Smoking in Front of Children is Child Abuse, July 6, 2014.

It took us a long time to realize that smoking in a enclosed area like a car or house is child abuse because the children have to inhale the smoke. The other day I sat outside and seen my neighbor smoke in front of his three children ages four, five and 12 years old. He seemed to agree that smoking in a car was child abuse, but he did not see anything wrong with smoking in front of the children. Smoking in front of children is worse than swearing in front of children or having sex in front of children. When we have sex, we do it behind closed doors so that the children cannot see. We try not to swear around children, because they will pick up the language. Children imprint their parents behavior. The parents are the example. If you do it, they will do it. So when you smoke in front of children especially your own children, you are saying it’s okay for them to smoke. It’s going to be pretty hard to explain to them why they shouldn’t smoke when you are smoking yourself. Smoking in front of them is telling them you don’t care if you die from cancer and they are alone. If you’re going to kill yourself, you should do it behind closed doors and not let the children watch. I found it hard to watch my brother-in-law smoke at the family reunion. Even though he did not smoke in the immediate area of the children he was at least 50 feet away. But he was close enough for the children to see that he was smoking. Now the only way other relatives can convince their children, they shouldn’t smoke, is to say to them that uncle Bob smokes, but he’s fucking crazy. He doesn’t care if he dies before his grandchildren are born. He doesn’t care if his grandchildren have to watch him die slowly from cancer. Well we finally got smoking ban in the workplace, bars and restaurants. We got smoking ban from automobiles and parents who smoked in the house lost custody of their children. Parents who smoke in front of their children should also lose custody of their children. It is child abuse and everyone knows it.

This Fourth of July fireworks were going off everywhere. It was fairly warm so I open the windows. I have a Bionair hepa filter for my allergies. The HEPA filter has a sensor to detect the particles in the air and adjust the fan automatically. When I open the windows the hepa filter’s fan went on high showing a significant amount of pollution in the air. I have allergies and it’s very hard for me to breathe. If anyone would like to help me sue the city or even get in on a class action lawsuit let me know. The only reason why they allow fireworks on the Fourth of July is to make profits from the industry that sells these products and they care less about people with emphysema or allergies. Only a multimillion dollar lawsuit for more money then fireworks company’s can bribe politicians with, will get them to change the law.

The 4th of July, why are we celebrating?

Isn’t this the day our forefathers fought for freedom against British rule? How come we’re still living by British rules? What war did we fight so that our fellow men can pay taxes or be imprisoned? What war did we fight to force our children to go to school or be thrown in prison if we didn’t send them there? Didn’t we fight against slavery, why do we still have jobs working for the rich, when fruit grows on trees provided by God? Exactly what freedoms do we have over the British? Did anyone really fight it any war for the right to kill their own children and call it abortion? What war did we fight in for the right to kill our fellow Americans and call it self-defense, without a trial, jury or judge?

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