Justice Scalia the Beast That Was and Is Not, February 15, 2016.

The book of Daniel and the book of Revelation talks about the beast that rules over the earth. Some people believe its 10 Kings, I believe one of the beast is a nuclear powered sub that rises out of the sea, where they said unto it, “arise and devour much flesh”. But I couldn’t help thinking after justice Scalia died, that at least one of the beast of Revelation and Daniele could be the Supreme Court that rules over the earth. When you think about it, the Supreme Court has more power than any president or King. Hitler could not be one of the beast, he only killed 6 million Jews and the Supreme Court killed over 60 million babies and that’s just in the United States. After the Supreme Court ruled abortion to be legal, other countries followed and abortion is legal in many countries around the earth, because of the Supreme Court ruling. The Supreme Court justices, also ruled that any idiot could own a gun, and kill anybody they wanted. Without a judge, a jury or a court, by simply lying like George Zimmerman. And claiming you were in fear for your life and the other person wasn’t really yelling for help, he was yelling “I’m going to kill you”. When in fact, we all heard the 911 audio tape of Treyvon Martin yelling for help.

There are 9 Supreme Court justices and the 10th seems to be the president who picks them out. These judges aren’t even elected by the people, for the people. They are chosen by the person who claims he’s God and sits in the White House Temple. So now they’re saying that we only need eight Supreme Court justices. This is weird, because the Bible does say that one of the beast heads, would be wounded unto death and then it would be replaced or healed. Now in the past other Supreme Court justices have died, but the Bible is talking about the ones in the last days.

When you think about it, the Supreme Court seems to be the most evil institution on earth. Far worse than Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Putin, any of the Russian Czar’s, more evil than Caesar or Nero. Nero didn’t even kill 60 million babies and then claim they weren’t human anyways. The supreme court has ruled against God on every single ruling they’ve ever made. I would make a list of the sins of the Supreme Court, but I have to go shopping so perhaps somebody can start making a list of their sins. Legalizing homosexuality, legalizing murder, banning God in schools, those are just a few. It really makes us look like Saints.


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