Message To ALL Soldiers

I just seen Four Hours In My Lai on PBS, but you can watch it on YouTube. I just can't believe this video and the ignorance of people. I didn't go to Vietnam I was too young. But I should have went, because even at 10 years old, I was smarter than any of these people. There is a hierarchy of power in the United States. The people are the top of that hierarchy. Under the people is Congress. The Supreme Court has to answer to Congress. Congress can throw out anything the Supreme Court rules especially when there's evidence of NRA bribes or brainwashing. The Supreme Court only rules, if it is not bought off by NRA dictators. Under the Supreme Court, there is the president. The president has to answer to the People, Congress and the Supreme Court. The president is not in power, the people are. Under the president is the executive branch, which includes the military. In the military, is a hierarchy of generals, captains, lieutenants, sergeants etc. Every soldier knows, that he is not serving the president, he is not serving the general or the Lieutenant. They are serving the Constitution of the United States. All military personnel are under the laws of the Geneva convention. When you join the military, you vow to protect the Constitution and the people of the United States and that includes obeying the laws of the Geneva Convention. You are only to obey the orders of your sergeants or lieutenants if they jive with the Constitution and the Geneva convention. If your superior officer gives you a order against the Geneva Convention or against the United States Constitution, not only do you not obey it, you report that superior officer to his superior officer. If you are in the field and cannot report him to his superior officer and he orders you to shoot women and children, it is your duty to kill your superior officer. You are not serving your superior officer you are serving the Constitution, the Geneva Convention, the people of the United States, the president of the United States, Congress and the Supreme Court. You report him to his superior officer. If his superior officer does not do anything about the issue, then you report it to his superior officer. And you keep going up the chain of command until you reach the president. If the order to kill women and children came from the president, then you go to Congress and if Congress doesn't do anything, you go to the news media and take it to the people of the United States. Because it is the people of the United States, who you are serving and if you don't like that fact, then don't join the military. Free speech is forbidden in the military, unless the Constitution or the Geneva convention has been broken. Once the Constitution or Geneva Convention is broken, you can talk all you want to. Once the American people are at risk, for what is happening in the military, you don't have to keep quiet about anything. And if your superior officer threatens you with, court-martial, imprisonment or death if you talk, then talk anyway. If you are not willing to risk your life for the people, do not join the military. Furthermore if you do not talk about the killing of women and children, and report it to your superior officers or their superior officers, you will be charged with murder. These soldiers had the opportunity, to go over lieutenants Cally's head and be heroes, by reporting Hitler's goons squads to their superior officers, but they chose to be child killers instead. No one can order you or make you do anything. Not when you're a soldier with a gun and chose to die serving the Constitution and the Geneva Convention. These soldiers should have shot lieutenant William Calley dead. It was their duty to serve the Constitution and the Geneva Convention. They knew it was illegal to kill women and children. And they knew it was their duty to kill the enemy, both foreign and domestic enemies. They knew when lieutenant William Calley gave the order to kill women and children, that he was the domestic enemy of the Constitution, the Geneva Convention and the people of the United States and it was their duty to kill him. Once they chose not to kill lieutenant William Calley, they made themselves enemies of the United States. Someone gave me orders is no excuse.

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