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Just wanted to give a warning to women that men will lie to have sex. Sometimes if you ask them if they’re single, they lie and say they are. Just because that very question, means they might have a chance of getting laid. That’s why you’re supposed to remain a virgin until you get married because that’s the test of love. There’s really no other way to tell if a person is lying to you, just to get you into bed. Most men if you tell them that you like them or simply asked them if they got a girlfriend there gonna say no, even if they have one because they want to get laid. That’s the only way to find out if he really loves you and is not just trying to get in your pants. Yes it’s old-fashioned, but it’s also the only way you can guarantee you’re not going to be left alone raising your child or being forced to murder your child by way of abortion, if you become pregnant. Which happens to millions of women by the way. People who believe in premarital sex are more likely to believe in affairs or having sex with strangers. There’s a guy who wrote a song called “American woman” and basically his belief is he would not even a marry an American woman, because just for the fact they live in America they already have been conditioned to premarital sex and adultery. There is a lot of truth in that song. You can’t meet Mr. Right because you had premarital sex.

Elaine Bennis from Seinfeld will never meet Mr. Right. She believes in abortion, she has all male friends, females don’t like her because they think she’s a whore. It’s like the strippers at the strip club, who think they are dancers. If you’re taken off your clothing for money, your stripper. I don’t care what kind of title your boss gave you of a dancer. I actually met a woman who walked down 8 mile Road, it is a strip where hookers walk down, with short shorts, John’s would ask her for a date and give her money for sex, and she didn’t think she was a hooker. She just thought she was doing them a favor and they were doing her one. She would get in their car and say she needed money for rent, food or clothing they would say how much, and if they did her a favor, she would do them one. People would call her a hooker and even sometimes she would ask the John’s if they though she was a hooker and they would say, “oh no, you’re not a hooker, if I do you’ll favor and pay your electric bill, will you give me a BJ?” People are not really stupid, it’s just that when there is so many people telling lies, no one knows what the truth is. I didn’t know how to tell the girl she was a hooker because she would think that I was just calling her names. So I told her to start going to church, so she could learn how the devil had tricked her. There’s a lot of women who believe you have to have sex with men to get a boyfriend or a husband, when in fact it’s exactly the opposite. Women don’t like to be called a murderer, but there’s no other way to tell them abortion is wrong. So they simply think you’re evil for calling them a murderer.

You want to make sure the person believes in God. There is an atheist woman that thought I was going to get married to her. I thought is this woman crazy she is an atheist. I would slit my wrists before he married an atheist. A marriage between an atheist and a person that believes in God will never work. Some people believe they can change people. But you can’t. If they are to stuck on their religious beliefs the marriage is not going to work. Asked them, “if Jesus came down from heaven and told you to your face that he never died on the cross, would you believe him or tell him that he is lying?” If they say that must be the devil trying to deceive them, leave them.

You want to make sure the person isn’t violent before you go out on a date. Ask them what kind of movies they like. Do they like Scarface? What kind of sports do they like? Do they like wrestling or boxing? Some people claim wrestling is not violent because it’s fake. Take a anatomical correct doll and a pair of scissors and cut its penis off before them, if they cringe, then you know it doesn’t matter if it’s fake. If they like hockey, they are a violent person. Hockey isn’t fake. When that player swung that hockey stick into the other players teeth, that was real blood coming out. You don’t want your five-year-old daughter sitting next to her father as he’s watching a hockey game, which she sees some guy get hit in the face with a hockey stick and her father saying “oh cool”. She’s going to know her father is a fuckin psycho and she might grow up thinking it’s some guy hits her in the face with a hockey stick, it means he must love her. Do they own a gun. If they say they own a gun for protection asked them if the gun uses rubber bullets or if they half to kill someone. If they have to kill someone, without a trial, jury or judge they might kill you, when they find someone prettier. Men will murder for sex. That’s why we have war. You don’t want to marry a warmonger I don’t care if he believes he’s defending his country. The fact is wars are fought because the military-industrial complex is profiting by it. You don’t want to marry a gun nut who will leave loaded guns around for your children to shoot themselves with.

You don’t want to date a drug addict. Ask them if they smoke weed. If they say yes as then ask if they can quit. If they can’t quit, they’re a drug addict. A woman with two children had a husband that smoked weed. If those children would have gotten a hold of that weed and took it to school, or ate, it she would’ve lost custody of her children. Talk to them before you date them. It’s not worth losing custody of your children to smoke weed. Even though millions of people smoke it, don’t date someone who breaks the law or they could end up in prison and you can end up alone. Ask them if they drink and how much they drink. They might lie about their drinking but this is something to check into.

There are three parts to love. One is the caring, the second part is the biological body chemistry reaction. Your brain releases drugs and chemicals that actually changes your body chemistry to make you believe you’re in love. This is done by biology. The biological changes that take place are caused by touch. And that’s the mystery of the holy Grail in the song along comes Mary. When they realize that such a tender touch as hers will make them not the same. Don’t let someone touch you, it will change your body chemistry. You don’t even need someone to talk to to change your body chemistry. Being in the same room with a person can change your body chemistry. This is why you feel good when you’re around some people and you feel fearful around others. This woman had made me fall in love with her by simply putting her hand on my back. I didn’t know what she was doing what I can tell my brain was releasing drugs. And love is an amazing drug. There is something like 12 different chemicals your brain releases. But reason can override that love. And it may not make you fall in love with that person. In fact I kind of hated that girl because I felt like I was tricked. She knew what she was doing. This drug is short-lived and that’s why many marriages fail. The chemical bond is the female part, mother nature’s way of binding to people together.

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The third part of love is the male part. It’s the analytical part . It’s the law. A marriage certificate is a legal document binding people together by law. Many people don’t believe in marriage because they think that this is just a piece of paper. But it’s more than just a piece of paper. A priest performs the holy union. It’s a holy marriage. The priest binds you to gather by God’s law. The marriage vow is really a vow to God, that you will take that person until death do you part. It’s also a vow to the other person, and a vow to your future children if you plan to have any that you will love their father or mother until death. When people get divorced and they don’t realize they are not only breaking their vow to God, but they are hurting their children. My sister got a divorce because her husband had a midlife crisis inside he can meet some younger chick. It was an ignorant mistake driven by lust. But she’s sensitive and she was hurt and divorced him. She put no thought into what kind of pain that would cause her daughter or son. And believe it or not even causes God pain. You broke his vow. You don’t need to break your vow to God just because your spouse has broken their vow to God. They will have to deal with God later. Many people hurt us in our lifetimes and the only thing we can do is wait for judgment day. But there’s no sense in hurting your children or God for something your spouse has done. This must be explained to your significant other before you even get engaged. So first you get a girlfriend, or boyfriend, then you get engaged, then marriage comes later. If you did it right there will be no divorce.

Many people are looking for their soulmate. Somebody God had picked out for them. 99.9% of Rev. Moon’s marriages are successful because those people believe God had chosen their partner. Rev. Moon decides which man marries which girl and most of the marriages are successful. If you asked Rev. Moon if it was really God make in the marriages he would say no. But the people believe that God made the marriage.

I know God. He has tried to fix me up with women and he’s a terrible cupid. My sister tries to blame my dad for screwing up her life because he was never there. My mom and dad were separated but even before that he worked two jobs and was never home. Everybody comes from a dysfunctional family. I think my sisters life is still better than her girlfriend Julie’s, who had two parents. Julie’s whole family is screwed up. This girl had sex with like 100 bikers because she was told by the bikers, that’s how she to get a husband. Where in the hell was her father? My sister’s life is screwed up because of her boyfriend. He was a 23-year-old married man and she was a 14-years old. If my dad was around he would’ve had him thrown in prison for statutory rape. My mother tried to keep them separate but she would sneak out the window and he would meet her on the next street. Finally my mother accepted him and years later they got married and then got divorced. Her boyfriend screwed up my life too when I was 18. I took him to spring break with me in Florida. He took me to nude strip clubs and brought back hookers to our hotel room. I was in love with strip clubs and hookers ever since then. So God tried to fix me up with this stripper one time. And I told God I don’t like her she’s got a big fat butt. So God supernaturally shrinks her ass. It was an unbelievable miracle. But then I give the girl $20 because it liked her and to show my generosity and I overhear her talking to the other strippers telling them how she conned me out of 20 bucks. This is the girl God tried to fix me up with. I was hurt. But now I see that all of us were lied to and we make stupid mistakes. I always see myself as being really intelligent and everybody else as idiots. Then one day the bathtub drain is clogged. I get out the plunger and start plunging and the water doesn’t go down. I get out a bottle of Drano and pour it down the drain. No luck the water is not draining. I tried plunging it again and realized I am going to have to get a plumber or call maintenance. Just before I do I notice the little handle on the bath tub is pointing down and I think, isn’t that supposed to be pointing down? I put down the handle and all the water drains out. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why I didn’t think of that in 1st Pl. It’s just the way our minds are wired. If the water isn’t draining, the drain must be clogged. I always take showers so I don’t know why the handle was up, must have accidentally knocked it while cleaning.

Who is giving these women dating advice? It’s mostly the men in power. You love him, go out with me and that will make him jealous and then he will ask you to marry him. He didn’t ask you to marry him? You probably need to have sex with me to make him jealous. I bet if you give me a BJ he’ll ask you to marry him. This woman thought she was going to get me, by making me jealous, by kissing another man. When I seen her kiss him, I thought, she don’t like me at all. She thought she was making me jealous, she must’ve been smoking crack. You just proved you did not like me by kissing that guy right in front of me. I wouldn’t go out with you if I was madly in love with, you at that point.

We are all from dysfunctional families. My dad never gave me a hug. Maybe he did before I was three years old there was a picture of me when I was two years old and he was holding me, but I never remember him giving me a hug. When I became disabled and moved back in with my dad and found out the reason for that was before the gay rights movement people were homophobic. Men just don’t give me hugs or people might think they’re gay. But I was a child. Men don’t give children hugs because people might think that they are a pedophile. Men don’t give their daughter’s hugs because the world might think it’s incest. Fuck what the world thinks. Fukushima radiation is going to kill all these ignorant people. I wouldn’t even date a woman who thinks a man needs a job. Jobs are slavery. If you think someone needs a job you believe in slavery. Food grows on trees. I don’t even know how you can brainwash someone into believing jobs are not slavery. My dad had 10 kids and work two jobs to support them. My dad was never around. It would have been better if he quit his job and we all lived under a bridge. At least he would be around to protect us.

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