There Is No Evil. Sexual Education R Rated, December 7, 2013.

Because God is good, there can be no evil. The good God did not create evil. Evil was thought to come out of ignorance. But ignorance is not evil nor is it the cause of evil. Evil comes from the teacher of lies. There is the teacher of truth and there is the teacher of lies. All evil comes from the teacher of lies. There is no red devil with a pitchfork or any supernatural evil. There are simply people who teach lies for power, wealth and to manipulate people for sexual gratification.

The teacher of truth teaches the philosophical reason for remaining a virgin until you get married. Not the religious reason why you should remain a virgin until you get married, but the truth about remaining a virgin, until you get married. The teacher of lies, teaches lies for sexual gratification, power and wealth. The teacher of truth teaches, the test of love is to remain a virgin until marriage. If you love me, you will wait until we get married before we have sex. If the person is welling to remain a virgin until you get married then that person passes the test of love.

The teacher of lies teaches the opposite. The liar teaches, “if you love me you will have sex with me before we get married”. Now we know this is a lie, because many people are manipulated into having sex and the person never calls afterwards. Some women even end up pregnant and the man leaves them afterwards. But he lied to have sex, by saying if you love me you’ll have sex before we get married and after sex, he leaves like Charlie Sheen from two and a half men.

Love begets love, hate begets hate, evil begets evil and lies lead to more lies. What first started out as a lie to have sex, then leads to child murder. The woman who was manipulated into having sex by a lie, becomes pregnant at a young age and is forced to murder her child by way of abortion. You might say abortion is not murder, but that is simply another lie, that came from the first lie, of manipulating someone into having sex.

The more women who are manipulated into having sex by lies, the more women become pregnant. The more women become pregnant, the more they demand abortion as a right. What is and always was child murder, becomes perfectly legal, because everyone’s doing it. What was immoral, becomes moral, because everyone’s doing it.

Instead of teaching the truth in our public schools about remaining a virgin until marriage to prevent child murder, they teach lies that murdering children is perfectly legal and sex before marriage is okay if you use birth control. Because even if you do become pregnant, you can always have a “legal abortion”. But these are lies that lead to murder, death, suffering and evil.

No one knows what love is because of the teacher of lies. Once a person is taught lies there is no more room for truth to set in. Once they teach them the lie of evolution we can’t teach the truth of God’s creation. Did Leonardo da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa or did it evolve from specks of pain being splattered on canvas? If you have colleges and universities and professors teaching how specks of paint evolved on this piece of canvas by way of biology and science into the Mona Lisa, then the people will accept the lie that the Mona Lisa was not painted, it simply evolved out of nothing, just like the rest of the world. There’s no creator of the Mona Lisa, its science and biology that random dots of paint splattered on this canvas creating the Mona Lisa. You must believe whatever is taught at that college earth that university or you must be an idiot. Because the institutions teach that whoever doesn’t accept whatever they teach, is an idiot. So the institutions are teaching lies that lead to more lies, child murder, death and suffering.

Homosexuality had once been thought of as being evil. But great morality has came out of the gay-rights agenda. The gay card was used to manipulate people into having sex. Men would ask women for sex and when they said no they would be accused of being a lesbian. I’ve even had a few women accuse me of being gay because I didn’t want to have sex with them. I don’t know how many homophobic men had sex with fat, ugly looking women with green shit dripping out of their pussy, just because the woman said, “if you don’t have sex with me, it means you’re gay”. Thumbs up the video if you had sex with someone to prove to them that you weren’t gay. But now with the gay movement going on, that lie or manipulation doesn’t work anymore. Women says, “if you don’t have sex with me you must be gay” and it’s no big deal anymore to say no to sex. Maybe I’m gay that’s why I don’t I have sex with you, or maybe it’s because you’re fat, ugly and got green shit dripping out of your pussy, but who cares the gays have come out of the closet and it’s no big deal anymore. There’s still a lot of white women having sex with black men, to prove to them that they’re not racist, but women are getting smarter to the lies and manipulation for sex.

Because I’m a man of truth I’m kind of a late bloomer in the sex revolution. It took me three weeks to figure out this woman had made a pass at me. The woman says, “my name is and my husband is gay”. Three weeks I’m thinking analyzing This. This is telling me more about the woman then it’s telling me about her husband. This woman is fairly attractive, then why is her husband gay? Is she a bitch or did she have green shit dripping out of her pussy? Because she is saying her husband would rather stick his penis in that old dudes anus. All I can think of is I’m glad I wasn’t married to this bitch, because I don’t want to be gay. But then I realized maybe this was simply a pickup line. This woman probably isn’t even married. She just thought this was the perfect pickup line that basically says I’m looking for sex but I’m not looking for a relationship. Last year I went in the bar and a woman sits next to me and before she says her name or asked me my name she says, “would you like to stick your finger in my ass?” I didn’t know if it was a pickup line or if I was on candid camera. I started looking around for cameras and that guy to come out from that TV show, “What Would You Do?”

My parents were separated when I was there young so I was raised mostly by my mother and seven sisters. It was too much of a age gap between me and my brothers. So everything I learned about sex or women comes from what I’ve learned out there in the world. And most of what you are taught in the world is crap. It’s bullshit. It’s the teacher of lies teaching lies. But once in a while someone teaches you some truth in it sticks.


One guy worked in a funeral home. And you would think that most of the people who die are old people. But this guy told me something that you will not learn in school or on TV or even your parents teach you. In fact I was kind of young for this guy to even be telling me this. But it bothered him and he had to get it off his chest. I was like eight years old when he told me this. He said a lot of people who come into the funeral home are young beautiful women who died from drug overdoses, suicides or by being raped and murdered. For a long time this bothered me because I couldn’t comprehend it. But most of this type of evil comes out of the lies and manipulation that is used to manipulate people into having sex. These women are raped by men that don’t know how else to get a sexual partner. These women are given drugs by men to manipulate them into having sex. These women are committing suicide because men have lied to them for sex. These women are dying from abortions and even birth control pills. Birth control pills can kill you. They can cause blood clots. You can die from an abortion. The main reason for the high rate of deaths of young beautiful women, is because truth is not taught about sex.

One guy told me he gets laid every time he goes to the bar. He simply goes to every woman and asked them if they want to fuck, until he finds one that says yes. I wouldn’t recommend that but if that works, why not just say “I think you’re very attractive and if you’re available I would like to have sex with you”. I mean what’s the worse she can say, “get lost creep” or maybe tell her girlfriends and they might point their finger at you and giggle. I wouldn’t go what the do you want to fuck line, because if her boyfriend or husband is around it could get violent. But why do people have to have these stupid pickup lines? Would you like to have coffee? Oh no thank you coffee keeps me up all night. No I mean coffee, coffee, coffee, get it? Im making a pass at you. I mean come on. What’s with the, “my wife is a lesbian” try to figure out that that’s a pass. I mean you don’t have to use the word “sex”, you can use the word “laid”. And if you don’t have the confidence to be honest, try saying something like “you’re very attractive, if you’re available, I’d like to do you”. Then if she seems angry you can repeat yourself and say I meant “I like to dance, do you.” But even then you’re risking losing an opportunity for sex if she didn’t know “do you” meant sex.

So I’m at the bar and a guy sits down next to me with his female friend and he says his female friend will have sex with me. So I look at her and she nodded yes I will. And I’m like, I don’t know how to get out of this. Why don’t we start over and you ask me if I would like to have sex with your female friend, so I can answer “no thank you.” I really don’t remember how I got out of it but it was very awkward. I just didn’t get why this guy thought I wanted to have sex with his female friend. Or maybe it wasn’t even that, maybe she wanted to have sex with me. But why didn’t she ask me if I want to have sex with her? Okay so maybe she had a fear of rejection or she didn’t have the confidence to ask, but it would have been far easier for her to ask me so I can politely decline. Because nothing could’ve been worse than using the technique that they used. There was no room for me to say no thank you, because no question was asked. No matter what I said, was gonna make things less comfortable for her. I don’t want to have sex with you. There’s no room in that reply to stick in a thank you. They made a statement that required a statement as a reply. Furthermore, if this women did not have the confidence to ask me for sex, it would almost be like rape, if I had sex with her. Did she consent to having sex, no her male friend said she wanted to have sex with me, and then she nodded yes or she was a bobble head doll. I don’t know. Maybe he was pulling her hair.

It’s just like learning how to kiss or smile. You have to practice kissing your hand or looking in the mirror and practice smiling. Or singing karaoke. You practice at home until you got enough confidence to go out and try it in public. Or simply drink plenty of beer. “You’re very attractive, if you’re single I wouldn’t kick you out of bed.” I’m not looking for sex and I’m not gay but thank God for the gay rights movement because now I can say no to sex without feeling like I’m gay.

When I was a younger I did a survey on what pickup lines work best and my roommate who was female said the best pickup line was, “I just got out of prison and I haven’t had sex in 15 years”. She said that would work even if the woman thought you were ugly and didn’t want have sex with you. She would have sex with you for sheer pity’s sake. Post your pickup lines below I think people are making passes at me and their all going over my head. I really thought that woman had a gay husband and the “do you want to stick your finger in my anus?” Is making me wonder if the world is really went that far down the tubes or were these people joking? It’s not as if I want to use any of these pickup lines, I just want to know what the hell people are trying to say to me. And who knows, maybe we can negotiate. I don’t believe in sex before marriage and I’m definitely not into anal sex because of the bacteria and germs and it just don’t seem right. But if you’re very attractive and maybe I might want to see you naked and I don’t see anything wrong with masturbation. Amazingly the Mormon church actually taught vaginal sex as being evil sin and anal sex as being okay. But there we go again with the teacher of lies causing evil.

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