The Rich More Evil than We Thought, February 14, 2016.

I sent in that idea for parachutes on planes more than 15 years ago and many people pooh-poohed the idea that people would spend money to save their lives. It would cost more money to make airplanes with parachutes on them. Not much money but these rich people believed nobody would spend two cents to save their lives, because they didnít believe peoples lives were worth more than two cents. They put such a low value on human life, they didnít think it would be worth putting a parachute on an airplane. More than 20 years ago I wrote about airbags in automobiles and the automobile companies refused to put airbags in the cars Because they thought people would not pay $700 to save their life. After people started buying the cars with airbags and didnít even flinch at the idea of paying 700 bucks to save their lives, the automobile companies started putting 3 Ė 4 Ė 5 Ė 6 airbags in each car.

What gets me about the parachutes on airplanes, is this guy claims he came up with the idea three years ago, when I gave the idea away more then 15 years ago, to save lives and nobody even bought the idea for free back then, because there wasnít that many plane crashes. Recently in the last several years, there has been many plane crashes. And it seems like someone is crashing airplanes, to sell the parachute idea. So now we have an aircraft parachute conspiracy. So now we know why all these Malaysian jets are crashing and disappearing. Because this ass hole put a patent on my parachute idea and wants to become rich. And now heís trying to sell it by killing people. Where after nobody buys the idea of a parachute on commercial jets because the price would be too high, somebody high in power starts crashing commercial jets to sell the invention they stole. This is capitalism. Welcome to America.

I was in a bar in California and I ran into Jim Carrey before he was famous. He knew I was an inventor with many ideas. All inventions come from people like me, who have a good imagination. When people meet me they know that Iím the type of person that can come up with thousands of ideas for inventions. So this Jim Carrey twisted my finger in a bar, to get me to give him one of my ideas. He literally tortured me in a bar in Southern California next to Disneyland. I know this sounds crazy, but this is what a psychopath this guy was. He twisted my finger to get me to give him one of my invention ideas and I gave him the idea about Water fields shoe insoles. He said he was going to use the idea to become famous. Because the rich people in power, if you have an invention or idea you can trade it to be a movie star. You can trade it for a part in a movie. This is how the people who are not famous, get parts in movies. The movie producers want money making ideas because itís all Mafia and if you can come up with a moneymaking idea, they will give you a part in a movie. Itís all bribes and payoffs. This is why some people become movie stars and others donít. This is how some people get parts in movies and others donít. If you see a weird looking guy like Danny DeVito in a movie, he didnít get the part for his good looks, he must of had a great invention that made someone millions of dollars. And he basically traded it for part in a movie. They are using these inventions and ideas as bribes and payoffs. They use it just as money like bartering paintings. This is why everybody wants to be president, because all those ideas for inventions come into the White House in letters, faxes and emails. They get thousands of ideas every day from people who write in. Ideas on how to make airplanes, cars safe, ideas for different war machines etc. Many of the war machines we have today, were my ideas that I sent in and I can prove it because I still have the letters. But I did it to make this a great country, not to get rich. Who knew these people would not send the ideas to the Pentagon or the CIA, but they would keep them for themselves to become rich. At the trade it for drugs sex and rock Ďn roll. Donít send the president or any other person any ideas or inventions, because they will only use them for themselves and they donít care if the country crashes or goes bankrupt.

One guy was an Army general. And this is how the military are paid off with bribe inventions. An Army general stole the idea of making diamonds from the Russians. He was a spy and seen how the Russians were making diamonds, so he stole their idea and opened a company in the United States to make diamonds. This is all these generals are paid off. Not with money but with ideas. They steal their inventions and bring them back to the United States to become rich. The spies that work for the CIA are not looking for terrorist in Third World countries. They are looking for the ideas and inventions to steal them to try to make the United States the greatest country on earth. But they really donít do it to make the United States great, they do it to make themselves rich. This is the perk they get for killing millions of people. The Wright brothers did not invent the airplane, the Russians did. The Russians built a steam powered airplane. World War II was not fought because Hitler was killing Jews, Hitler had a lot of inventions and ideas. The Germans basically invented the nuclear bomb. But World War II was more about their invention of film that had voice overlay. The movie industry knew, whoever had the patent for film with voice overlay would rule and control the world. The invention of the automobile is what made the United States Great and because it was stolen from a third world country, the Third World countries is poor and the United States is rich because it has more thieves.

The book of Enoch talks about how the devil stole technology from the Angels on how to forge metals. Now we not only know the root of evil, but we know who will be destroyed in the war between good and evil. The Bible says God is the creator and we are not to procreate. I say those are my ideas and inventions, but really theyíre not my Ideas. All these great ideas and inventions come from God, I am just connected to God. Anyone whoís connected to God could have the same inventions and ideas. But were not supposed to use them. Were not supposed to take from the tree of knowledge. We are not supposed to procreate, we are not the creator. The inventions and ideas are for the greater good, not to make some people rich and others poor. The same thing goes for people who have a good singing voices. Why should those who have a good singing voices be rich and those who donít be poor? God gives some people good singing voices, some people inventive ideas and some people are prophets who know the future. But everybody agrees, that Godís prophets should give their prophecies away and not try to make a profit on them. And not become a millionaire. At the music awards everybody gives thanks to God for their voice, maybe they should realize they should not sell what God gave them, any more than a model sells their good looks as a whore. For the last 30 years Iíve been given away everything God gave to me, for the greater good, but is there anyone out there who thinks I should be a multimillionaire, for what God gave to me? Maybe I should. Maybe I should shut down on the Internet and just try to show profit up my fucken ass hole like everybody else. If you go to my website I have literally hundreds of writings and letters and I have even thousands more that I have not got around to making into webpages.

I have the 911 tapes. On 911 I was on AOL recording public chat rooms. I recorded what people were saying immediately after the 911 attacks. People were blaming bin Laden within minutes of the attack. I have their screen names, I know who they are. They know who they are. I have the chat logs of days before the attacks. The night before the 911 attack I had Mafia thugs threatening me, talking about me wearing cement boots, etc. Talk about when Governor Snyder knew about the toxic lead in water, these people knew jobs were slavery and a crime against humanity, because I was telling them in 1996. They simply werenít listening. They were threatening to kill me. They were calling me insane so they could enslave the world.

Bernie Sanders is not going to be a good president. He thinks he can make the world better by sending everyone to college. The people who are working at McDonaldís have college degrees. Itís not college that makes people rich. Thereís already too many lawyers, doctors and dentists. So many, lawyers have to file frivolous lawsuits. Doctors, have to tell healthy people they have cancer, so the doctor can feed his children. The dentists have to scrape the enamel off peopleís teeth and create cavities, so he can feed his children. The problem is not the lack of education, education is the problem. Food grows on trees. This is the Garden of Eden. Jobs are slavery. People are bribed into capitalism, with ideas and inventions, that were stolen from the poor. The Wright brothers should have been put in prison for murdering Selfridge. Selfridge was the guy from the patent office, who went out to see if the Wright brothers airplane could fly. It flew, but he died in the plane crash. The people in power are murderers. The Wright brothers should of been charged with murder. The rich people are murderers and thieves.

It doesnít even matter if you came up with the invention, because you didnít. All thoughts come from God. It was God who gave you the idea. But did he give it to you, or did you steal it from God? Did God give you a good singing voice or did you steal what he gave you, and exploit it for money? Did God give you good looks, or did you steal what he gave you, to sell your pretty face in advertisement and marketing, like a whore? People are bought off with bribes of inventions and ideas.

So if Bernie Sanders finally implements campaign-finance control, they will simply use invention ideas of parachutes and water filled shoe insoles, to bribe people. So not only do we need campaign financing control, we need laws to make sure nobody makes money off of an invention or idea. Because if someone makes money off of a invention of a parachute on an airplane, then airplanes are going to start crashing, to sell it. It was also my invention to put airbags on the front of trains and they stole the idea, tried it out, but didnít like the results so they pooh-poohed that idea also. I think the train that crashed, the other false flag event, was an attempt to sell the airbag on trains idea. There might be more train crashes by the Mafia to try to sell this idea they stole from me. Of airbags on trains and thatís why the crash that train. But they never came to me for ideas on how to get it to work and I am the original inventor. Of the airbag on the front of a train. Anyways, itís a good thing that they didnít because I might have taken money for the idea and now I know that anybody who comes up with any invention, will be killed along with their children in the war between good and evil for stealing from God. And this gospel will be preached to all nations, untill all patent owners are destroyed along with their children. They are almost as evil as the marijuana smokers. The book of Revelation predicts that all that the these patent holders, will be destroyed for making things with their hands in earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and even man-made disasters like Fukushima and Chernobyl.

Thereís no such thing as recreational marijuana. People who think they need to smoke marijuana are mentally ill. That is a fact. The rich people are getting people addicted to medical marijuana to make them stupid. Led Zeppelin wrote a song about idiot marijuana smokers titled, ďnobodyís fault but mineĒ. The reason why they wrote this song, was because it was the music industries fault, that everybody was smoking marijuana and they didnít want to get sued. For the money they made selling music. This is how the rich are controlling the masses by giving them marijuana. The world will not change as long as people are smoking the stuff that makes them stupid. Even the marijuana smokers know that the rich are using marijuana to make them stupid. When the system collapses all the medical marijuana smokers will have to be killed or they will kill your family to get marijuana. If youíre a gun owner, youíre going to need your gun, to protect yourself from these marijuana smokers. The zombie apocalypse, is millions of people who are addicted to marijuana turning into cannibals when the system collapses. And the system will in fact collapse. That prophecy out give away for free.

This is how stupid the marijuana smokers are. I watched this dude in a YouTube video. This marijuana smoker thinks beheading people is evil. Civilized societies, use to behead people until Edison invented electricity and wanted to sell the electric chair to the government for profit. Thatís when beheading people became uncivilized and purchasing an electric chair from Edison and purchasing his electricity became civilized. So the capitalist society thinks if youíre killing people and making millions at it, then it civilized. As long as Edison is becoming a millionaire why he kills people, than it civilized to electrocute people. When the pharmaceutical companies invented lethal injection, then in their advertisements, they demonized the electric chair, to sell the government, expensive lethal injection medications. It didnít cost much to electrocute people, but Edison became rich by it. So rich, that the pharmaceutical companies invented lethal injection and sold it to the government. They literally needed a doctor to kill people on death row and taxpayers paid millions for it.

Now the gun lobby, wants to capitalize by demonizing lethal injection, to sell the government guns and bullets, to put people to death by firing squad. And these gun nuts, are so flucked up on marijuana, that they believe being shot in the head, is a civilized way to die than being beheaded. If you think beheading is evil, then you shouldnít eat chickens. Because thatís how we kill chickens. We cut their heads off. Medical marijuana smokers think this is a good idea. Many marijuana smokers claimed they would rather be shot in the head and slowly bleed to death, then be beheaded and die almost instantly. There is no industry that makes money off of beheading people, so it is demonized by the capitalistic society. It doesnít cost anything to sharpen the blade and the same blade can be used millions of times, so it is demonized by the capitalistic society and the rich.

I would rather be beheaded, then put to death by electric chair, lethal injection, or firing squad. The idea that, beheading people is torture and electric chair, lethal injection or firing squad is more civilized or less painful, is simply insane. Only people high on marijuana, think otherwise. However, if the people in power or marijuana smokers, fear being beheaded, I think we should give them the option of electric chair, lethal injection or slow death by firing squad. Donít worry marijuana smokers you will not be beheaded. You will be strapped in an electric chair where will take several painful hours to die. Or you will be put to death by lethal injection, that might take several hours to poison you. Only in your brainwashed mind will you believe this is a more civilized way to die. If you really want to be shot before a firing squad, where will take several hours to slowly bleed to death, please note that on your medical marijuana license. When you get that medical marijuana license write on it, that youíd rather be shot and slowly bleed to death or poisoned by lethal injection by a doctor, and slowly die a painful death, rather than be beheaded. Just put that on your medical marijuana license. Because your fucked up in the head on medical marijuana and you really believe that the better way to die. When the earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes hit, you donít want to live in any town that legalized marijuana. These people are going to be human eating zombies, when this system collapses. Move to a country with a dictator, that kills marijuana smokers. At least when his country collapses, there will not be millions of zombie marijuana smokers eating people.


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Post to Alex Jones,
But Godís government is a one world government so you are against God. It doesnít matter if Godís government is run by God or by the devil himself. Once the world is run by the devil, all God has to do is kill that devil, and step into his shoes. As Bob Dylan said, ďyouíre going to have to serve somebody, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but youíre going to have to serve somebody.Ē You however Alex Jones, want to serve yourself making yourself the devil who doesnít want to rule the world. You have said the world is evil and you are right because you have also said that ďhe who has the guns makes the rulesĒ and the gunowners have made the rules that made this world so fucked up. Now itís time for the gunowners to give up their guns and stop making the rules. © Copyright ©1996-2016 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.