Why the Rich Are Mentally Ill, October 28, 2016.

If you know how to swim and you see a child drowning in a river or lake, itís normal to jump in and try to save its life, even if itís not your child. You are your brothers keeper. People who know how to swim and see a child drowning, but do nothing, because itís not their child, are mentally ill. The rich people know that the 25,000 children a day are dying of starvation, but they do nothing, but purchase luxury homes and private jets. The rich are not stupid, they know that over 3000 babies a day are murdered by abortion, because their families cannot afford to raise them. The rich people know money is the root of all evil. The rich people know that Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to be saved. The rich have chosen death for themselves and their children. On the day of judgment, the children of the rich will be beheaded. The rich are hiding behind the police state and the military for protection, from the judgment of the poor. But the time will come when the military and the police state will turn on the rich.

When President Obama purchased a $5 million mansion in Dubai, a five-star general was against it. Itís not going to be too long before every man on earth knows itís Godís will to kill the children of the rich. If the rich people did not want their children killed, they wouldíve never oppressed the poor. Everything belongs to God. The more the rich own, the more they have stolen from God.

The rich are mentally ill. The sledgehammer murderer was mentally ill. He killed, but he didnít know any better. Mental illness is cured by education and knowledge. There is a grace period for the rich people to learn before the day of judgment. President Obama still has time to give up his mansion in Dubai. But if he holds onto the mansion until after he dies of old age, his children or his grandchildren 10, 100 or 1000 generations from now will pay for it with their lives and he knows it. The Russian Czarís have oppressed the Russians but they were and their children were killed. God is a little slow on judgment, but he is sure. You cannot claim to own what belongs to God.

All land is public land. The Bundyís got what they deserved. Patriotic Americans should get together and take back the 10,000 acres that they Bundy cattle ranchers claim to own and they should be forced to live on a small reservation of 15 foot of land like I live on. My front yard is about 15 foot wide.

This whole Flint Michigan water debacle is a scam. Itís a scam to sell bottled water by the multibillion-dollar bottled water companies. I can imagine those empty water bottles littering flint and failing our dump sites with toxic water bottles. The lawyers are trying to sue the city of Flint that doesnít have any money and its taxpayers when they should be suing General Motors and Ford motor company that polluted the Flint River and made over $2 billion this quarter. These auto companies polluted the river and then moved out of state to pollute other rivers and lakes. These lawyers should be suing the city of Detroit for cutting off their water. When city officials said Detroit cut them off, the news media run by the rich claimed the city officials were lying. But we have seen it on the news that the Detroit water department had cut people off who did not pay their hundred dollars water bill and we know Flint Michigan had a $12 million a year water bill. Are we supposed to think that the Detroit water department cut people poor people off who didnít pay $100 water bill, but they didnít cut off Flint who had a $12 million year water bill? Detroit water department cut Flint off and we all know it. Ask any Detroiter if the water department cuts peopleís water off and everyone will testify in court that they do. It is the news media that is lying to you. Detroit is 100% responsible for all of the children poisoned with lead. Detroit not taxpayers, should pay for the $1.5 million plumbing replacement for Flint. Detroit, not taxpayers should pay the medical bills for the 200 children and they are liable for the pain and suffering of hundreds of millions of dollars. Donít let the Mafia thug Mayor Mike Duggan and the news media that support him, fool you. Thousands of people donated free water and the police state, state police of Michigan charged taxpayers $26 million to deliver it. They should have gave the 26 million to out of work Flint residents to deliver the water. We are being scammed by a Satanic government and God is about to destroy it for the sins of the rich. Donít say you werenít warned. Every government agent, FBI, CIA, state police, local police, and military personnel supported the rich and they are no different from a person who watches a child drown as the rich purchase luxury homes and private jets while they are polluting the lakes and rivers. You rejected God as your King and you elected the antichrist. You made your bed, now lay in it.


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