How the Slaves Won Their Freedom, August 25, 2014.

A lot of people think the rich white people just had a change of heart and decided to let the slaves go free. But the real truth is the slaves fought for their freedom. 200 years ago last Saturday was the slave revolt. Over 500 slaves formed a army or militia and fought for their freedom just outside New Orleans. The revolt didn’t last long, they did not have enough guns or ammunition. But it taught the blacks how to fight a war against the rich. Because it’s not the average white person who owned slaves, it’s the rich people and they don’t only enslave blacks, they enslave the poor white trailer trash, the Asians, the Mexicans the Indians anybody who is not rich like them.

Because it’s not really a race war, it’s a rich man poor man war. Even when the blacks became rich they enslaved the other blacks. And not all whites were racist, many of them fought for the blacks freedom. Even the church used to buy slaves to set them free, only to find out the slaves they freed, found it very profitable to enslave other blacks. The 500 slave army did not win their freedom in a war but it started the revolt. The real revolt started after the 500 slaves were killed and beheaded. The rich people would chop the hands-off the slaves, behead them, burn them and do all kinds of nasty things to them, to send a message to the slaves that they should not try to fight for their freedom. What all this did, was teach the slaves how to fight a war against the rich. The rich are good at killing people, beheading them, chopping their hands-off, torturing them, burning them alive to send a message and what a greater message to send to the rich. The slaves started to do the exact same things that the rich people did to them. The slaves fought back by chopping the hands off the rich people, beheading them, torturing them and burning them alive.

Most of the white people who bought slaves were not ruthless people. They were just taught that in a capitalistic society, rich people can afford to buy new houses, new clothing, new cars and slaves. But when the slaves started to fight back by killing and beheading their slave masters, it was pretty hard for the rich people to sell slaves. Who Wants to buy a slave who’s going to chop your head off and the heads of your children? Slaves were a lot of money, two hundred dollars back then for a slave, but if you invested $200 in gold at the same time that gold would’ve been worth more than $20,000 today. So a slave was like $20,000 in today’s money. Not even the middle class could afford slaves, only the rich business owners, could afford slaves.

I just came upon a book on a webpage called, “American Uprising, Slave Revolt” America’s forgotten slave revolt. It’s not forgotten the rich people don’t want those with jobs to start another fight for freedom. Because there is no difference between slavery and having a job and every rich person knows it. Every businessman knows it, that’s why they become businessmen, they don’t want to be slaves. The rich send their children to college to learn how to enslave the rest of mankind in jobs. They are made to believe if you own a business with 10,000 slave workers, you are at success. But in reality you have 10,000 people who wanted to chop your head off and the heads of your children. The only reason why they don’t do it is the rich are so well at making people believe that only insane people chop people’s heads off. Well it was the rich who started the practice of chopping peoples heads off. And there’s no one more insane than the rich chopping the heads off the poor so that they can remain rich. Chopping peoples heads off to gain freedom, is not insanity. It’s normal behavior. In fact it should be a constitutional right and should be written into the Constitution. If rich people do not want their heads chopped off, they will not start a business and give people jobs. Because everyone knows a job is slavery and a crime against humanity. Just like people learned it wasn’t a good idea to purchase slaves the people will learn it’s not a good idea to go to college and learn how to enslave others.

There is a link to the webpage of the American slave revolt below, read it and tell me your comments. Yes if you call me insane I will block your comments because there is no one more insane than the rich who do need to have their heads chopped off to be able to comprehend that jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. If there is any other way to teach the rich that jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity without chopping their heads off, please leave a comment below. Justice is supposed to start in the courtroom, but no one with a job has successfully sued in court the business owner who enslave them, even when they suffered severe job injury. When you cannot get any justice in court you have no other choice but to take the law into your own hands and every judge and lawyer knows this.

Yahoo question:

Is there any way to teach the rich, that jobs are crime against humanity, without chopping their heads off?

If you don’t chop the rich peoples heads off and screw a sign to their skull that says, “Force me to get a job now asshole” how are the rich going to learn? They’re certainly not going to be taught in a for-profit college or university, that is making millions teaching people how they can start a business and enslave others. Don’t let them take away your constitutional right to chop the heads off the millionaires businessman who enslave you with jobs. Remember there is no one more insane than a businessman who doesn’t believe jobs are slavery, a crime against humanity and that the Constitution of the United States gives the slaves a right fight for their freedom in a way they know how. Guns will not win freedom. The rich people just see guns as another way of making money and a way to keep men in bondage. Only fear of retaliation, fear of beheadings, will set the slaves free.

Please read this article on how the slaves revolted and won their freedom, by Daniel Rasmussen.


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