Sex Ed, Love Relationships December 9, 2013.

Love is more than just caring about somebody. A line from a movie said, “when you are here I can’t see you, but when you’re gone, I see you everywhere”. This is a truth that many people experience when they’re in love. And the Epiphany I had about this, was the truth about Christ. When Christ was here no one could see him as God but now that he’s gone, we can see him everywhere. As the Gospel of Thomas says, “cleave a piece of wood and I am there, left up a stone and you will find me there”. We seek to see the one we love.

One guy told me that the chemical reactions in his brain made him feel like he became one with his wife. Like he only had a half a brain without her. And this is the kind of love that the Bible talks about when the two become one. They are no longer two people, they are one. The other person does half their thinking for them. The only thing I ever experience close to that was when I was in fifth grade. This girl in my class had a crush on me. One day I forgot where I put my book report and this girl said that I put it in my math book. I didn’t even know where I put my book report but she knew.

There’s a difference between love and sex. Some people can have sex without any emotional ties with the person they’re having sex with. And some people can’t have sex without being in love with the person they’re having sex with. Some people are not gay, they just don’t have sex, they have to make love to someone, who’s in love with them. You have to be very verbal on this or you could end up getting hurt. You don’t want to make love to somebody who just wants to have sex with you. You don’t want to have sex with someone you’re not in love with, but they’re in love with you, because you could drive them to depression, suicide, alcoholism or drug abuse.

It is about communication, people cannot read your mind. You have to tell them what you want. When I went back to school there was this girl who was in love with this guy but never said anything to him. She waited too long to say anything, so she ended up being deeply in love when he had no clue she even liked him. So I’m at the table and I mentioned something about getting laid and this girl says, “I think that’s what I need to, to get laid” the rest of the people at the table are in shock. I told her, you have to tell him that you like him. So she finally says something to him and he likes her but there’s not much communication going on. She looks lovesick and he’s just sitting there. So I say to, “do you like her?” And he kinda nods yes, but doesn’t say anything to her because of fear. I should’ve went over there and started talking to them, but I’m thinking who am I to give advice. But I should’ve asked them some questions.

Do you like her? Then tell her you like her. Do you like him? Then tell him, why you like him, he doesn’t know and he can’t read your mind. If he is handsome tell him he’s handsome if he’s smart tell him he is smart, if you like him because he has a lot of money, don’t tell him that. He’s not in love with her, she has to make him fall in love with her. Love begets love. She should’ve put her hand on his leg. Do you want him to be your boyfriend? Then ask him if he has a girlfriend and if he says no, ask him if he wants to go steady. If he says yes, you got yourself a boyfriend. If you can’t say that you like them, show them that you like them. He should’ve put his arm around her and gently pulled her close. If she resisted, it means either she’s afraid or she don’t like him. But she was well past that. She thought she needed to get laid by him. She was in heat. I could’ve stole her away from him. When you are in love and that person doesn’t respond, you can get the girl on the rebound. She might be in love with him, but because she’s in heat and her brain is releasing chemicals it would be really easy to make her think she’s in love with me instead of him.

We are animals you have to mark your territory, buy matching rings and make a commitment not to see anyone else. Don’t play this stupid game of waiting a week to call her or even three days, some other guy might get her on the rebound. Exchange phone numbers and e-mails. If you can’t talk to them in person, it’s a lot easier to write them an e-mail. Ask her if she wants to make love to you or simply throw the ball in her ballpark and tell her you want to make love to her and see if she throws the ball back.

I’m over at the hamburger stand and these two young girls are having problems meeting men. All they meet is men that want to have sex with them basically. So the guy making the hamburgers throws out the advice for them to ask somebody to marry them. And I said, “that ain’t going to work”. The guy was holding a spatula and I thought he was going to hit me with it. Obviously that was the way he met his wife, but they were divorced. He seen some hot looking babe asked her to marry him and then they were divorced five years later. I’m amazed the marriage last five years. The reason why that didn’t work is because he didn’t know the person. To many relationships are based on sexual attraction. Sexual attraction is okay if you have a lot of things in common and you know the person. Your political, sexual and religious views have to match.

I talked to my neighbor while doing the yard sale and we seem to get along, so I asked her if she wanted come up to where I sing karaoke. She said yes, I love to make fun of karaoke singers. Well I don’t want people to come up and make fun of my singing, somehow I got to get out of this. You can’t just ask some girl if she will marry you. She might answer, “yes, I didn’t think anyone wanted to marry me because I’m a crack whore” She might not tell you that she’s a crack whore until after she sends out the wedding invitations. Then what are you going to do? If you asked them to go steady and they say, “yes, I didn’t think anybody want to go steady with me because I’m a crack whore” Then you can simply say “I think we should break up and start seeing other people, we have nothing in common”.

The bartender at the bar was married and had two children and she wanted to have another child but her husband didn’t want to. She wanted my advice. I don’t know what advice to give her, I would of never even went out on the first date with her, without knowing approximately many children she wanted to have. I mean you could save the money you were going to spend on buying her dinner. Find out how many children they want to have, before you have sex with them or even if they want children. If a guy ask you for sex or to make love, your answer should be, “how many children do you want to have?” If the answer is not in the same ballpark, then the answer to sex should be no. If the answer is, “it depends on how much money we have” that’s not a very good answer. Think about it. They value money over life.

There’s a song by the Association called, “Along Comes Mary”. It’s a love song but it has deep spiritual meaning. Mary is the feminine part of God. It’s the Virgin Mary. It’s God’s wife. The potheads believe this is a song about marijuana. But perhaps this trip on marijuana has given them a glimpse of this spiritual religious truth.

Every time I think that I'm the only one who's lonely Someone calls on me And every now and then I spend my time at rhyme and verse And curse those faults in me

And then along comes Mary And does she want to give me kicks, and be my steady chick And give me pick of memories Or maybe rather gather tales from the fails and tribulations No one ever sees

When we met I was sure out to lunch Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch

Cups represent love. The cup of course is the cup of the holy Grail Nobody knows the holy Grail nobody knows what love is so the world has become corrupt. Love has waxed cold. The people are out to lunch they have no clue to what love is.

When vague desire is the fire in the eyes of chicks Whose sickness is the games they play And when the masquerade is played and neighbor folks make jokes At who is most to blame today

And then along comes Mary And does she want to set them free, and let them see reality From where she got her name And will they struggle much, when told that such a tender touch of hers Will make them not the same

When we met I was sure out to lunch Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch

Then the song is a terrifying vision of the end of the world when love has waxed cold and abortion and sex has reached the point, where total destruction is near. Aborted kids thrown out. The end of the world.

And when the morning of the warning's passed, the gassed and flaccid kids Are flung across the stars The psychodramas and the traumas gone The songs are left unsung and hung upon the scars

And then along comes the Virgin Mary And does she want to see the stains, the dead remains of all the pains She left the night before

The next line gives hope of a spiritual awakening. People might start to wake up to the truth of satanic lies spread by the church and state. Where people make a decision that they don’t want to see the corruption anymore.

Or will their waking eyes, reflect the lies, and make them realize Their urgent cry for sight no more

When we met I was sure out to lunch Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch

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