What Alex Jones Followers Should Do, November 25, 2012.

I was watching some YouTube videos when I came across HistoryIsNOW’s channel and started watching some of her videos. This is a 20 year old girl who has been watching Alex Jones for five years and has become completely paranoid, depressed and most likely arrested by Homeland Security. People are worried about her, because she stopped posting videos after one video said “Removed by Homeland Security” a year ago. In her videos she talks about doing something, not just talking about a revolution, like Alex Jones does. You can’t do that or you will be arrested. The FBI can’t wait till they find somebody who says, they want to blow up the White House and then they send undercover agents over, posing as anarchist, to say, “we will help you blow up the White House, we will provide you with a van and explosives all you have to do is drive it.” And then the undercover FBI will give you a van with fake explosives in it and wait till you drive it, so they can arrest you for being a terrorist and they can get a promotion and look like a hero because they stopped a 20-year-old girl, made paranoid by Alex Jones, from blowing up the White House.

I had the FBI over at my house telling me I can’t advocate violence, when all I was doing was teaching people self defense, which is advocating violence. The military advocates violence when they teach people how to shoot guns and blow stuff up. But I was just teaching people their constitutional right to defend themselves if a NRA gun owner, makes them fear for their life. The Constitution gives us the right to kill them and if gun owners don’t want to die, then they will not carry a gun. Furthermore, it is the word of a dead NRA gun owner, against the person who killed them in self defense. This is why I did not go over to my sisters house for Thanksgiving dinner last Thanksgiving, because my two brother inlaws are NRA gun owners and I might have killed them and claimed it was self-defense. They own guns and I feared for my life and the Constitution gives me a right to defend myself with flamethrower, knife, sledgehammer or even another gun, etc.

What Alex Jones needs to tell his followers, is that they should do nothing illegal. A revolution is not going to change anything. The people in power are not going to let you start a revolution. It’s not like it was in George Washington’s day, where he could gather hundreds of people together in a church and talk about revolution against the British. They did not have phone taps and the British did not have that many spies. You cannot have a group of more than three people together without one of them being FBI, CIA, KGB, government Spy. We are still in the wake-up stage where we are still waking people up to what’s going on in the world. It’s not about waking up half the population and have them war against the other half of brainwashed sheep. It’s about waking everybody up to what’s going on in the world. The Bible says God is not willing that any should be lost. All of us are the children of God, even Hitler or George Bush.

In the end of World War II they wanted to arrest Hitler’s henchmen. But his generals said we were only following orders, we didn’t do anything illegal, immoral and we had no other choice. It was either do what Hitler said or be killed. We are in that same world where the FBI, Homeland security and military soldiers have to do what the dictator in power say, or they will not have a job. They will not be able to feed their children.

The Bible says that there are only eight men in power holding the rest of the world in slavery. There’s only eight men at the top of the pyramid that are making the 6 billion inhabitants of the earth’s into slaves. God is not willing that any should perish, but these eight kings or presidents. They will be thrown into the lake of fire and be burned and tortured forever and forever. The rest of mankind are not guilty, they are only doing their jobs.

I think Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura or David Icke, because they got the money and the radio shows they should call up homeland security and say they are doing a welfare check on HistoryIsNOW to find out what happened to her. I’m sure she was arrested because Alex Jones made her all paranoid and she went out and did something illegal. You can’t let your followers do things like that. We are still in the talking enlightenment stage not at the point of revolution and you can’t advocate violence, unless it’s self-defense.

Now that said I will talk about my Thanksgiving dinner this year. Because I was about to go to prison for killing my other brother in law Ed Militello. I would rather spend the rest of my life in prison for killing people like that, even if I got the death penalty, then living in a world with people like that. His wife, my sister was talking about how she had to block my niece that lives in Las Vegas because she was telling everyone to vote for Obama, because Mitt Romney wanted to cancel her food stamps. And he started going on and on about the reason why we are $15 trillion in debt, is because of all these people on food stamps and collecting disability. Which I happen to be on, but I’d rather spend my life in prison for slitting his throat with a knife, than be on disability, just to brag about it to other prison inmates.

My brother-in-law and sister are part of the 1% of the rich who are not interested in hearing the stories of the poor. And when I try to educate them they block their ears, block their Facebook page and they don’t want to hear it. They just want to live in their 350,000 house on the lake, drive their $60,000 RV down to Florida like they do every winter and stay in a expensive park by the ocean, where they can talk to other rich people about why the country is going downhill because all the people on welfare and they don’t want to open their ears to the truth. They don’t want to hear about the thousands of people living around the Ford rouge plant who are on disability and food stamps because the Ford factory puts out so much toxic pollution that none of them can breathe, they all have asthma or COPD. These people are told by the doctors who work at Henry Ford’s hospital, that their breathing problems are hereditary. And they believe the doctors, because their parents live in the Same polluted city and they all have breathing difficulties. All the people in power know these people are disabled from the pollution put out by the Ford rouge plant but it’s cheaper to pay these people disability and give them food stamps then it is to have the Ford automobile plant, spend billions of dollars on pollution control.

This is because they put such a low value on human suffering. Ford should be forced to pay every person who has a breathing difficulty $1 trillion and anyone who doesn’t think they should pay them that kind of money, should be forced to live in the polluted city by the Ford’s rouge plant for the rest of their lives and their children and grandchildren should be forced to live in that same city the rest of their lives. It should be far cheaper for Ford to spend the billions of dollars on pollution control. My brother-in-law doesn’t even want these people to get food stamps, he thinks they’re cheating the system and taken money out of Ford’s pocket. He has to die. It’s not about killing the people in the White House, it’s okay for those people to be ignorant, they don’t vote for themselves. It’s not about the people who live by the Ford rouge plant should move. Those people were born there, their parents were born there, their grandparents were born there before Henry Ford was born. My father was born in Detroit in 1914, his father lived there before Henry Ford drove the first automobile. They rode horses down 7 mile and Van Dyke. It’s not about me moving, it’s about the automobile companies either moving or paying the people for their suffering that they caused. And it’s not about the automobile companies determining how much these people should be paid. If the people believe they should be paid $1 trillion for their suffering, then $1 trillion is what they should be paid. If the automobile companies don’t want to pay it, they should move.

I think you all know my story that the big three automobile company, doesn’t have enough money to pay for my job injury and if anyone thinks they do, they will die in the revolution. Because that’s what happens to evil people in a just revolution. But let me tell you about my niece in Las Vegas that is dependent on food stamps where people in my family, think are cheating the system.

My sister had gotten a divorce and it devastated the family. She lost her house, her car and she had to support two kids with her job at the grocery store. She had no time to cook dinner with her job, so the kids ate unhealthy bag food every day from Mc Donald’s etc. so they had poor diet and became overweight. They lost their houses and had to change schools. They lost their father from the divorce. They could not afford to go to college and become doctors and lawyers. The baggage from that kind of upbringing prevents you from getting a good job and those kind of people end up depending on welfare. They had a hard upbringing, the welfare office tried to take the kids away several times. They will always have emotional baggage that prevents them from holding down steady work, unless they go through years of therapy. My nephew fared pretty well because he was older when the divorce happened, but my niece ended up getting pregnant at an early age, because she came from a dysfunctional family. I can go on and on about what kind of bad of bringing they had, but the point is they are not freeloaders and people like my brother-in-law Ed Militello has to die, because he doesn’t want to listen to the truth and his ignorance is causing the suffering and deaths of thousands of people. People are dying from the pollution of the Ford rouge plant and all he has to say is they should not be collecting food stamps while their dying.

So I went out to the bar the other day and talk to several bikers about how my brother-in-law had to die to save the world, and either I was going to have to kill him or kill myself and they said don’t worry, they’ll take care of it. There’s nothing my brother-in-law can do now, once he put up his hands at that Thanksgiving dinner and said I don’t want to hear it, he chose death for himself. His ignorance has already caused the suffering and deaths of thousands of people.

Even if they kill him and the FBI comes and arrests me for setting it up, I will be proud to spend the rest of my life in prison and brag to fellow prison inmates, how I killed some asshole, who didn’t think the people who are dying from the pollution of the Ford rouge plant, should be paid a trillion dollars each, for their suffering and that money should come out of the pockets, of every person who purchases a Ford automobile product.

The FBI should post a comment on HistoryIsNOW’s channel of what happened to her, so that other people don’t go out and react thinking the worst, that she was killed by the FBI to shut her up. And if they FBI finds my brother-in-law Ed Militello dead, they should question the liberty riders, renegades, vigilantes, highwaymen, motorcycle gangs, because they promised they would be happy to kill him for me, at no cost, so that I would not have to commit suicide.

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