Alcoholics Anonymous Is a Religious Cult, August 5, 2016.

If you ever run out of things to make videos about, you can always go to the bar to be inspired. After I heard the story of the Detroit off-duty cop, who claims to have been robbed and shot someone in self-defense, I was so stressed out I had to go to the bar to have a few drinks. A cop claims two guys robbed him at gunpoint. One of them had a rifle, but he shot the unarmed guy. Nobody even asked why he didnít shoot the guy with the gun, let alone why did he shoot the unarmed guy? Itís not that he shot the unarmed guy by accident, while he was trying to shoot the armed guy, he shot the unarmed guy twice. This would be like shooting Donald Trump twice, because Alex Jones is armed. To top it off, news media wasnít reporting ďinsane cop shoots unarmed guy, because his buddy had a rifleĒ, the news report was making this cop look like a hero. ďI was robbed by fifty men with machine guns, but I pulled out my handgun service revolver and shot the unarmed guy twice, causing the fifty guys with machine guns, to run away with their weapons. Of course it was self-defense, because of the fifty guys with machine guns. I had to shoot their unarmed buddy, because I was so outnumbered. You donít want to shoot guys with guns they shoot back.Ē Sarcastic. Anyway as soon as I get to the bar, some guy asked me if I ever been to AA and if I would sign his sheet. I go to the bar to have a good time and be friendly. I hate to say no or be rude, but you got to be kidding, we are at a bar. So I told the guy, not only would I not sign his sheet, I wouldnít sign his sheet if we were at an AA meeting. Because Alcoholics Anonymous is a religious cult. It brainwashes people into believing Jesus should heal your job injury, so the automobile companies can shove billions in profits up their mother flocking ass holes. Most of the people are alcoholics and drinking, because theyíre injured on the job and they are tortured by the medical system rather than treated. When I used to go to those meetings and talk the truth, people said ďthatís the reason why they are drinkingĒ. Well you have to talk about it, so that you can figure out the solutions. You canít simply pray the problems away. Believe it or not there was worse stories than mine in AA.

I never been to a pain clinic for my job injury, but one guy told his story how he was injured on the job and tortured at the pain clinic. The guy was crying at a AA table and not one person in AA gave a flock except me. The true stories were worse than any propaganda that Adolf Hitler could of dreamed up. I was threatened several times for telling people about my job injury and how I was tortured by the medical system. When I told people about my shoulder job injury, people would actually hit me on the shoulder. I had to put thumbtacks sticking up, so that when people slapped me on the shoulder of the job injury, the sharp tack would go in their hand. Those people in AA are not there to help you, they are there to shut you up, drive you to drink or suicide. Three people in AA committed suicide because of their sponsors. I had a chance to go to one of them pain clinics and I said I would go, but I only wanted two references from people the pain clinic helped. They could not even find one person, that would say the pain clinic helped them. Most people said the pain clinic tortured them so that industry would not have to pay them for their job injuries. Thatís a crime against humanity right there. I could tell hundreds of stories but I want to get to my point and let the people remain anonymous.

I only signed an AA sheet of couple of times and it was the biggest mistake Iíve ever made in my life. You put your name and phone number on this sheet, in case the person needs someone to talk to. So I put my name and number on this guys sheet and I get a call from a judge. The judge wants to know if John Doe was at a AA meeting at such and such a time & date. I donít even remember what I had for breakfast, let alone what I was doing months ago. Your signature on that paper really only says that you sign the paper. The time and date means nothing, because itís written in pencil and the people could erase the time and date and change it. Or many times the people want you to sign these forms when thereís no time and date written on it. Many times the people want you to sign their sheet and they didnít get to the meeting until it ended. Or they ask you to sign this sheet before the meeting starts and they leave the meeting after you sign it. You have to sign quite a few sheets before you figure out the con games and that you only signed sheets after the meeting and only of the people you know were there through the entire meeting and only in ink. Donít sign any sheet with a blank date. But whatís worse, itís alcoholics anonymous and after you sign that sheet, youíre no longer anonymous. They can post that sheet on the Internet. That sheet goes down in the history books. And itís not admitting to alcoholism Iím ashamed of, Iím ashamed that I went to an AA religious cult meeting. Iím ashamed that I went to a Alcoholics Anonymous religious cult, who brainwashes people into believing Jesus should heal the injured and if he doesnít, the injured worker should be tortured by the medical system. Until he drops his four hundred fifty billion dollars lawsuit against the automobile factories. They donít want to guarantee no one is ever injured on the job or in an automobile accident again. That would be bad for business. This religious cult alcoholics anonymous, puts all the blame on the victims of the alcohol companies. The only way anyone gets any help in Alcoholics Anonymous, is when they meet someone in there whoís not an alcoholic.

So basically some people go to AA to try to help other people, not for themselves. And thereís many people go to Alcoholics Anonymous who donít even drink. They just go there for the free self-help. But itís only good self-help if you find a good group. Most of the time I could not even talk in a AA meeting without getting threatened by someone after the meeting for what I said.

My YouTube channel is kind of based off of an AA meeting. Instead of sitting at an AA table, I can sit and rant in front of my YouTube camera and itís much safer, because I donít get threatened as much for telling the truth. How I drank because my parents were murdered by the tobacco companies and my family didnít sue, because they feared repercussions from the Mafia run tobacco companies. How I drank because my three-year-old niece was murdered by swimming pool manufacturers and they tried to blame my sister, because they wanted to make six billion in profit. How I became a alcoholic, because the alcohol companies found a loophole in the law, to raise the alcohol content of beer.

Alcohol was illegal because they knew it damaged peopleís health and made people into alcoholics, after they drink socially for ten years. So when alcohol became legal, they made it illegal to manufacture beer with more than three point two percent alcohol. And the alcohol manufacturers found a loophole in the law, to sell alcohol by volume, so they could put almost 5 percent alcohol in beer legally, knowingly making millions of people into alcoholics and not going to prison for it. Knowingly the higher alcohol content would cost thousands to die in car accidents. Knowing a higher alcohol content would damage peopleís health and make people into alcoholics. But there was no law passed, saying you could not sue the alcohol companies for making you into a alcoholic by the loophole they found and exploited. Thereís no law that says you canít sue the alcohol companies, for the drunk driving ticket you got, because of the loophole they found to illegally raise the alcohol content. Thereís no law that says you canít sue the alcohol companies, when you get in a drunk driving accident because they knowingly raised the alcohol content to dangerous levels for profit. Furthermore, the people who died or kill people in drunk driving accidents, could sue the alcohol companies for billions because they illegally raise the alcohol content by a loophole, knowing that it would kill people, just so they could make millions in profit. They would not let me talk at an AA meeting how itís your right to sue the bars, if you get a drunk driving ticket for serving you too much alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous is not doing people who drink too much any favors they are there to represent the alcohol companies.

But this gave me the idea of starting a Timothean religion alcohol treatment program. When this guy wanted me to sign his sheet for Alcoholics Anonymous I should have signed it with ďunconstitutionalĒ for name, ďreligious cultĒ for date and where youíre supposed to put your phone number, write, ďseparation of church and stateĒ. Because itís unconstitutional for the courts to order people to go to this religious cult, called Alcoholics Anonymous. Where they claim Jesus is supposed to heal your job injuries and youíre supposed to forgive the alcohol companies for making you into an alcoholic, forgive tobacco companies for killing your parents and forgive the automobile industry for your job injuries, so they can make billions in profit and destroy the earth. The Timothean religion alcohol treatment program is constitutional, because all we teach is absolute truth. Your family members were not killed by a drunk driver, they were killed by the alcohol companies who illegally raised the alcohol content of beer by a loophole in the law so that they can make a few more pennies profit. Your niece drowned in a swimming pool, because swimming pool manufacturing is a six billion dollar a year business. The more swimming pools they sell, the more children drown and that is a fact. It doesnít mean thereís more neglected parents, when they manufacture more swimming pools. The Timothean religion is the cure for alcoholism. Because bars who serve people more than one drink per hour would be sued out of business when people who drink learn how to sue the bar that served them. The Timothean religion will cure alcoholism, because the alcoholic will be able to sue the alcohol companies for millions, who put more than three point two percent alcohol in beer. People will no longer need to drink, when they get a drunk driving ticket because theyíll be able to sue either the bar or the alcohol companies when they do get one. And furthermore theyíll be able to sue for two or three times more money than the drunk driving ticket cost. When prohibition didnít work, they should have just given up. They should have continually lowered the alcohol content of beverages until all we have is near beer. I switched to a light beer but the alcohol content is still too high so I drink a water with it.

The only good thing alcoholics anonymous done was call it a disease, taking the blame off the victims of the bars and alcohol companies. People will no longer need to drink, because when their injured on the job, they will be compensated for their injuries. People will no longer need to drink, because when the government sells them at toxic mold house, the government will pay them two hundred million dollars for their mistake. People will no longer need to drink, when they learn jobs are slavery and the more money you make, just means youíre a higher paid slave. People will no longer need to drink, when their injured on the job, tortured by the medical system, or have the relatives die by big business profits, because they will be paid in lawsuits, more than big business makes. Your child drowns in a swimming pool and youíre going to receive the six billion in profit the swimming pool manufacturers made that year. One of your parents died from tobacco and youíre going to inherit all the assets of the tobacco companies. You kill someone in a drunk driving accident and the alcohol companies CEO or bar owner will go to prison. Because thatís justice and thatís the way to end drunk driving. Your injured on the job, and you will own all the assets of that business. Youíll be able to sue your boss that drove you to drink. Women will no longer have to drink because of their caesarian section scar because theyíll be able to sue the hospitals for millions. Women will no longer have to drink because they had no other choice but to murder their child by abortion, because theyíll be able to sue the business owners, who created this system of jobs. Thatís the way to cure alcoholism. Thatís what you will learn in a Timothean religion alcohol treatment program. No longer will alcoholics be victims.

Oh and I got another goodie from the bar last night. My mother had a job where she stood on her feet all day and at night she would complain of foot pain. She would literally be in tears. So it must be something that runs in the family. I used to work at a bagel factory and stand on my feet all day and my feet would be killing me after work. So a guy was standing at the bar and I offer the seat next to me and he says he likes to stand. I say I got to sit my feet are killing me and I donít even know why. So his girlfriend automatically says, ďthatís because you donít use themĒ. One of them memes people automatically say, like when you say someone was killed by a gun and a gun nut says, ďguns donít kill peopleĒ. Itís like if someone said their back was killing them and someone else would reply, ďthatís because you donít move enough refrigeratorsĒ. So now I got a new saying for sitting on your ass, ďyou have to sit on your ass all day, because if you donít use your ass, it will start hurtingĒ to contradict the meme of your feet hurt ďbecause you donít use themĒ. Iím going to use my ass by sitting on it all day, to make sure it never hurts, for not using it.


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