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American Slumlords Worse Then Russian Drivers, October 28, 2012. .

There is a video on YouTube of some Russian drivers who are driving as if they were monkeys with cars. The streets have no lines for lanes or even directions. They use both lanes to go one way and then thereís a car trying to come up from the other direction. All the drivers are beeping their horns, for others to get out of their way and one pulls out an AK-47 and start shooting it in the air, as if his horn was broken and he needed to tell other drivers to get out of his way. Then a guy in a SUV doesnít like the way a driver in a small car is driving, so he uses his SUV to smash into his car and run the driver off the road. Then he just continues driving as if nothing happened. He doesnít stop to see if the guy he ran off the road is injured or dead. He donít care if itís a man or woman or even if there was children in the car. None of the other drivers call police, because there is no police to call, and even if there was they would not come itís Russia, similar to Detroit. Russian drivers are no different than American drivers. It is just that in America, if you turn to the right or turn to the left, you see another police car, so everybody pretends to be friendly and waves their hand for the other guy to go.

American slumlords are just like Russian drivers. Because there is nobody policing them. Thereís no one to call, when a slumlord rents you a house that will kill you and your children. The city inspectors themselves will sell or rent you a toxic house, that will kill your children and thereís no one to police them. You canít take anyone to court and sue, because most likely the judge rents out toxic lead paint, mold infested, asbestos filled houses, that they purchased from HUD for a dollar, to section 8 people and because those people have Medicaid, he is probably getting a 10% kickback, from all the people he make sick, by renting those toxic houses, from the hospitals. And because they believe itís perfectly legal to do so and no one is policing them, and they know they are not going to go to prison for attempted murder, they will continue to do it, just like the Russians will always drive like monkeys until they get some policemen and start going to prison.

But just because itís legal, to rent out toxic housing, does not mean you should do it. Because in America, patriotic Americans have a right to bear arms, to legally kill, the people who are trying to kill them, by forcing them to live in toxic housing. There is absolutely no difference, between putting a bullet in a gun, aiming it at someoneís head and pulling the trigger, or knowingly letting someone live in a toxic house, that you know, will kill them. It is premeditated murder if they die, and itís attempted murder if they donít. If you are a property manager, maintenance worker or inspector and did not know the house was toxic, then it is negligent homicide. It is not the renters or homeowners responsibility, to know whether the house is toxic. You are the property manager, you are higher the inspector, you are the building maintenance worker, whose job it is to know these things. Check out the link to the Russian monkeys driving video below.

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