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Self-Defense August 13, 2011.

I stated this before in several videos, that the Constitution doesn’t give people a right to bear arms for self-defense.

However, Americans do have a right to defend themselves, if someone makes them fear for their lives. Just not with guns.

If a gun owner makes you fear for your life, you have a right to defend yourself. If you kill a gun owner, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. You tell your story before 12 jurors on how the gun owner made you fear for your life, how they attack your YouTube channels, etc. It is the 12 jurors that decide, if you are guilty or a hero for killing a psychopath.

These gun owners are psychopaths. They have attacked the Million Mom March against guns. They have spies everywhere. If you have an anti-gun channel, they not only attack you they attack the people who leave positive comments on your channel. They make channels that look anti-gun, just so they can attract the anti-gunners, keep track of them and stalk them.

The gun owners are completely insane and I doubt you would find one juror anywhere, that would find you guilty of killing a gun owner. Because to be on a jury, you have to have at least a high school education. Anyone who passed the third grade, knows that the Second Amendment only gives a “well regulated militia” a right to bear arms and only for “the purpose of securing a free state”. Anyone is not able to understand “well regulated” means “gun-control” is too mentally retarded to be a juror. Anyone who sees the word, Hunter, gun collector, animal killer, or self-defense in the Second Amendment, is having hallucinations and would not be allowed to be a juror. Therefore in the history of mankind, no one has ever been accused of murder, for killing a gun owner. You might get mentally ill policemen and even FBI agents, who do not agree with me. But they are not lawyers, judges or juries. They are brainwashed mentally retarded zombies, who somehow got a diploma, when they don’t know how to read.

I am just telling you what the Constitution says. That is not what I believe. Some people are lying and telling people that I want to kill gun owners. I don’t want to kill gun owners. The Constitution wants to kill gun owners. God wants to kill gun owners. But I don’t.

Here’s why I believe killing in self defense is wrong.

If you had a contagious disease and you would die in a few weeks, if you did not see a doctor, would you go see a doctor?

I’m assuming you’re going to say yes.

So do you believe that a doctor has a right to kill you, to protect himself from getting your contagious disease? Why not? If soldiers and police officers, do not want to risk their lives by using rubber bullets, because there is one in 1 million chance the rubber bullet will not stop the criminal, why should doctors risk their lives to help a policeman or soldier, when there is one in thousands chance, of them dying from the disease they have? Doctors risk their lives every day to save lives. They even save the lives of enemy soildiers or criminals. If you’re not willing to risk your life to save another human being, why should a doctor risked his life to save you? Why can’t he kill you in self defense, so he doesn’t get your disease?

Let me tell you this and many doctors will not admit to it. If you are a gun owner and you go to a doctor, these doctors know you’re that the type of person who would NOT risk their lives to save another human being, and you think, they are going to give you grade A treatment? Many doctors would poke you with that AIDS tainted needle or give you the wrong prescription. I believe many of the 100,000 people a year who die from medical mistakes were coincidentally gun owners. Many doctors hate gun owners. They see hundreds of people shot and killed, because of the mentally retarded gun owner. And you think they are going to try to save your life when you own a gun, you are a psychopath. Get a clue. The doctors are not stupid. They know how to read and write. They know the Second Amendment only gives a well regulated militia a right to bear arms and only for the purpose of securing a free state. Furthermore they know “well regulated” means “gun-control”. They also know that “gun owner” means psychopath.

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