We Are a Threat to the National Security of the Aliens, August 23, 2014.

One of the first satellites we sent out into space, I think it was the Voyager 1, had a message on it in case it was found by aliens. Just in case there was life on another planet somewhere out there in the universe, we wanted to let them know that we were friendly. The Hubble space telescope has found many planets out there in the universe that could have life. So many of them that they believe some of those planets might have intelligent life even thousands of years more advanced than we are. Just a little over 100 years ago, we were communicating with smoke signals and now we have cell phones with Web, voice activation and GPS technology. For the last 50 years we have been sending up into space, radio and TV shows that are just now reaching our closest stars. All those I Love Lucy shows must be showing the aliens that we are friendly people.

But we have also been sending up deadly toxic radiation for the last 50 years. If the radiation is deadly to us, it might also be deadly to the aliens. Einstein said you can’t destroy energy. The toxic radiation that Chernobyl and Fukushima is putting out is energy. Energy that cannot be destroyed. The plutonium at Chernobyl will be toxic for 240,000 years and there is enough toxic radiation to kill over 100 million people just at Chernobyl alone. When we put the radio active waste in storage containers that will be toxic for 10,000 years, it doesn’t mean the radioactive waste becomes less toxic with time, it means the radiation escapes out into space in time. So in 10,000 years all that toxic radiation will have escaped out into space heading to our nearest stars to contaminate any planet that might have life. Just like the radiation of Chernobyl & Fukushima affects us today in the United States, the radiation on earth will eventually affect all the planets in the universe. If the aliens have Geiger counter’s, they’re going to start going off. Furthermore it means, that if we evacuated the planet Earth on space shuttles to another planet out in space, it will only be a matter of time, before the toxic radiation from earth reaches it. In fact it’s more likely that the toxic radiation we have created , will have already reached the other planets hundreds of years before we get there. Because there’s no way to contain radiation and radiation is energy that cannot be destroyed. Next time we send a rocket to Mars, we should put Geiger counters on it to measure the radiation from Chernobyl and Fukushima.

I was going to title this video “the truth about Chernobyl.” Because many people are not old enough to remember Chernobyl. When the Chernobyl accident happened, they told us it would take 30 years to clean up. But here it is 30 years later and not only have they not begun to clean up Chernobyl, there is no one on earth that knows how to clean up Chernobyl. 30 years later and they still don’t know how to clean up Chernobyl. 30 years later and the reactor building is still so contaminated, they cannot enter it to see the condition of the corium. The first containment building they built around Chernobyl didn’t even last the 30 years they said it would. It started falling apart after 20 years and they had to build another containment building to cover the first containment building. But the second containment building wasn’t even built as good as the first. It’s basically a tent that I doubt will last 20 years. The second containment building was so huge no other building was ever built like it before and in 20 years their going to have to build an even bigger third building, to contain the second containment building. That second containment building is so flimsy, that a small tornado can pick it up and toss it like the house in the Wizard of Oz. The only way to rid the world of toxic radiation, would be to destroy the entire universe and create another universe. Leaving the earth for another planet to escape the radiation would only be a temporary fix, because sooner or later that radiation will reach the other planets. Sooner or later the radiation from Chernobyl and Fukushima will be in the United States. The radiation at Chernobyl was only about 4 cm in the ground the first year. But every year the radiation seeps another 4 cm into the ground. Now it would be impossible to clean up Chernobyl. They might have been able to scrape 4 cm of earth off the ground in a 30 mile radius within the first year or two but now to get rid of the radiation they would have to take at least 2 feet of earth off the surface in a 30 mile radius. There is enough toxic radiation to last 240,000 years and to kill 100 million people if the radiation was spread out. But that’s exactly what’s happening at both Chernobyl and Fukushima. The radiation is slowly leaking out and spreading over the earth and it’s only a matter of time before the whole earth is inhabitable. In fact it only a matter of time before the entire universe is inhabitable. Because the radiation will continue to spread out to other planets, solar systems and galaxies.

My idea was to build a barge and put a water filtration system on the barge and tow it to Fukushima that way if it didn’t work or became contaminated you can haul it somewhere safe. Building the water filtration system near Fukushima meant workers had to work in a contaminated area to build it. Well now they are admitting that their water filtration system hasn’t worked in three years. In fact they’re saying the building is contaminated and their workers can’t enter into it safely. So now they have another building they have to decontaminate. They only decontaminated 76 tons of water in three years before giving up. They expect to have 800,000 tons of contaminated water by March, 2016, http://enformable.com/2014/04/tepco-nearly-double-contaminated-water-storage-capacity-march-2016/

Most of the people in power the Senators congressman etc. are above 50 years of age and they don’t really care what’s going to happen in 20 years from now, for they will probably be dead from old age. If there were aliens they would probably not only be 1000 years ahead of our time but their life spans might be 1000 years. So the aliens might be worried what happens 2 or 300 years from now. And for those of you who believe in God, it doesn’t matter if you could store the radiation for 1000 or 10,000 years, because sooner or later it will leak out and even if it takes 100,000 years to leak out, God will still be here. So you are on God’s shit list. Though we thought we could figure out a way to contain radiation in the future, the aliens might have figured out a 1000 years ago, that there is no way to contain it.


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