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If You Seal Asbestos, It Can’t Hurt You.

WTF? October 24, 2012

When the maintenance guy told me that if I waxed the asbestos floor, it couldn’t hurt me, I wondered if there was anyone in the world stupid enough to believe what he said. But I called my brother who knows a quite a bit about repairing houses at least he acts like it and he said I could simply seal the basement asbestos floor. But when he said our parents lived in a house with asbestos floor and siding, I lost confidence in what he said about sealing the floor.

Both our parents are dead from lung and breast cancer. My mother died very young and she really didn’t smoke that much if at all. Dad was a chain smoker but he quit smoking after he got lung cancer and had one of his lungs removed. He lived another 17 years with one lung.

A few days later I called my sister who is a nurse and mentioned the asbestos floor. The first thing out of her mouth was, “if you seal it, it can’t hurt you”. This immediately struck me as a sign of brainwashing, as this is a copyrighted script, and not her own thought. It’s as if I was at a gun range and said my friend got killed by a gun and 50 GunNuts instinctively said, “guns don’t kill people, people do”.

I’m still kicking myself in the ass for buying a house with asbestos floor when everyone says before you rent or buy check for asbestos. But there’s so much false information out there that I actually believed I knew about asbestos. A inspector told me that asbestos floor tiles are black 9 x 9 tiles. The house my parents lived in had those tiles. I also read on a website that asbestos is usually in a 9 x 9 black or dark colored tiles. I had no reason not to believe the inspector. But after reading the box of light colored 12 x 12 tiles that said “asbestos” something tells me that when a building inspector says something, lights should flash in the back of your head that says this guy don’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. People who own a house of 12 x 12 light-colored trials are going to say asbestos is in the 9 x 9 black colored tiles so that they can sell their toxic house. Landlords and slumlords who want to rent out their houses or apartments are going to say “if you seal the asbestos, it can’t hurt you”. But you will notice that all the people who say “if you seal the asbestos, it can’t hurt you” are not themselves living in a house with so-called sealed asbestos tiles.

The property manager at Fraser’s Hanover Grove townhouses tells me “if you seal the tiles, they can’t hurt you” and she also says “if you try to move the tiles it will make the problem worse” but then says a few sentences later, that she lived in a house where she had her toxic floor tiles removed. So basically you can live in a house with asbestos tiles and it will be perfectly safe if they are sealed, but if I live in a house the only way the asbestos will be safe , is if they are removed by professionals.

From what I know from reading the Internet whole weekend on asbestos and I will be making several more videos on asbestos, that even if you higher the most expensive trained professionals who will promise to make the asbestos completely safe, they will also give you a form to sign, that says in fine print there is no guarantee that they will get the asbestos out or that it will be safe and if you move in and get sick and die, it is your fault for being stupid enough to believe what they promised without reading the fine print.”

There is no way to make asbestos safe. There is no way to seal asbestos. I don’t care if the guy has 35 years experience as an inspector or a maintenance worker, if they tell you, you can sealed asbestos and make it safe, then they should be locked up as they are threat to society. And you deserve to die and deserve to watch your children suffer and choke, because you’re so fucking stupid for believing them, that the world would be better off if you were dead. And I don’t care if they say their grandma smoked five packs of cigarettes a day and she’s 120 years old, they are lying to you because they own stock in the tobacco companies. These big corporations actually pay people to say their grandma ate asbestos three times a day and they never got cancer, so asbestos must be completely safe.

All these slumlords, all the landlords, all the real estate agents, all the doctors and people who work in the medical field they’re all going to tell you, “if you seal asbestos, it will be perfectly safe” because that’s how they make their money. A doctor or nurse makes their money off of people who live in toxic asbestos buildings, with the belief that the sealed asbestos is safe. Because if there was no asbestos these doctors, hospitals, construction companies would be out of business. It works like the inkjet printer. They sell you a inkjet printer for dirt cheap. But after you buy the printer you find out that the ink is dated and he have to buy expensive replacement cartridges. They sell you a toxic house and convince you it’s safe and then you spend millions on medical expenses trying to save your life. They convinced me to put this cheap cellulose insulation in my attic and it cost me less than 50 bucks. When I discovered mold in the house the inspector said the cellulose insulation would have to be removed. The removal cost was $7000. When I told the guy I wasn’t going to pay it he went to the health department to try to get my house condemned, because the cellulose insulation was unhealthy for me. So that I would be forced to pay the $7000 to get the insulation out.

This is a low-income townhouse co-op subsidized by the government with all kinds of rules regulations and inspections. But this townhouse is this like the cockroach Hotel. The cockroach’s check-in but they can’t check out. I was told before I moved in that I could transfer to another unit if I wanted to. So I go over there and tell him I want to transfer to another unit this unit has asbestos. They give me a pack of papers to sign a half-inch thick. They say before I can transfer to another unit I have the first sell the toxic asbestos unit. The only way to sell it would be to lie to someone and tell them that asbestos is safe, it’s been sealed, asbestos is only in these 9 x 9 black tiles or any other lie you can push off on someone else. This is how there are units in here that had asbestos in them for more than 35 years and no one knows about it. It’s the don’t ask don’t tell policy. Everyone knew they had asbestos but nobody told anybody.

I’m pretty much trapped like I was trapped in my house. I could not live in the house it was toxic, I could not sell the house it was toxic. Many people simply sell the toxic house without telling anyone that it’s toxic and hospitals and doctors really don’t care because it’s good for business. Sure it cost Medicare and Medicaid trillions of dollars but we are saving a few dollars on the taxes we are making by people renting out these toxic homes. The real threat is not the asbestos is the people who are going to be burning their townhouses down to get out of them. Because you can’t live in them and you can’t sell them. I did not do that with my house but 99% of the people I talked to said that’s exactly what they would have done. This is why we have so many fires in Detroit. People have to burn their houses down to get out of the asbestos and toxic mold they have no other choice. Going to prison for arson is far better than dying of cancer. These maintenance workers and inspectors should be in prison for attempted murder and if they didn’t know there was asbestos in that basement for 35 years, they should be fired and put in a mental hospital because their ignorance is a danger to other people’s lives. The last person who lived in this unit has lung cancer. That’s a clue the unit might be toxic.


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