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The law. If I said, “I won’t see anyone else, if you don’t see anyone else” and you agree to that it is a commitment that became a rule and a rule can be considered a law. As long as you follow these rules, as long as you and I follow these laws, we are in a relationship.

The last video made divorce look impossible with the vow to God until death do you part. But that part should be taken out of the marriage vows. Divorce is breaking a vow that you made and is breaking one of the 10 Commandments that hurts God and your children. However there are other commandments that hold more weight than breaking a vow. Breaking the vow is considered to be like lying. You said you would do this, but you didn’t.

The commandment “do not kill” holds more weight than the commandment of do not commit adultery or do not lie. If you’re marriage is so bad that you’re ready to kill someone, then it’s better to get a divorce. People have killed their spouses because they thought divorce was against God’s law. But murder is also against God’s law and so is suicide. If you’re ready to kill yourself because your marriage is so bad, then it’s better to get a divorce. God will forgive you.

Divorce hurts your children, but if your spouse is abusive and he’s hurting your children, then they would be better off with the divorce. If your spouse is smoking weed or doing other illegal activities that could cause you to lose custody of your children, then divorce is acceptable. My niece recently became separated because her significant others eating habits were so terrible they were rubbing off on the children. If the children would be better off with a divorce, then divorce is acceptable. If your spouse leaves loaded guns laying around the house that is a danger for your children. Divorce is acceptable.

The marriage vows should be changed from, “until death do you part” to “do you take this man to be your husband, until he becomes a risk to the health and safety of you or your children”. You can’t change people, but people do change. People can become addicted to drugs and alcohol the drugs and alcohol could make them violence and so they are not the person you married.

A neighbor just got recently divorced, but they did not need to. The woman’s son live with them and another neighbor complained that the son made to much noise. The walls are paper thin and you can hear people climbing up and down the stairs. These neighbors are friends. Men have this saying, “Brows before hoes”. Friends are more important than relationships, because they think they can always get another woman, but a good friend is hard to find. I don’t think the one neighbor realized he made the couple break up by telling him his wife’s son had to go. And I don’t think he realized it was his neighbors complaining, that convinced him he had to tell his wife, that her son had to move out. Her son was 18. But you just can’t kick someone out of your house. Women are going to choose their children over their husbands. I would have let the kid stay at my house before kicking him out on the street.

They were both right. If her son had to go, she had to go with him. But he was right also, he could not live with her son anymore. Sooner or later, one of them might have killed the other. I’ve had roommates and I’ve been to that point where I know I can’t live with someone anymore, they have to move out before I kill them or they kill me.

I don’t think she realizes what she was doing to her son either. That has to cause him some pain, to feel like he broke up his mother’s marriage. The solution would’ve been to help the son find another place to live. Help him get his own apartment or rent out a room somewhere. And they would only have to pay his rent until he got a job or something. He was 18 but you can’t just can’t kick him out of the house, if he doesn’t have a job, you have to support him until he gets one. He’s her son.

My father took me back in when I was 32 and supported me for four years when I was injured. That’s what parents are supposed to do. If he could not live with her son, she should have accepted that and that her son might even be in danger, if she forced him to stay. However, he should have been willing to pay rent for her son to stay somewhere else. Actually, he’s retired and she has the job, so she would be paying for her sons rent mostly. But if he would rather live alone then support her son, that’s his decision. If I was her, I would not reconcile the divorce unless he was either willing to pay her sons rent somewhere else or let him move back home. Because it wasn’t about him not being able to live with her son, it was about him not willing to pay rent money, for somebody he knew he could not live with. It was about money. He is cheap.

Now when my sisters was married by the justice of the peace so that might be just considered a piece of paper. There really was no vow to God, her husband an atheist. But in a divorce even in that case the children must be considered whether it’s going to benefit them or not. © Copyright 1996-2013 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.