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Savannah Dietrich Alcohol is a Date Rape Drug, August 17, 2012.

This is the 17-year-old girl that was given the “date rape drug alcohol” and sexually abused by three men who took pictures of the event and handed them out to friends. I am a little late in this story it came out three weeks ago and charges were dropped against her. They wanted to charge her with contempt of court because the court sealed the name of her attackers and she tweeted their names. But the story still needs some attention because nothing has changed. All they did was drop the charges. Rape victims are still being gag ordered and shut up. Allison is another victim I talked about in my other video on April is sexual abuse awareness month. The judge that silenced the victim is still in power, the lawyers are still lawyers with licenses to practice law. Many people argue both sides of this case saying she asked for it because she drank. And that the boys are underage and their names should never be released as it will destroy their lives. What I wanted to do here is, look at the facts and not argue either side.

America is in debt, taxes are high and Medicare is out of control. Sexual abuse cost trillions of dollars. Sexual abuse is a threat to national security. When women are given the date rape drug alcohol and sexually abused, they become depressed, they can’t sleep at night, they can’t work anymore, some of them become pregnant and end up on welfare. The ones who become pregnant and get abortions suffer even more depression and require medication and hospitalization and hundreds of thousand dollars worth of therapy. Sexually abused Women develop eating disorders, become anorexic or overweight costing billions in Medicare dollars. Abortion is not the cure for a woman who was given the date rape drug alcohol and became pregnant. If she has a abortion, she is going to suffer depression, sleepless nights, unable to work, require thousands in therapy that will come out of taxpayers pockets. Just because a few men want to be able to get women drunk to take advantage of them sexually. Those men become lawyers and judges. They even become elected officials like the guy who was running for president and denied his out of wedlock marital affair child was his child. Alcohol must be considered a date rape drug or nothing will change.

In the 60s and 70s biker gang members used to drug and rape women. Then they would threaten to kill them if they told anybody. It’s not that this doesn’t happen anymore, it happens all the time. But we don’t hear about it, as many of these gang members, went to school to become lawyers and judges. Now they don’t threaten to kill women who identify their attackers, because they hold positions of power to threaten to imprison women, who identify their attackers. If you look at the lawyers in this case, they were probably gang members in the past who raped women and threatened to kill them if they told anybody. But either they got out of prison or they were never caught and now they’re lawyers. The judge in this case is a woman. How could a woman silence a sexual abuse victim? If you look at the judge’s past, maybe she wasn’t a biker but maybe she was a stripper, Hooker or a porn star, that used the money she earned to go to school to become a judge. That is what America has become. Women doing porno or becoming strippers so they can earn money go to college and become a judge or lawyer. Then we wonder why the judges and lawyers seem so corrupt and make decisions that sound like they are the criminals. The porno in stripping industry might sound like it’s doing society good by letting women earn large incomes and become lawyers and judges, but it just ends up corrupting society far beyond the point of repair.

She doesn’t see anything immoral or unethical about silencing the victim of a rape crime because she was silenced or perhaps she just has her hands in the pockets of the porno industry which uses alcohol and drugs to get women to make X. Rated movies, so they can make billions of dollars. America has become the number one exporter of porno in the world. We should not be proud of being Americans. The cost of undoing the damage done to these women and their children is more money than America has. These woman’s children will suffer from coming from single parent homes or a home whose mother suffers depression, can’t sleep at night, becomes alcoholic or developed eating disorders, that cost trillions of dollars to taxpayers. More money than the porno industry makes. All because she was sexually abused and the judges and lawyers, who became judges and lawyers from the money they earned in the porno industry, thought there was nothing wrong with silencing the victims.

Rape doesn’t exist in China. Because they see something wrong with having sex with a person, who doesn’t want to have sex. In America having sex with someone who doesn’t want to have sex is entertainment. Men start to believe that women asked for the sex or that no means yes. We can’t let former hookers or porn stars become judges, lawyers and politicians, making decisions for this country. When they don’t see anything wrong with getting girls drunk and tricking them into doing porno or having sex witch will cause them depression, health problems and broken homes when they sober up.

Obesity is a problem in America because so many women want to be fat and ugly so they don’t get raped or sexually abused. They are tired of getting offers to make porno movies every time they leave their house. They’re tired of the welfare office telling them you can make porn movies or become a stripper and when you get depressed you can take sleeping pills and end up neglecting your children, develop health problems and will spend billions more on Medicare but we will save on food stamps. Because that’s what happens to women who are sexually abused and used, they end up suffering from depression and neglecting their children and suffer health problems. The children end up joining gangs to have some sort of family life.

Stopping sexual abuse is a matter of national security. Stopping sexual abuse is the cure for medical reform. Stopping sexual abuse is the cure for the national debt. Stopping sexual abuse is going to lower your taxes. Tax reform is not about raising taxes on the rich, it’s about making the people who cause the problem, pay for the solution. It is about making the porno industry pay the national debt, because they caused it. It’s about making men who believe they can get a woman drunk to have sex with her, pay for the damage they cause when she suffers depression, can’t work, develop eating disorders and suffers health problems. Just because men are too stupid to know that alcohol is a date rape drug, does not mean they shouldn’t be charged with rape.

Rape in America cost us trillions of tax dollars. There is rape in America, where there isn’t in China, because the rapist have become judges and lawyers. The hookers, strippers and porn stars have used their money, to put themselves in position of power and they are the ones running America.

Judge DeeDee MacDonald is the judge that put the gag order on Savannah Dietrich not to give the names of the men who sexually abused her. Why does DeeDee sound like a stripper name? Why does DeeDee sound like a porn star’s name? Next stripper on stage is DeeDee. Maybe they call her DeeDee because of her double D’s? You don’t think the porn industry is using their billions in profits to put people in positions of power to benefit the porn industry? This is why we have judges and lawyers who put gag orders on the victims of sexually abused women.

One man holds a woman down, another man is the lookout, another man has intercourse with the girl, all three are guilty of rape. It doesn’t matter if the one man was only holding the girl down while the other guy was having the intercourse, he is still a rapist. When the judge DeeDee McDonald and the lawyers for the rapist, put a gag order on the sexual abuse victim, they are also guilty of rape. I don’t know how that happens in a country when so many people have a right to bear arms against tyrants, dictators, rapists and pedophiles in power.

The courts did not withhold the name of Casey Anthony or O.J. Simpson until they were found guilty of murder. But this judge and lawyers withheld the name of those found guilty of sexual abuse. This is because the porn industry has put their people in positions of power. Things will not change until the porn industry is destroyed. It’s a matter of national security to destroy it. When all American women are disabled, suffering depression, neglecting children, eating disorders, health problems from being sexually abused, the enemy will not need nuclear weapons to destroy us. We will have destroyed ourselves. Stop taxing the rich and start taxing those who are responsible for the national debt.

The sexual abusers want to sue newspapers for calling them rapists. They claimed they did not have intercourse that they only took naked pictures of her and pass them around to their friends. This is what they are admitting to because it was on film. Who knows what they did off-camera. When Judge DeeDee McDonald protects sexual abusers, she is a rapist and I hope she sues me in court for calling her a rapist, so I can say it again to her face.

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