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I just watched the trials of Sheela Eddy And Rachel Shoaf on YouTube and it was such a joke it’s scary. Sheila sitting there like a sheep with her lawyer is not even defending her and she accepts full responsibility for what she did and then they give her life in prison. She might as well stood up and started throwing knives at the judge, she would’ve got the same amount of time. Then the judge orders her to pay $7000 for a funeral and $10 to the victims fund. This system is so corrupt it isn’t funny. $7000 for a funeral and supposedly the funeral only buried one bone, because that’s all they found and only 10 bucks to the victims fund? Is everybody in this world completely insane? First of all her plea of guilty should have never been accepted, because she admitted to smoking illegal marijuana during the murder. Skyler was no saint, she brought along with her a bong. This should really send a message to kids don’t smoke weed with your friends, they might stab you to death. Because they won’t be worried about going to prison or getting caught in fact they are so high on marijuana, they believe they can get away with murder. Not that people who do drugs believe they can fly, but it makes them believe they won’t get caught if they kill someone.

Therefore because she was smoking marijuana she had diminished capacity. She cannot plead guilty because she is not of a sound mind. Her lawyers didn’t even mention the fact that it was the marijuana that caused the two girls to murder their friend. We are all capable of murder but we don’t do it because we fear prison and what people think of us. When you smoke marijuana you don’t have that fear. It’s not that marijuana makes you violent it just makes you believe you can get away with murder. It makes you not worry about going to prison. It makes you not fear the consequences of your actions. That’s worse than making you violent. Alcohol acts in a similar manner and that’s why so many people commit crimes while under the influence of alcohol. They simply don’t care if they get caught or what people think of them and that’s why so many people can sing karaoke while drunk or after a few drinks. Being high on marijuana not only gives you a feeling that you won’t get caught, it also makes you feel that you don’t care if you get caught murdering someone. Pot smokers might even believe if they get caught, they will go to prison and smoke legalized medical marijuana for the rest of their life, at taxpayers expense.

The murder rate is only going to go up, until people realize marijuana causes people to kill people. They don’t bring up the marijuana at the trial because they are trying to push medical marijuana so they can shove billions of dollars up their anuses and that’s why Dr. Phil didn’t mention anything about the marijuana on his TV show. His son is a doctor who is no doubt going to profit from legalized marijuana.

But these girls were not even smoking legalize marijuana or medical marijuana. They were smoking that stuff they get off the street that is cut with crack cocaine, hallucinogenics and other toxic drugs. Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are given drugs to help kill villages full of women and children without feeling bad about it and the soldiers take the drugs and cut them with marijuana for profit. And we don’t even know what drugs they are and we can even test the four them because these drugs are national security, top secret government, war strategy. We know they are doing it because of movies like Jacob’s ladder where these soldiers were killed because they knew too much about how the government use drugs to get soldiers to kill people. This is why this is never mentioned in a trial. But I think the conspiracy goes further than that. My mother told me it was the Vietnamese and the Al Qaeda terrorist that gave drugs to Americans to destroy America and it seems to be working. I mean why go to war with America when you can simply legalize marijuana and get Americans to kill each other and then you don’t even bring it up in a trial. Thousands of children will be stabbing each other to death and Dr. Phil will be on his TV show saying it’s not the marijuana that my son is making millions of dollars on in his medical practice, they are social paths.

When you see a tragedy like this you have to learn from it. It’s not just a question of why these two girls murdered their friend but why God would let it happen. In Texas they have a saying that some people need a killing. My horoscope Said many Scorpios are murdered and I wouldn’t doubt that Scorpios are probably murdered more often than other signs of the zodiac. People who are the firstborn of families have certain personality traits, they are more likely to be leaders ordered dictators as they have younger brothers and sisters to boss around. The youngest in the family also has certain personality traits. People who are born the only child of a family like Skyler, also have personality traits. Jeffrey Dahmer was a only child. I still go to strip clubs and many strippers who I’ve met were the only child of a family. This is because when people become down on their luck they can’t move in with a brother or sister, they have to settle for a job as a stripper. They claim Skyler was happy all the time always giggling. To me people like that, generally giggle because their crazy and if they are the only child of a family they are more likely to be crazy. Skyler had no brothers and sisters because her parents murdered them by abortion and birth control. Yes it’s sad to be murdered by your friends but you have your brothers and sisters murdered by your parents by abortion and birth control is even worse. Nobody seems to be getting that message out of this murder.

The two girls must have assumed that no one would miss Skyler and she was murdered and they were partially right. She had no brothers and sisters. She was so desperate for friends that her friends had to kill her to get rid of her. They tried to break up with her several times and stay away from her, but that didn’t work. None of this was mentioned in the trial. It’s like they were railroaded by their lawyers, judges and prosecutors to support the marijuana industry along with the abortion clinics and psychotic Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil and his doctor’s sons, see nothing wrong with abortion. They figure if abortion was illegal, then Skyler’s parents would’ve had to kill Skylers brothers and sisters with knitting needles and that would have been fine with them. That’s why they made abortion legal, because women were stabbing their children to death with needing needles. The only crime these girls committed, is they didn’t lobby the Supreme Court to make it legal to kill your friends, who keep coming around with their marijuana bong , when you tell em not to.

I wanted to get more into the discussion of Skylers murder on twitter, but when I searched the hash tag #SkylerNeese there was only three tweets on Skyler. An old tweet that someone tweeted when she was still missing, a tweet that the girls should pay for what they did, probably tweeted by the prosecutor and the tweet of rest in peace, probably tweeted by one of the police officers who investigated the crime. No tweets by any of her family, no tweets by any schoolmates, no tweets by any of her friends. She had no friends, because people who are the only child of a family, are too needy and no one wants to hang around them. So if you believe in abortion and birth control and you only have one child, your child is more likely to be murdered and that’s the moral of the story. Oh and of course if you smoke weed with your friends, they are more likely to kill you, because they would not be worried about going to jail and marijuana might make them believe they can get away with murder. And don’t tell me marijuana doesn’t cause people to murder people. It makes them believe they can get away with murder and it also makes them not give a fuck if they get caught and every one of us would be a murderer, if we felt like that. Marijuana doesn’t have to make you violent to get you to murder someone and that’s why not only should never be legalized, but the punishment should be severe for smoking marijuana. People who are high are capable of killing you and this murder trial is proof.

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