Satanís Kingdom Falling Down, January 1, 2017.

The antichrist builds cities of delusion out of menís blood. The earth is Godís garden of Eden and the concrete jungles of the city are the makings of the antichrist. The giant sinkhole developed in Fraser Michigan because of Detroitís mafia run city. The city of Detroit turned over the sewer system to Fraser Michigan a day before the sewer collapsed. This is all mafia controlled. The city of Detroit knew all the sewer system was ready to collapse so they gave it to Fraser. Pretending to be generous by claiming they will no longer collect fees for the sewer system. The fine print in the contract, is that they will no longer pay for repairs either. Itís estimated to cost one hundred million dollars just to fix the leak. They knew that sewer system was ready to collapse. The sewers are big enough to drive a car through. The cost to replace the entire sewer system is more than just astronomical. The water and sewer system was built before the houses. These systems are not built for repairs nor replacement. The entire city would have to be destroyed to replace the water and sewers. It would cost ten times as much money or more to try to replace the system without destroying any of the houses. What makes it even worse, is the cities were designed for millions of people, to pay less than ten dollars a month for water and sewer. But now that the population has shrunk, thereís not enough people paying into it to even keep it maintained, let alone replacing it. Furthermore, most Americans are disabled from jobs, guns, violence and automobile injuries. This is why they need to bring in able-bodied Mexicans and Asians to do the labor that Americans have become disabled from doing. Not to mention the disabilities from alcohol, drugs and pharmaceuticals. Itís far worse than pizza gate, where children are being raped and murdered for the joy of the elite. If you knew that next year one thousand children would be sacrificed for the joy of the elite you would start a revolution today. But people are so brainwashed and manipulated by news media, public education and religion, that a thousand children will die next year and not one person will even open their mouths to say a word. Over a thousand children will drown in swimming pools next year, while swimming pool manufacturers and construction companies, and construction workers stick over six billion dollars in profit up their ass holes. Theyíre going to kill one thousand children for profit. And what makes them so much more evil, than killing a thousand children for profit, is they are going to blame the parents of these children and even put some of them in prison. And all the police, FBI, CIA, politicians, school teachers, medical institutions, psychiatry and homeland security are in on the plot.

Just like in Florida, where Westinghouse built this toxic city and when children started getting sick, they started labeling the parents mentally ill with Munchausen and blaming the parents. They didnít just blame the parents to keep the parents from suing Westinghouse for building the toxic mold city. They put the mother in prison to keep other residents of the city in fear of suing Westinghouse. This is why they put mothers in prison, when their children drown in swimming pools. To keep other people from suing swimming pool manufacturers and construction companies, that build swimming pools when they knew for a fact that the more swimming pools they sell, the more children drown in them. It has nothing to do with neglectent parents. People have been brainwashed in the public education system that was funded by these construction companies that kill a thousand children a year with their swimming pools. They have become experts at blaming parents and even set up a medical system that would label people mentally ill if they tried to blame the people who are actually responsible, for these thousand childrenís deaths.

Itís not just the news media deceiving people. You have hundreds of talk shows and TV programs designed to brainwashed and manipulate people. Those TV evangelists are not getting their millions of dollars to run their TV stations by that dollar you sent in. Oil companies are paying for those religious TV broadcast, to brainwash people into believing itís Godís will to fight these wars in the Middle East. When in fact itís all about the oil. You got this Travis Stork from the TV show, ďthe doctorsĒ telling people that bars and restaurants that serve people too much to drink are not responsible for drunk drivers or drunk driving fatalities. This idiot claims itís all about, ďpersonal responsibilityĒ. What about the ďpersonal responsibilityĒ of the bartenders, alcohol companies and bar owners? They knew that alcohol used to be illegal and the only reason why it was legalized, was because of mafia criminals illegally selling it to the point where cops could no longer keep up with the crime. Thatís the only reason why alcohol was made legal.

Furthermore, alcohol companies were supposed to limit the percentage of alcohol in beer to 3.2 percent. But the alcohol companies found a loophole in the law where they can sell alcohol by volume and update the percentages to turn people into alcoholics and cause traffic fatalities, so that hospitals in emergency rooms can make money off the victims. The alcohol companies are one hundred percent responsible for every drunk driving traffic fatality and they are also responsible if you get a DUI. Because they knew alcohol should be illegal and they used a loophole in the law to up the alcohol percentages by selling alcohol by volume instead of weight.

My heart was damaged by a stella ganglion block to the neck, by the medical system who didnít want to pay me the $450 billion dollars for my job injury. Thank God we live in a country where people have a right to bear arms to start a revolution. Because theyíre gonna pay me for my job injury or they better move out of the country. Because thereís no free rides for workers compensation, not in this world or the world to come. God said eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, a trillion dollars for a trillion dollars worth of suffering. And the rich people claim unless you start a revolution and kill all their children, there is no proof you suffered a trillion dollars worth of pain. Some people trust in their guns and tanks but I trust in my God and he has brought hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, plagues of death and disease for every person who decided they would rather suffer the $450 billion dollars, then pay for the suffering they caused. People are waking up to the fact that God is the provider and that jobs are not only slavery but a crime against humanity. In the war between good and evil, everyone who does not believe jobs are slavery will be killed. You want to drive a automobile, then pay the capitalists injured worker his $450 billion dollars for his job injury or move to another country where there is no justice. Itís only a matter of time before people with jobs realize they are slaves and that itís better to spend life in prison or be dead, than be a slave. But I got one more nugget for you. Money is the mark of the beast and the root of evil. Everyone who uses money is serving Satanís kingdom. They tried to offer me a lousy $240 million dollars, for my $450 billion dollars worth of suffering. Itís not about taken the $240 million dollar bribe. Every day thousands of more people are injured on the job, killed by guns or automobiles and these companies are still making billions in profits, laughing their way to the bank. Donít let these people fool you. They know abortion is premeditated first-degree murder. Now you know why there are so many billions of evil people in the world. If they donít care if they kill sixty million babies, theyíre not going to care if they torture people with stella ganglion blocks to the neck or enslave them with jobs. When the war between good evil breaks out, you can have no mercy on them. They had no mercy on you and they had no mercy on the sixty million babies that were aborted. But abortion is far worse than you think. Abortion is not, ďfree choiceĒ. Young vulnerable women, are forced to murder their own babies making these women insane. If they canít afford a six thousand dollar hospital bill, they are forced to murder their children. If they do not have a job, they are forced to murder their children. Many of the women who have abortions are underage and because abortion is considered a medical procedure, these young girls are forced to murder their children by their own parents. This is why children are killing their parents. This is why Alene Wuornos turned into a serial killer. When she was thirteen years old, she was forced to murder her own baby and people wonder why she turned into a serial killer. Thereís going to be more serial killing women in the next ten years, when they become educated to the fact that they were forced to murder their babies. These women are going to start killing the people who believe in abortion. Because they will learn that the reason why they had to have an abortion, is because of the people who believe in abortion. Theyíll will learn food grows on trees and pregnant women are not sick. They donít need a doctor to have a baby. Obama care is not only justification for starting a revolutionary war, being forced to pay for Obama care is justification for justifiable homicide. Itís better to spend life in prison, then be forced to pay for medical care. Itís better to die in a revolutionary war, then be forced to pay for Obama care. Doctors did nothing for me but torture me, because they didnít want to pay me for my job injury. These mentally ill Christians are still trying to fix me up with a woman, thinking that if I get married Iím going to live happily in this Fucked up system. They are so crazy thereís no mental institution in the world that can fix them.

I have a lot to say, but what I have to say would get me banned from YouTube. But as the Bible says, the tribulation will come and when it does, those who believe in jobs in abortion better hide out in the cliffs of the rocks. You donít need millions of people in an army, because most women are going to turn into serial killers within the next ten years.

If the people who believed in abortion, didnít want to die, they would pay every woman who had an abortion a trillion dollars for every abortion they had. But now we know those who believe in abortion have chosen death for themselves. Those who believe in jobs, have chosen death for themselves by enslaving others. Those who believe in abortion are just as guilty of killing sixty million babies as the abortion doctors themselves. The people of God will not need to kill the abortion doctors or blow up the abortion clinics. All they need to do, is find someone who believes in abortion, and kill them, to send a message to the baby murderers. If you believe in abortion are just as guilty as the abortion doctors who actually killed the babies. There wonít be any mercy during the tribulation hour. Those who believe in abortion chose death for themselves. It was their ďchoiceĒ. They made that choice when they thought it should be legal to kill other peopleís children who could not afford to raise them or the hospital bills.


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