Sarah Silverstein is Goo, May 31, 2014.

Sarah Silverstein was on Bill Maher talking about the religious people who call abortion murder and she calls babies goo, so that people can kill them and not feel like murderers. She talks about how wonderful that we have free speech but she doesn’t seem to listen to anyone’s free speech. The rich people want to control population by teaching people babies are just goo. You’re not born believing babies are goo, someone had to teach you that. I just want to see what Sarah Silverstein thinks about people who teach others, that the Sarah Silverstein’s of the world are simply just goo and that’s it’s okay to kill them. Sarah Silverstein does not believe in God. So God’s Spirit does not live in her. God’s Spirit can’t live in her, because she doesn’t believe in God. If God’s Spirit does not live inside you, then you have no soul and are simply just goo. Sarah Silverstein is nothing but bone, blood and guts goo. She cannot possibly have a soul. Now Sarah might believe she has the sole, but obviously she hasn’t put much thought into this. Because the sole is simply an invisible spirit of oneself. And if you don’t believe in invisible spirits, then you cannot possibly have a soul, you’re simply goo and there would be nothing wrong with someone killing that goo.

So I don’t think Sarah Silverstein would object to someone providing affordable guns to people who want to use their guns to kill the goo Sarah Silverstein’s of the world. Over 500,000 babies a year are killed and they are babies because you can’t kill goo. However, if Sarah Silverstein believes babies are goo, than it should be very easy to convince her that she is goo. She is nothing but blood and guts with no spirit in her or no soul. Now if people started killing 500,000 Sarah Silverstein’s a year, would Sarah Silverstein carry a sign saying, “killing Sarah Silverstein’s is bloody murder? ” No she wouldn’t carry that sign because she doesn’t believe it’s murder to kill goo.

My question to Sarah Silverstein is what makes you think that you’re not goo? What makes you think you have a soul? What do you think a soul is? How can you have an invisible spirit soul, if you don’t believe in invisible spirits? Sarah you’re nothing but blood, guts and bones. That means you are goo. How many goo Sarah Silverstein’s would they have to kill before you would carry a sign that said, “killing Sarah Silverstein’s of the world is bloody murder”? Would you object to people providing affordable guns, to people who want to kill the goo Sarah Silverstein’s of the world, like you support affordable abortion? I don’t want you to explain to me why you think babies are goo, I want you to try to explain how you’re not goo, when you have no soul or you don’t even know what a soul is? I’m pretty sure what you were saying on Bill Maher is you can’t burn in hell, because you don’t believe in God, well you can’t have a soul if you don’t believe in God because the soul is a Spirit and you don’t believe in them. You do realize that the only reason why you believe babies are goo is because somebody taught you that and now you are teaching others. So I have no other choice but to teach other people that you are goo, and other atheist like you, until you come to your senses. Do you have a soul or not? Would you think a soul is? Why don’t you think you are goo? The same people who taught you that you were a princess, taught you that babies were goo and they were wrong weren’t they? You’re not a princess and babies are not goo. You may be goo however, think about it. What exactly are you? No you’re not human because babies are human. And humans don’t kill babies. Humans don’t even label babies is goo so they can kill them and not feel like murderers.

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Sarah Silverman or Sarah Silverstein the name don’t matter, their just goo anyway.

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