Satanic Christianity Paints Black Cop as a Muslim, July 23, 2017.

Satanic Christianity is trying to paint this black cop, that shot a woman because she was white, as a Muslim. So instead of being a racist hate crime, theyíre trying to make it look like a religious hate crime. It backfired. The blowback from this killing or hoax will probably bring an end to Christianity and the United States. It is satanic Christianity, that is trying to mix the races. We are the land of mingle people, not because itís Godís will, but because of satanic Christianity ideology. Itís their ideology that if they mix the races, they will end wars and everything will be perfect. But the Bible predicts the exact opposite. Mixing the races will cause the tribulation, a war so deadly the likes of it have never been seen upon the earth.

Thereís no doubt this shooting was a hoax perpetrated by Christianity to turn people against Muslims. But it backfired. Most people are not looking at this as a Muslim shooting a Christian, but a black person shooting a white person. When George Zimmerman shot the black boy, the news media didnít paint George Zimmerman as the Christian that he was, but as a Hispanic. If the news headlines was a Christian shot a Muslim, then the George Zimmerman killing would have been a more accurate story. They didnít want people to think he was a white guy, they didnít want people to know that this was a racist hate crime. They also didnít want people to know that the murdering Zimmerman was a religious hate crime of a Satanic Christian, killing a Muslim boy. The news media completely forgot to mention Zimmerman was a Christian and the black boy Trayvon was a Muslim. The news headlines are getting easier and easier to read. When the news headlines say Muslim shot woman, we know itís propaganda spewed out by satanic Christianity. Anyone whoís not blind can see that this is a black man who shot a white woman and no one can see what religion, either one is. The Muslims got to be planning World War III after watching satanic Christianity spew out their propaganda.

People are still mistaking me for a Christian because I seen Jesus. Even Jesus is not a Christian. Just because you seen Jesus, that doesnít make you a Christian. Thatís like saying people who seen Donald Trump must be Americans. Jesus is not a Christian and he never will be. And no heís not Jewish either. He was killed by the Jews. Jesus was killed by the Jews and slandered by the Christians. After I saw God I started my own religion called Timothean. Named after myself because people who accept the name, accept the teaching of the Messiah. Those who reject Timothism rejected the Messiah. David Koresh never claimed to be the Messiah. He was killed because he believed I was the Messiah.

You donít have to be a Messiah or prophet of God to predict this false flag hoax will create many copycats. Black people are going to become cops, just so they can shoot white people and call it self defense like George Zimmerman. Itís going to create a whole army of black George Zimmermanís. This is probably what the Ku Klux Klan has been doing for the last hundred years. Recruiting their members to be cops, so they can legally shoot black people. Thatís the only explanation I can come up with, of why so many white cops are racist and why so many black people are shot dead. So I see it only as natural that Black Panthers and other black organizations, recruit their members to become cops. I see the FBI is hiring now.

This might be a good idea for the injured workers. You are never going to get any justice in the court systems, when youíre injured on the job. System is designed to benefit the rich and to kill the injured. You might as well just become a cop and start shooting lawyers & doctors in self-defense, who donít believe you should be paid $450 billion for your job injury. Believe me those lawyers and doctors will end up killing you. After my job injury I was tortured with Stella ganglion blocks to the neck. Because they didnít want to pay me the $450 billion they owed me for my job injury. Now Iím trying to sue for $1 trillion, for the pain and suffering of the stellate ganglion block torture treatment. Thereís no way Iím ever going to find a lawyer in the United States, that will represent me, so I need to find another country willing to sue the United States for a portion of that trillion dollars. Iím willing to let them have 50% of the trillion dollars. Itís going to have to be a country that has nuclear weapons. Because without a nuclear war, the United States is not going to pay up what they owe in a lawsuit. The Mafia in power offered me a lousy $230 million bribe to keep my mouth shut for the $450 billion worth of pain I suffered. It was a joke.

A woman got 70 million from a hotel because someone seen her dress through a peep hole. Hulk Hogan got $140 million in a lawsuit, because someone seen his extraordinary small penis. And for 35 years of chronic pain and suffering laying in bed all day, they donít think I deserve 450 billion? I should raise the lawsuit to $450 trillion, after seeing what these two rich people got, in their frivolous lawsuits. After writing President Bush about my injury him and his friends wrote them selves out a $750 billion bank bailout. Then they allowed President Putin to do the same thing and he took $750 billion from his people and built lavish castles. This is the kind of people that are running the world. But theyíre going to come to an end, as people start becoming cops just for the purpose of shooting them in self-defense. Iím not advocating violence, Iím just educating the rich people to their future. Itís only common sense that the slaves fight back.


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