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Gun Nut Shootings, August 9, 2012.

Well there’s been a lot of shooting lately the Sikh Temple, Colorado theater and on a princess cruise ship in Detroit. A woman shot several people on a princess party ship in Detroit. It’s nice that shootings are equal opportunity and women are starting to become just as much psychopath as the men. The GunNuts think the government is behind the shootings. There’s thousands of shootings every day and GunNuts think every one of them is a government conspiracy. I will agree on some things, as everyone tries to benefit out of the shootings by twisting the truth. Monday I went to Wade Michael Page’s MySpace page and listen to his music. They are claiming he is a white supremacist, but none of his music was racist. It was all antiestablishment music. Wade Michael Page was talking about how the system made him into a slave. How we all are slaves. None of his music was racist. Then the government took down his MySpace page and started planning propaganda of what they said his songs said. This is how the government is twisting what he said to their benefit. If anything the shootings are plotted and planned by the gun lobby so they can pass laws to make it legal to carry guns in theaters, Starbucks and temples throughout the United States. The number 14 has nothing to do with racism. A few weeks ago I talked to a national security agent and told him how the number 14 represented the Timothean religion, as it was a perfect number according to Philo on numerology. The number 14 is twice seven and makes a perfect number. That fact has been established for over 5000 years. The other religions like Christianity and Judaism are less-than-perfect because Judaism uses the number 13 and Christianity uses the number 12. In Christianity there are 12 months of the year, 12 apostles 12 and in a dozen. In Judaism there is 13 in a Jewish dozen, 13 months of the year and they have 13 angels presiding over them. So national security is trying to demonize the number 14 because national security is the devil that tries to demonize what is good and make evil look justifiable. Enough about the number 14 because the ignorant will just try to demonize it further, sealing their fate in the lake of fire. The Jews are running this country because there are 13 stars and stripes in the original American flag and the eagle holds a branch with 13 leaves on the back of the dollar bill. Navy ships still use the 13 Stars & Stripes. This is how the Jews are using 13 in their symbolism to show their power and control.

The GunNuts claimed the Columbine shooting was planned by the government to ban guns. But the fact is guns were not banned after the Columbine shooting. The only thing that came out of the Columbine shooting was the stand your ground laws, proving the gun lobby was behind the Columbine shooting and the shootings are to promote their agendas.

They tried to say a cop saved lives by killing Wade Michael Page. And GunNuts everywhere were praising the officer. But the fact is Wade Michael Page committed suicide. The fact about these shootings is, Wade Michael Page might’ve only killed one or two people and the rest of the people might’ve been killed by the cop, trying to put him down. Cops kill people all the time and part of blue code of silence, is to cover it up and make it look like the shooter did all the killing. This is why police officers are against bullet numbering. Bullet numbering will show police kill more people than they save with lethal weapons. I would not doubt if Wade Michael Page only killed two people and the cop shot the other four, trying to put him down. But cops are not going to say they killed innocent bystanders and the blue code of silence will cover for them as all the other cops will agree that it was the shooter that killed them all. This is what happened at Waco. Most of the ATF agents that were killed at Waco, were killed by friendly fire, that was covered up and made to look like David Koresh killed them with his shotgun. GunNuts just don’t want to admit that their guns kill more innocent people, than they save. If the police officer had a gun with rubber bullets he might have been able to shoot earlier, without worrying about hitting innocent bystanders trying to take the gunmen down. In this case the police officer having a lethal weapon costs him a few seconds time and ended up costing peoples Lives. I wonder how the Sikh’s would feel if some of their people were killed by the cops gun when they know a cop could have used rubber bullets and saved a few lives by shooting earlier.

One gun owner told me he had a business and carried a lot of money so he needed a gun. He said he was never robbed, but his gun prevented him from being robbed. He doesn’t realize his gun almost got him killed. He told me how someone followed him to the bank, so he took out his gun and put it on the seat and the person saw the gun and did not rob him. That is brandishing a weapon and that person could have killed him and that would’ve been self defense. The person following him could’ve been an off duty cop, that wanted to make sure he got to the bank safely. Showing the person the weapon, could’ve convinced the person to shoot first, before robbing, if he was a armed robber. This guy is lucky he did not get killed by showing his gun. If a robber knows a liquor store owner is armed, he’s going to shoot the liquor store owner first and then rob them. Gun owners claim that all the criminals have guns, so they need them, if it was true we would have a lot of dead law abiding gun owners.

My nephews are all brainwashed by the NRA. They posted a sign on Facebook from a fellow sarcastic GunNut that said, “to all hunters who kill animals for food, shame on you: you ought to go to the store and buy the meat that was made there, where no animals were harmed” and they made a joke about sending it to Jay Leno, as if killing animals that are running for their life with guns or bow & Aero, is more humane than killing them at a meat processing plant. I am sure all these NRA hunting gun nuts, are going to testify a James Holmes trial, how shooting the people in the theater, as they were screaming in pain and running for their lives, is more humane then the way we kill animals, in meat processing plants. You have to be a complete anti-social psychopath to think hunting down animals with guns, is just as humane as killing them in a meat processing plant. Maybe all gun owners have to be shot, as they are running and screaming for their lives, before they see something wrong with it. Gun owners need to ask the Colorado theater, and Sikh temple survivors, if running for your life as someone is shooting at you, is a better way to die, than in a meat processing plant. I don’t think they see a difference, based on the sign the sarcastic GunNut made.

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