National Security Is A Threat To America's Security December 28, 2010.

In a free country there must be freedom. In a democracy all people must be treated equal. Do unto others as they do unto you, is not just a religious saying, it is the way of justice. Several years ago I wrote a letter stating my opinions and thoughts on a few political views I had. I sent that letter to several newspapers. Before they would publish my letter, they not only wanted my full name, city where I lived, they also wanted a picture of me to post in the publication. I realized then that if you want to publish a political view, you must be willing to risk your life and fight for your belief. Because if people don't like what you say, they are going to know your name and where you live and even have a picture of you. The newspaper said they needed to do this to be fair.

I didn't get published in the newspapers, but now I am on YouTube and I think it is a good idea for people to know where you're from, your name and what you look like, to be fair in your view of political and religious opinions. Much of what is published on YouTube and other blogs and social sites are published anonymously. I try to block people who post their opinions on my videos when they are unwilling to give us their real name, show their face and tell us where they are from.

Recently I was attacked for my opinions on YouTube by a person without a name, without a face and without a city. The amazing part is, this person claims that they work for National Security of the United States. I've been attacked several times by people who claim they work for National Security or the FBI. Over 30,000 people work for the Pentagon and tens of thousands of people work for the CIA.

President Bush once said on TV that we are fighting a unseen enemy. This unseen enemy is the CIA, the National Security Agents and the FBI. These people claim they do not want to use their real name or someone will kill them. If someone wants to kill them it's because they are the enemy of the people. They want us to use our real names, so if they don't like what we say, they can kill us. This is not a free or equal society.

This national security agent actually called me a fool, for expressing my feelings about Joe Lieberman. He believes that if I don't like Joe Lieberman, I should just kill him, without expressing it on my blog. We have a society of stupid FBI and stupid CIA and the even more stupid National Security agents.

I thought the vendettas shooter at the Florida school board meeting was a hoax. And it probably was. But this is the society the FBI, CIA and national security agents are creating. A man going into political meeting with a gun and just shooting people, because if he blogged about it, he would have been arrested. The people at the school board meeting, didnít even know this guy was angry at them. They didnít even know why he was there . Thanks to the national security agents, politicians will never know people are angry at them. The politician will be shaking hands with someone and with the other hand the guy will pull out a gun and kill the politician. Then they will kill the shooter and nobody will ever know why. No one wants to blame the FBI agents and this mentally ill national security agent, that by his stupidity, he created the society. People will walk into the police department and the police officer will say, ďcan I help youĒ and with no explanation, no comment, the person with pull out a gun and shoot the police officer. With no former indication that the man was even upset at the police officer. This is the kind of society the FBI, CIA national security agents want to create. Because their ignorance is the source and cause of evil. When communication breaks down war begins and they want war. They are not happy with diplomatic solutions.

We let the KKK publish their books so we know what they think and feel about black people. If we don't, they will go underground and instead of expressing their feelings publicly, they are liable to carry out murder. I know a lot of people in gangs. These gang members know the FBI very well. So well, that when they want to kill someone, they don't dare talk about it, let alone publish it. They simply write the person's name on a piece of paper and hand the paper to a messenger, who gives it to a courier, that delivers it to another messenger who hands it to a hitman. The trail is long and impossible to trace. The hitman, kills whoever's name is on the paper. It is the FBI that forces them to use this system. There is nothing written or spoken anywhere, that gives anyone any idea of who or why they wanted that person killed. The FBI seems to like the system and it does every thing in its power to make this system stays in place. Evil is created by the FBI, CIA and the National Security Agents and they're just too stupid to figure it out.

These people insist no one talk about their feelings or opinions, they just should go and act them out. Because if they do talk about how they feel or what they believe they might be arrested. However, if you simply keep all your feelings bottled up until you kill someone, they will simply have to prove you kill them. This is why we have so much murder in the United States. The FBI and CIA and the national security agents are too stupid to figure this out. This is because people are promoted to positions of power by injury. If you're a sergeant, lieutenant or general, it's probably because you had a injury and were promoted. Get a brain injury and they will promote you to five star general. That's how the capitalist system works. Tortured in a war, you might become a senator like John McCain. The military likes injured people, they are mean and ready to kill.

So we intelligent people need to make this a fair country and we must pass a law that every CIA, FBI and national security agent gave his full name, picture and city of residence before they post anything online. CIA , FBI and national security needs to change their way of thinking. It is the people who talk about killing who are the ones that are less likely to do it. And the people who keep silent, keep their name hidden are the true killers. They will simply walk into a school board meeting and start shooting people and even though the police will put them down no one will ever know why. These shootings will increase and to be shootings at police stations and FBI offices and even at the Pentagon and national security office. Until these retards in power, realize they created the society.

Laws must be passed to make it mandatory that these people give their names, cities and a picture of what they look like, before they post something online. When someone claims they are a CIA, FBI or National Security and they do not give their full name, picture and city that we know they are indeed a "fake" agent.

Any laws on the books that restrict peoples speech must be taken off the books. If you believe Joe Lieberman should be shot to death by a patriotic American, you should not be arrested, you should be given a medal for saving Joe Liebermanís life. Because you are only speaking for the people, who are thinking about it, but afraid to publish their thoughts, opinions or feelings for fear of being arrested. And they will keep their feelings bottled up until the one day they snap and put a bullet through the head of Joe Lieberman. But there will be no warning sign, nothing written, nothing said, just some guy walking up to Joe Lieberman to shake his hand and then he pulls out a gun and kills him. I hope they do put me in prison. Because while I am in prison, millions of people will be keeping their feelings bottled up until they snap. And like dominoes, retarded FBI agents, mentally ill national security agents, stupid Police Lt. Will just be shot for seemingly no reason, no one will ever know why. I will know why and Iíll be laughing my focking ass off, along with all the other prison inmates who know why.

The CIA claims they don't want to give people their names as they are afraid people might want to kill them. If they are not willing to die for a country they should never be a CIA agent. People know the president's name and there's a lot of people who want to kill him. Why should CIA agents be any different? There's a lot of people who want to kill me for what I say, but using my real name makes what I say true and holds me accountable. In my videos I speak for a lot of people who are afraid to speak. I speak for a lot of people who would rather carry out actions, then talk. They know the stupidity of the FBI, CIA and national security agents. They know this is a society where you have to kill someone, without talking about it, or writing about it or you will end up in prison. Expressing your opinions opens dialogue. I know for a fact that if I did not post my Joe Lieberman video that someone would have shot him without a word being spoken and no one would ever know why or who. Because of my video Joe Lieberman thought about what he did and let wiki leaks published their material which probably saved his life. But someone will probably kill him anyways because there is some things I will not publish for fear of the mentally ill FBI and National Security Agents who do not have a focking brain cell left in their head.

This stupid focking National Security agent named PriEyE454 on youtube would rather have war then dialog. So I will be taking all my videos down until the United States Government pays me $30 million for the mental anguish this guy cause me. I speak for the people, but since this ass holes post, people are afraid to speak to me anymore and the dialogue has been stopped. This guy just started World War III. © Copyright 1996-2010 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.