The Shark Tank Billion-Dollar Idea, December 1, 2012.

My idea is to go on the shark tank with a semi automatic weapon and make this a better world by blowing all the scum away. Once all these sharks are killed, the rest of us can became become rich. They control the flow of merchandise of what can be sold and what can’t on QVC, distributors etc. One guy had a patent that he got from another guy for $5000, that could never get his merchandise on the shelf. These sharks act as if the people who come up with the inventions should get squat and because they control distribution they should make millions. A lot of great ideas and inventions never make it to the public. Does anyone watch this show of these scum bags offer people $10,000 for 90% of their great idea and their years of hard work? The Navy SEALs should not be going after Bin Laden, they should’ve went after Mr. Wonderful. The other day a lady started a successful business making delicious covered pretzels and Mr. Wonderful says, “what’s stopping me from putting $400,000 next to your pretzels and asking anyone out there who can make these pretzels for $400,000, there is nothing proprietary about it?” How is this idiot rich? There’s nothing proprietary about pizza, it is some dough with some cheese and there are hundreds if not thousands of pizza stores. But only a few of them make great tasting pizzas. Mr. Wonderful will never make great tasting pretzels, even if this woman gave him the recipe. Because Mr. Wonderful is so attached to making money, that he would take her recipe and say, “boy I can save money by using artificial chocolate on these pretzels, I can save even more money by using frozen dough” and he would not even sell one pretzel.

It’s not about what’s proprietary in pretzels or pizza, it’s who’s making the pizza or pretzels. Buddies makes the best pizza in Detroit, it taste time times better than Domino’s pizza. I’m not even sure how Domino’s pizza became rich and successful, but if you got a good tasting product, you’re going to sell it. Having the recipe for pizza or pretzels is not going to make you rich. You have to know at what temperature to cook the pretzels and for how long. You have to know how to make the dough and how long you should let it rise for. You have to know what kind of chocolate, cheese, ingredients to buy and how much of those ingredients to put in your product.

Even if Mr. Wonderful had the recipe for buddies pizza, he could not reproduce it for a $1 million dollars. Hundreds of people have purchased buddies pizza, took hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own cash and tried to reproduce it and they couldn’t do it. But Mr. Wonderful, you think you can, so why don’t you prove to the world you can buy a buddies pizza, throw a lot of money at it, call it “Mr. Wonderful’s pizza” and see if you can become more successful than Buddies.

The guy who owned buddies pizza sold the pizza business, the Buddies name and the recipe. The people who bought it, started using cheaper ingredients, so they can fatten their profits and Buddies pizza went down the tube. But the guy who started Buddies pizza, went out and opened “Luis pizza” and Luis pizza became more famous and profitable than Buddies. Then he sold Luis pizza to a shark, who thought he could make money by using cheaper ingredients and cutting corners. The guy who started Buddies pizza and Luis pizza sold both of his pizza businesses to sharks who thought they could make money and He opened Shields pizza.

Now shields pizza, is better than Louis or Buddies pizza and now everyone knows, if they want good tasting pizza, they have to find the pizza store that is owned by the guy who started Buddies, Louise and Shield pizza. All these pizzas look the same, because these were started by the same owner who sold the recipe and the restaurants, but only the owner seems to know how to cook.

You can’t give someone a recipe for pie and expect the pie taste delicious, they have to know how to cook and some cooks are better than others. The reason why Buddies and Louise is now failing, is because they were probably purchased by Mr. Wonderful who would think, “we can make more money by using canned olives, frozen dough and artificial cheese.” Keywords Mr. Wonderful, the shark tank, business, pizza, pretzels, buddies, Shields, Rich, Navy SEALS © Copyright 1996-2012 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.