís death. Either by misdiagnosing the mother with mental illness that caused the childís death or by their medical mistakes. That woman should have brought her healthy child to a million doctors and not one of them should even have prescribed the perfectly healthy child a pill or an operation.

Even if this woman had a mental illness, that mental illness was caused by the system of jobs and abortion. This woman didnít want to have an abortion and she didnít have a job. She didnít want to marry the guy who date raped her and the only job she knew of was taking care of a child. The only way the state would pay a mother to take care of her child was if the child is sick. So women are forced not only to have abortions, but to claim their children are sick, to get a monthly paycheck, from the state, to support their child. Yes if your child is sick, the state will pay you. If your child is not sick, then you have to work as a prostitute or at a strip club, because McDonaldís doesnít pay enough money to support you, your child and a babysitter. So this woman if she had a mental illness, the mental illness was caused by the state and she should be able to sue them for billions of dollars. She should also be able to sue the hospital for billions of dollars, after they admitted they operated on a perfectly healthy child. The fact that these hospitals are trying to put the blame on her to get out of being sued is proof that all hospitals should be closed down and all doctors should be thrown in prison.

Because the practice of medicine is another branch of the military to control the state and society to keep them in bondage called jobs, they are the enemy. Donít fund hospitals, doctors or the insurance companies that support them. If they pass a law forcing you to pay medical insurance, refused to pay and go to prison. When you stand before the judge, you let him know about the doctor who told people they had cancer to make money and the hospitals that admitted to operating on the perfectly healthy child of Lacey Speers. Furthermore, donít let them use this false flag 48 hours news propaganda channel to stop people talking about their sick children on Facebook. Radiation from nuclear power plants is going to cause millions of children to become sick and doctors and hospitals are going to use propaganda, to claim itís not from the radiation to protect the nuclear power companies. Just like they protected the automobile and tobacco companies.

I met a guy at a bar that fell down the stairs and said he couldnít sue his own insurance company, but if he fell down the neighbor stairs he could sue them. There seems to be many people becoming injured or disabled from falling down the stairs. God didnít invent stairwells. Someone invented them and whoever did, should have been sued out of business. But now that builders and construction workers are making buildings with stairwells, they know people could fall down them and be injured, they need to be sued out of business. People have become to accept these man-made devices that cause human suffering. The suffering doesnít stop with the person who was injured.

A man loss a leg in a motorcycle accident. Itís very hard to get a job with one leg when businesses would rather hire someone with two legs. The man did sue, but not for enough money to last him his lifetime. He just got enough money to start a business. Now all the money he got from losing his leg is now in his business. Do you think heís going to run a fair business? His entire life depends on that business because if he loses that, he canít even get a job and there ainít no one else left to sue. He already got his money from the loss of his leg. Heís going to be a tyrant business owner that will kill people to stay in business. This is why the world is so screwed up. Every business owner got his business as a bribe from his injuries. I know a guy who owns a bar. He didnít work up and save his money to buy the bar. He had lost a finger in a piece of machinery and the money he got from the lawsuit, he purchased the bar. The evil system is perpetuated rather than disassembled. Were not here to work. Were not here to own businesses. People in third world countries are perfectly happy living in mud huts, walking around naked, and eating fruit off of trees. We donít need automobiles, we donít need electricity, we donít even need telephones. The people on Gilliganís Island were perfectly happy without all of these man-made idols. At a self-help group one person complained that it caused them stress to use indoor plumbing. Have you ever went to the bathroom outdoors in the woods? Itís absolutely stress free and you actually feel like youíre helping the environment. You feel like youíre helping the trees grow, when you pee on them.

Itís like the song Woodstock. We are caught in the devilís bargain and we got to get back to the garden. Meaning the garden of Eden. Money is the root and cause of all evil. I was talking on twitter the other day and for the first time an atheist agreed with me. Bill Gates doesnít work any harder than a homeless man who spends his day collecting pop bottles. The Constitution of the United States says that all men are equal. Even in Godís kingdom all people are equal. That means the homeless man should be able to take Bill Gates to court and sue him for half of his money. It is unconstitutional for Bill Gates to have more money than the average homeless man. The atheist agreed. If this works there will not have to be a revolutionary war. If they start letting the poor take the rich to court, because itís unconstitutional for the rich to have more money, then we wonít need a revolutionary war to kill the rich and their children, who were brainwashed into believing they should have more than someone else. Keywords.

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